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Google AdSense

Google AdWords handles advertising on FileHorse. Using AdWords all advertisers have the same opportunity to advertise on our web site under same conditions. Well known Google AdWords contextual ad-serving technology and accurate click tracking will ensure best performance of your ads.

To sign up as publisher and start advertising on our web site please visit Google AdWords.

Direct Advertising

Advertise on FileHorse and buy ads directly from us. Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) platform does the actual ad serving and that ensures that ads will deliver quickly and precisely. This ad-serving platform allows easy inventory management, detailed reporting and high level of campaign customization and targeting. Potential ad buyers can buy our ad-space using following two models:

Monthly Spots - advertiser rents a specific ad-spot on our website for a month and during that month, only his ads will show on that ad-spot. Advertiser has full control over that ad spot and he can switch ads at any time as well as track performance of each ad separately.

CPM - allows much more flexibility when creating campaigns. That allows advertiser to target their ads based on various parameters - for example: visitor's GeoIP location (country, city or province), visitor's browser or internet connection speed, ISP or mobile carrier, visitor's device (desktop, tablet, mobile), visitor's OS (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), language, ad location on the page etc.

Advertisers interested in buying ad space directly from us, please contact us.