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Download NoScript for Firefox 11.2.8

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What's new in this version:

NoScript for Firefox 11.2.8
- Quiet down unnecessary debug logging
- [L10n] Updated he, de
- Fix meta refresh sometimes ignored on Firefox 78 ESR
- Chromium-specific build-time customizations

NoScript for Firefox 11.2.7
- Better prompt layout (no accidental scrollbar)
- [nscl] Fix regression causing media patches to break some pages

NoScript for Firefox 11.2.6
- [nscl] Various webgl blocking enhancements
- Remove also sticky-positioned elements with click+DEL on scriptless pages
- [L10n] Updated bn, br, ca, da, de, el, es, fr, he, is, it,ja, lt, mk, ms, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sq, sv_SE, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW
- Fied race condition causing eternal CSS not to be rendered sometimes when unrestricted CSS is disabled
- Avoid document rewriting for noscript meta refresh emulation in most cases
- [nscl] Fied HTML pages broken when served with application/ml MIME type and no "object" capability
- [nscl] Switch early content script configuration to use /nscl/service/DocStartInjection.js
- Configurable "unrestricted CSS" capability to for sites where the CSS PP0 mitigation should be disabled (e.g TRUSTED)
- [nscl] Fi CSS PP0 mitigation still interfering with some WebEtensions
- [SS] Increased sensitivity and specificity of risky operator pre-checks

NoScript for Firefox 11.2.4
- CSS resources prefetching as a mitigation against CSS PP0
- [L10n] Updated br, de, el, es, fr, he, is, nl, pl, pt_BR, Ru, sq, tr, zh_CN
- [nscl] Inteception of webgl context creation in OffscreenCanvas too
- Fixed configuration upgrades not applied on manual updates (thanks Nan for reporting)
- Mitigation for misbehaving pages repeating failed requests in a tight loop
- [UI] More understandable label for the cascading Restrictions option
- [nscl] More refactoring out in NoScript Commons Library
- [nscl] patchWindow improvements

NoScript for Firefox 11.2.3
- Purged non-inclusive terms from obsolete messages
- Added red halo feedback in CUSTOM preset for noscript
- Element capability
- Fixed missing red halo feedback in CUSTOM preset for
- Inline scripts and other capabilities sometimes
- Fixed race condition causing noscript elements not to be
- Rendered sometimes

NoScript for Firefox 11.2.2
- Fixed typo in version checked on noscript capability update
- [L10n] Updated bn, br, ca, da, de, el, es, fr, he, is, it, ja, lt, mk, ms, nb, nl, pt_BR, ru, sq, sv_SE, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW.

NoScript for Firefox 11.2
- [XSS] New UI to reveal and selectively remove permanent user choices
- [L10n] Updated de
- Webgl hook refactored on nscl/content/patchWindow.js and made Chromium-compatibile
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.9
- Return null when webgl is not allowed
- [SS] Fied memoization bug resulting in performance degradation on some payloads
- [SS] Include call stack in debugging log output
- [SS] Skip naps when InjectionChecker runs in its own worker
- Shortcut for easier SS filter testing
- More lenient filter to add a new entry to per-sitepermissions
- [L10n] Updated de
- Replace script-embedded bitmap with css-embedded SVG as the placeholder logo
- Updated TLDs
- Remove source map reference causing console noise
- Fi per-site permissions UI glitches when base domain is added to eisting subdomain

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.8
- [XSS] Fix for old pre-screening optimization exploitable
- To bypass the filter in recent browsers
- Replace DOM-based entity decoding with the he.js pure JS Library
- Updated copyright statement
- Updated browser-polyfill.js
- Removed obsolete fastclick.js dependency [l10n] Updated de Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.7
- Optimize serviceWorker tracking for heavy tabs usage
- Force placeholder visibility on Youtube embeddings
- Fixed popup opening being slowed down if options UI is
- Opened (thanks Sirus for report)
- Explicit failure for wrong settings importation formats
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.6
- Better handling of concurrent prompts issues
- Remove z-index boosting from ancestors when placeholder is Collapsed or replaced
- Fixed permission keyboard shortcuts being triggered with Modifiers like CTRL
- More accurate blockage reporting, with better filtering of Page's own CSP effects
- [UI] Fixed bug in CUSTOM sites filtering
- Fixed bug in automatic HTML events build-time updates
- Updated HTML events
- Updated TLDs
- [L10n] Updated sv_SE Better handling 0 width / 0 height media placeholders

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.5
- Updated TLD
- Fixed potential infinite loop via DOMContentLoaded
- Work-around for Firefox 82 media redirection bug
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.4
- Fixed sloppy CSP media blocker detection breaking MSE blob: media placeholders on Chromium
- Fixed race condition causing temporary settings not to
- Survive updates sometimes
- Updated TLDs
- [Mobile] Improved prompts appearance on Android

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.3
- Fixed regression: document media and font restrictions always cascaded (thanks BrainDedd for report)
- Remove domPolicy logging when debugging is off
- Trivial reordering from Mozilla source
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.1.1
- Updated TLDs
- Better heuristic to figure out missing data while computing contetual policies
- Fied regression breaking per-tab restrictions disablement (thanks Horsefly for report)

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.46
- Updated TLDs
- [L10n] Updated is
- Fixed file:// and ftp:// specific content scripts not runnning in subdocuments
- Fixed deferred scripts in file:// pages may run twice (issue #155)
- Fixed rendering bug with scrolled file:// pages on soft reload (thanks Iouri for report)
- Fixed 11.0.44 regression: ghost media item reported on every page
- Better emulation of SVG events

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.44
- Dispatch synthetic SVGLoad event in soft load when needed
- [L10n] Updated da, es
- Fixed namespacing issues with script replacements
- Fixed media placeholder not shown when blocking Youtube
- Movies
- Work around for unpredictable content script execution
- Order
- Ensure content of NoScript prompts is always visible
- Fixed soft reload messing with non UTF-8 encodings (thanks
- "Quest" for reporting)
- Updated TLDs
- [XSS] Fixed escape detection bug causing strage false
- Positives (thanks Dave Howorth for report)

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.43
- Fix for some race conditions causing corruptions in non-HTML non-XML documents

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.42
- Avoid useless "seen" reports from onBeforeRequest()
- Catch broadcast messaging errors
- Make tag push even already created tags
- Updated TLDs
- Work-around for applying DOM CSP to non-HTML XML documents
- Document freezing to handle SVG and other XML documentsas a fallback before CSP insertion

Refactored and improved syncFetchPolicy fallback for file:
- and ftp: special cases

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.41
- More precise event suppression mechanism
- Fixed regression: events suppressed on file:// pages
- Unless scripts are allowed
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.40
- Avoid synchronous policy fetching whenever possible (fixes multiple issues)

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.39
- Fix reload loops on broken file: HTML documents
- [XSS] Updated HTML event attributes
- Local policy fallback for file: and ftp: URLs using rather than sessionStorage
- [L10n] Updated bn, br, ca, da, de, el, es, fr, he, is, it, ja, lt, mk, ms, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sq, sv_SE, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW
- Added "Revoke temporary permissions on NoScript updates, even if the browser is not restarted" advanced option
- Let temporary permissions survive NoScript updates (shameless hack)
- Fixed some traps around Messages abstraction
- Ignore search / hash on policy matching of domain-less URLs (e.g. file:///...)
- Updated TLDs
- Fixed automatic scrolling hampers usability on long sites lists in popup
- Better timing for event attributes removal/restore
- Work-arounds for edge cases in synchronous page loads bypassing webRequest

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.38
- Better timing for event attributes removal/restore
- Work-arounds for edge cases in synchronous page loads
- Bypassing webRequest
- [L10n] Updated bn

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.37
- Simpler and more reliable sendSyncMessage implementation and usage
- sendSyncMessage support for multiple suspension requests (should fix extension script injection issues)
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.36
- Fixed regression: temporary permissions revocation not working anymore on privileged pages
- SendSyncMessage script execution safety net more compatible with other extensions (e.g. BlockTube)

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.35
- Avoid unnecessary reloads on temporary permissions revocation
- [UI] Removed accidental cyan background for site labels
- [L10n] Updated es
- Work-around for conflict with extensions inserting elements into content pages' DOM early
- [XSS] Updated HTML events
- Updated TLDs
- Fixed buggy policy references in the Options dialog
- More accurate NOSCRIPT element emulation
- Anticipate onScriptDisabled surrogates to first script-src none' CSP violation
- isTrusted checks for all the content events
- Improved look in mobile portrait mode
- Let SyncMessage prevent undesired script execution scheduled during suspension

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.34
- Fixed regression breaking network-based CSP injection

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.33
- Switch from HTTP to DOM event based CSP reporting in Compatible browsers
- [XSS] Updated HTML event attributes
- Updated TLDs

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.32
- [L10n] Updated it, mk, sv_SE
- Fixed setting CUSTOM permissions in private mode may cause
- The TRUSTED preset to become temporary
- Updated TLDs
- [XSS] Updated HTML 5 events support
- More compact high contrast appearance

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.31
- Focus "OK" button on dialog-mode UI
- Fixed various toolbar buttons DnD issues
- Updated TLDs
- [L10n] Updated bn, br, ca, da, de, el, es, fr, he, is, it, ja, lt, mk, ms, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sq, sv_SE, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW
- Fixed very low contrast HTTPS-only label in High Contrast mode

NoScript for Firefox 11.0.29
- Consistent focus appearance across desktop and mobile
- Fixed regression on Firefox 68 for Android: UI cannot be closed

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