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What's new in this version:

XYplorer 18.60.0200
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.60.0100
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.60.0000
Self Update:
- Now the updated app will auto-run after self-update

Transparency Grid:
- Now you can customize the two checkerboard grid colors
- Numerous Small Improvements and Fixes

XYplorer 18.50.0300
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.50.0200
- Change log not available for this version

XYplorer 18.50.0100
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.50.0000
Toolbar Captions:
- Finally XYplorer’s newbie-friendliness extends to the toolbar. If you ever wanted to know what those colorful toolbar buttons actually do, this version comes with optional captions. To turn on the captions use menu command Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9), then click the Options button in the Customize Toolbar dialog, and tick Show Button Captions. Well, this is definitely a newbie-only feature (but hey, we all should honor our inner newbie once in a while). Fortunately you can scroll the toolbar (by dragging it with the mouse) to move the rest of the buttons into view

Sync Caps:
- Now Sync Folders ensures that the capitalization (lower/upper case letters in the item names) of the target files and folders exactly matches that of the source items. There is nothing to learn. It just works.

Filtered Sync:
- Now you can explicitly include and exclude files and folders from Sync Folders by passing a list of patterns to the job. Wildcards supported. Scripting abilities needed

Shortcut Overlays:
- Now you can say no to shortcut overlays

XYplorer 18.40.0100
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.40.0000
Sync Folders:
- Finally XYplorer lets you synchronize two folders. It's a one-way sync, also known as mirror sync: The target folder is made to be like the source folder. Now it's just a toolbar button away
- Advanced Users: Scripting support lets you create buttons or batches for frequently recurring sync tasks

Time Stamping:
- Now you can easily "touch" files (set the filetime to now) via the context menu

Know Your Clipboard:
- The Paste toolbar button now shows what's in the clipboard, i.e. the stuff that will be pasted if you click the button

Backup Speed:
- Backup operations are much faster now when most items are skipped, which is the common case in large incremental backups

XYplorer 18.30.0000
- Touchscreen Mode. Bigger icons are just a click away now. Big enough to be touched with big fingers. The fonts get bigger, too. Easier to read in harsh lighting conditions.
- Time Stamping. Now you can edit file dates right from the list column. You can even paste a file date from the clipboard directly into the column. Multiple files can be stamped in one go.
- Age Display. The unit "week" has been replaced by "month". Easier to process for most brains assumingly.

XYplorer 18.20.0300
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.20.0200
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.20.0100
- Change log not available for this version

XYplorer 18.20.0000
- Age Circles: Little visual helpers that let you instantly grasp the rough age of a file. No more brain power wasted on deciphering date strings. Addictive killer feature of the year so far
- Age Tips: Now when you hover any cell in any date column the corresponding age is displayed in a tooltip

XYplorer 18.10.0100
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 18.10.0000
Hamburger at the Breadcrumbs:
- A new button brings some often used commands closer to the mouse. Actually we should have made it a Cheeseburger to attract the mouse even more. The button pops a menu that is fully customizable. However, you need to acquaint yourself with light programming skills to make it happen. No worries, even the default commands will likely streamline your workflow

Dual Pane Commands:
- Added commands "Move to Other Pane" and "Copy to Other Pane" to the context menu of any selected items

Dual Permanent Startup Path:
- Now can define a permanent startup path for each pane. Use the field Configuration | General | Startup & Exit | Permanent startup path and enter both paths separated by a double pipe (||). For example, to open pane 1 always in C:, and pane 2 always in D:, enter C:||D:

Toolbar Goes Nuts:
- New buttons "Move to Recent Locations" and "Copy to Recent Locations" drop the list of recent locations as targets to move/copy the currently selected items to. Use command Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9) to add the button(s) to your toolbar. BTW, the icon is an acorn, typically collected by squirrels in their storage locations. Well, that's the idea, collecting stuff in known places. The Copy acorn is blue as in blueprint (= copy)

XYplorer 18.00.0000
- Persistent Live Filters. Now optionally Live Filters persist across folders, and are remembered across tab switches and across sessions
- User-Defined Preview Handlers. Now you can freely associate particular file types with particular preview handlers. This means full preview control without touching the registry

XYplorer 17.90.0400
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 17.90.0300
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 17.90.0200
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 17.90.0100
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 17.90.0000
Size Graphics:
- Now the size column can have graphical representations of the byte counts right in the column. Simply right-click the size column header and choose between three options: No Graphics, Circles, Bars

Size Tooltips:
- The size column now always shows a tooltip (even if the text is not cropped) with the exact byte count of the hovered item. Saves lots of clicks when you are interested in exact numbers

Live Filtering:
- Now you can filter-as-you-type right in the file list. Try it and you will love it. A brilliant way to tame long file lists and focus on what’s important now

Icon Lists:
- Now you can specify a list of icons that are shown side by side for each item in custom columns. Write a script to determine which icons are shown for each particular file. This lets you present file information in a visually catchy way

XYplorer 17.80.0000
Icons in Custom Columns:
- Now you can create your own columns and have them display icons of your choice. E.g. you could create a column that shows a special camera icon for all photos that were shot with a Nikon. Make stand out what’s important to you, and do it in a way that works best for you and your eyes

Circles in Custom Columns:
- Now you can decorate your files with colorful circles. Brings back a long-missed psychedelic kindergarten vibe to file management

Scroll Margin:
- Introducing a smart little usability enhancer that gives some context to your cursor when moving up or down the list with the arrow keys. Lets you see where you are going before you go there. Relaxing

XYplorer 17.70.0200
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 17.70.0100
- The last version, v17.70.0000, had an issue where the mouse input was not released to other processes under certain conditions. Nothing dangerous but certainly annoying. It’s fixed now.

XYplorer 17.70.0000
Hover Box:
- When hovering a file icon or caption of an image file a popup shows a thumbnail and basic file, image, and photo information. A highly addictive zero click preview.

Keyboard Navigation:
- Now you can navigate the list and open files and folders right from the Live Filter Box. Productivity boost for typers.

Live Filter Box:
- Now you can type a space to see only those items with at least one space in their name. Sounds lame but File Explorer can’t do it.

XYplorer 17.60.0100
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

XYplorer 17.60.0000
Find Files by Path:
- Now you can find items by the name of their parent folder or full path, using a simple inline switch

New Overwrite Prompt:
- Redesigned the dialog for clarity and usability

Audio Properties:
- Now the basic audio properties (Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Channels, Length) are shown right in the Large Tiles view. Allows for a quick glance without displaying any spacy extra columns

XYplorer 17.50.0200
- Change log not available for this version

XYplorer 17.50.0200
- Change log not available for this version

XYplorer 17.50.0000
Quick Audio Preview:
- Mouse down on the file icon to hear the sound. Mouse move to scroll. Mouse up to stop. MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG... you name it. With interactive progress bar. Probably the most convenient audio file previewer on the planet.

Support of Filenames Ending With Dot or Space:
- Those filenames are invalid in the Windows name space and the shell cannot do anything with them. Delete, rename, move, it all fails with the standard File Explorer. XYplorer now can handle them.

Extra Large Toolbar:
- Now you can have extra large buttons (48x48 pixels). Increases toolbar usability on high-resolution screens.

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