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Google Earth is a free software, which will help you find and view satellite images and vectorized maps of almost any place on the Globe, including incredible amount of secondary data that was inserted not only by the Google community themselves (images, 360 panoramic shots, webcam links) but also very interesting data provided by many non-profit organizations and governments (traffic data, weather information, satellite cloud imaging and much more). All you have to do is type in a location, and then zoom-in using your mouse’s scroll button. Using its search engine you can find particular buildings, landmarks, cities, schools, and more. In addition to seeing land formations around you, app also supports switching its viewport to the Moon, Mars and bottom of the Ocean enabling you to explore places of great wonder. Google Earth can even be used as a driving navigation map, and also lets you save and share your findings with your friends and family.

Main interface of Google Earth is very easy to be used by users of all knowledge levels. Main viewport that renders the surface of the earth is very easy to be used, with easily accessible search function and layering options that can help you better orient yourself (roads, borders, names of cities and streets) or find unique community-linked material.

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, galaxies in outer space, and the depths of the ocean.

Google Earth Features:

  • Explore rich geographical content
  • Search for business locations
  • See 3D buildings and add your own models
  • Visualize your GPS tracks and share with others
  • Dive beneath the surface of the ocean

Also Available: Download Google Earth for Mac

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