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Affinity Designer

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What's new in this version:

Affinity Designer
- sporadic issue with images incorrectly rendering depending on their alpha outline
- crash in export of EPS and WMF when there were missing resources

Affinity Designer
- Refine Selection as New Layer with Mask preventing rendering of Artboards
- Brush Hardness changing when swapping tools
- document with 'Save History' failing to save after promoting a Group to a Layer
- vector import potentially importing with the wrong document size
- PSD import of Linear Burn blend mode being imported as Multiply
- some occasionally fonts failing to be recognized at startup
- Borderless printing having a border
- 'Preset Manager' > 'Shape Presets' being unable to click
- hang on My Account page
- crash when closing the application
- potential crash on launch when a sync'd asset references an unavailable font
- 'Convert to Curves' crash with underlined text, emoji etc
- Vector import (SVG etc) can be created at incorrect size

- Screen and UI corruption (in 1.10.3) on some desktops
- App hanging on shutdown due to font cache problem
- Help & localisation improvements

Affinity Designer
Fixes & Improvements:
- Fixed Refine Selection as New Layer with Mask preventing rendering of Artboards
- Fixed Brush Hardness changing when swapping tools
- Fixed document with 'Save History' failing to save after promoting a Group to a Layer
- Fixed vector import potentially importing with the wrong document size
- Fixed PSD import of Linear Burn blend mode being imported as Multiply
- Fixed some occasionally fonts failing to be recognized at startup
- Fixed Borderless printing having a border
- Fixed 'Preset Manager' > 'Shape Presets' being unable to click
- Fixed hang on My Account page
- Fixed crash when closing the application
- Fixed potential crash on launch when a sync'd asset references an unavailable font
- Fixed 'Convert to Curves' crash with underlined text, emoji etc
- Fixed Vector import (SVG etc) can be created at incorrect size
- Help & localisation improvements

Affinity Designer
Fixes and Improvements:
- Converting text with emojis, underlined text, or text with other attributes to curves would cause the app to crash
- Application failed to launch due to downloaded My Account content that contains missing fonts
- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the application
- Trials have been reset, so anyone who has tried the 10 day trail before can start a new trial
- Fixed the "Failed to save" error in documents containing duplicated picture frames
- Unsplash removed from the stock pane
- Help and localisation improvements

Affinity Designer
- Assorted other small fixes
- Help & localisation improvements
- New Selection options Parent, Top, & Bottom
- Improved IME text editing for Japanese and Simplified Chinese languages
- Improved SVG import/export
- Fixed issues with documents that have large numbers of embedded documents failing to load. (The maximum number of allowed open file handles was being exceeded leading to erroneous 'Future Version Error')
- Added support for most emoji
- Added ‘Limit Initial Zoom to 100%’ preferences option

Improved performance with:
- Heavily layered documents (faster rendering during panning and text reflow)
- Placed images
- Text
- Embedded documents
- Low-memory conditions

Resource Manager:
- New "Relink" option for missing resources
- Added "File Type" column
- EPS files can be linked

Affinity Designer
- Change log not available for this version

Affinity Designer
Fixes & Improvements:
- Fixed Crashes and errors when using the My Account option
- Fixed crash at start-up due to broken OpenCL drivers ( potential start-up crashes are detected, and hardware acceleration is prevented.)
- Disabled hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon RX 5000 series and later cards (awaiting response to bug filed with AMD)
- Fixed crash attempting to print a single artboard, which isn't the first artboard in the document
- Fixed some documents failing to load (hanging)
- Fixed JPEG and TIFF filter descriptions (was "Affinity Files")
- Fixed performance problems when Paragraph Panel was visible
- Fixed the inability to save some files originally opened as read only
- Improved content syncing
- Fixed scaled text frame increasing text size when grouped
- Fixed Affinity registration showing in English for some supported locales
- Fixed EMFs not rendering on non-RGBA documents
- Fixed mirroring objects to transform individually based on tool settings
- Improved performance of snapping by restricting inner bound snapping to objects with no more than two curves (i.e. single holes)
- Fixed PDF passthrough failing to work on multi-page documents
- Fixed TGA import to allow loading of large files
- Fixed crash when loading specific CR3 file.
- Fixed Studio Preset shortcuts not being restored after a subsequent launch
- Fixed potential crash when a updating the layer editability
- Fixed potential crash showing Product Key dialog
- Fixed Copy As SVG preventing Affinity data being added to the clipboard
- Fixed New from Clipboard of raster data from external applications, as it was always preferring EMF/WMF over raster data (ignoring the 'Prefer metafile over raster ...') general setting
- Fixed asset dragging performance for some assets
- Fixed being unable to apply styles with a single click in list mode
- Fixed crash on shutdown while "My Account" content is still downloading
- Improved PDF Import of text lists and numbers lists
- Fixed PDF Import incorrectly identifying clips as redundant and removing them
- Fixed copying of objects not copying their tag colour
- Fixed Export Preview scaling issues.
- Help and Localisation improvements
- Performance improvements

Affinity Designer
New Features:
- Powerful contour tool to create abstract objects or increase the width of single open curves
- Select Same to efficiently match attributes such as fill colour, stroke colour, stroke weight, transparency, blend mode or shape type
- Select Object to select all objects of a certain type within your document to make editing even easier
- Windows hardware (GPU) acceleration (for users running Windows 10 (April 2020 update or later) with a Direct3D feature level 12.0 capable card)
- Studio presets for the UI layout to save your favourite workspace setups for different tasks, explained here Studio panel combinations (also learn more)
- Linked images and Resource Manager
- PDF passthrough option added
- Save As Package feature to collate your document alongside all used image and font resources into a folder
- Divide blend mode added
- Placed scale for all placed files, which allows scaling to be reset to 100%
- Added hierarchical antialiasing control - accessed from the Blend Ranges dialog in the Layers Panel
- Curves numeric field controls
- Blend modes for mask layers
- Added export preview to export dialog (for raster types)
- Create brushes from current pixel selection
- Content sync of store purchases (requires registration)

Fixes & Improvements:
- Elliptical marquee automatically creates from centre
- Added option for Designer to be able to show/hide overflow text - particularly useful for text on a path
- Snap to pixel selection bounds
- Configurable bleed and margin guide colours
- When creating a global colour from an object also apply it
- Filter effects now work properly with global colours
- Original file name no longer saved as "Title" in PDF, after renaming the file
- Fixed inability to change document dimensions while aspect ratio was unlocked
- When items copied as SVG they could not be pasted as text
- Fixed Tools getting stuck in the hand tool cursor after using spacebar + alt and click to zoom out
- Added Canvas Rotation option to Preferences
- New Samples
- Various stability improvements
- Help and Localisation improvements
- Performance improvements

Affinity Designer
Fixes & Improvements:
- Fixed many tablet input problems (by reverting the default input method to be Low Precision mode, the same as in 1.8.3)
- Added tablet input preference (in Tools section) to opt-in to High Precision mode, or Windows Ink mode
- (NOTE: previous command line options --legacy-wintab and --disable-wintab are now ignored)
- Fixed cursor disappearing following keyboard shortcuts that display dialogs, while using a brush tool

Affinity Designer
Fixes & Improvements:
- Fixed import of PSD files with extended blend modes
- Fixed crash when making some selections
- Changed mask thumbnails to use black, not transparent
- Fixed OCIO transform being removed when the window is moved or minimised
- Fixed Character Panel's Decorations colour box displaying in RGB
- Fixed Layer Effects Gradient Overlay sliders not working correctly
- Fixed flickering brush preview with tablet input
- Fixed spurious lines being drawn with tablet input
- Fixed Alt+Drag colour picker getting stuck when using tablet input
- Added user preference for whether to try to keep selections after deleting
- Fixed expand stroke failure on strokes that use velocity as a controller
- Fixed gradients not changing when Global Colour is modified
- [Installer] Prevent installation into non-empty directory
- Fixed setting artboard/spread origin from panel not accounting for artboard spread position
- Fixed various issues with guide positions and artboard origins
- Allow closing of curves for special case selection
- Removed "Windows Ink" option, and replaced with high precision WinTab support
- Fixed AI import incorrectly identifying as EPS when it was actually a PDF with extra data at the front
- Fixed PDF import for documents with extra data at the front
- Fixed PDF export for some Asian fonts that support many glyphs
- Fixed Layers panel dropping of items of right of thumbnail in expanded parents
- Fixed right-click context menu to disable Merge Down when attempting to merge a Pixel Layer into a shape
- Fixed PDF import crash due to infinitely searching for fonts
- Fixed HSL ring displaying incorrectly when returning to the adjustment
- Fixed being unable to drag afassets into the app
- Changed PDFs to open as restricted if we don't have permission to edit, copy or print them
- Fixed PDF export accidentally outputting all RGB images at 16-bit
- Fixed Guide positions to be displayed relative to current Artboard
- Fixed layer blend modes not scrolling with arrow keys
- Improved performance of font loading (and tried to improve behaviour with font managers)
- Improved PDF export support for 16-bit and 32-bit images
- Fixed SVG import of elements with closepath not followed by move
- Fixed SVG export of curves with large bounds
- Fixed incorrect sheet colour in PSD export (following import)
- Fixed incorrectly enabled control on Text Style decorations
- Fixed click to select items with group crops
- Fixed locked layers being selectable via Marquee selection
- Fixed PDF import of certain unicode characters producing the wrong character
- Fixed SVG import to ignore spurious quote marks in "url('#identifier')" references
- Fixed SVG import to treat gradients with one stop as solid fills
- Fixed SVG import having wrong default for gradientUnits
- Fixed crash when importing an invalid SVG due to negative heights or widths
- Fixed hand cursor getting stuck after panning
- Fixed crash when pressing V with Alignment flyout open
- Fixed font names always displaying their English names
- Fixed PDF export with embedded ICC profiles
- Fixed SVG import of booleans
- Fixed SVG import of documents with multiple elements
- Fixed fill aspect ratio for Radial and Conical to be maintained unless the correction handle is visible
- Fixed text edit handles to allow auto pan ability
- Fixed changing tool while the Align Panel is open (if the next tool supports the alignment options, it will remain open, else it will close)
- Fixed crash when dragging items in the Layers control
- Improved performance of PDF import
- Improved performance of text when rendering text
- Fixed vector export of text occasionally filling characters
- Fixed crash when closing floating document
- Fixed New Document dialog previous document selection highlight not being remembered
- Fixed Ctrl+M with nodes selected to not bring up the curves dialog
- Fixed crash when docking a panel with the Brushes panel
- Fixed crash with Appearance panel after using Ctrl+Z on vector brush input
- Fixed PNG export not displaying the size warning if the export dialog was previously closed with a different preset
- Help and Localisation improvements

Affinity Designer
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed layers getting clipped to embedded documents would not get clipped
- Fixed Procedural Texture rendering differently to macOS
- Further boolean operation improvements
- Tweaks to Alignment
- Fixed misidentification of Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary when mounted on a Canon camera
- Fixed line caps on strokes with pressure profiles that have sharp pressure changes at the start getting incorrectly expanded
- Fixed PDF export failing due to colour profile being rejected wrongly
- Fixed rendering artefacts with small radius filter effects
- Fixed some Pentax lenses being listed as "Pemtax"
- Fixed crash when switching between Panorama documents
- Fixed PDF export to honour gradient map's colour space
- Fixed autosave failing to work
- Fixed crash opening empty (0Kb) files
- Fixed PDF export failing with embedded LAB document
- Fixed PDF export of images to preserve their colour space
- Fixed PDF export failing when a document contains an empty clip
- Fixed cropped result when creating a selection from a mask
- Fixed sporadic selection failure when invert selecting with Move tool
- Fixed sporadic PSD import crash
- Fixed floating panels being clipped when collapsed
- Help and Localisation improvements.

Affinity Designer
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed a source of instability when enumerating fonts at startup
- Added "Use Windows Ink for tablet input" preference (enabled by default, disable to use WinTab)
- Fixed artefacts when rasterising a group with live filters
- Fixed Layer Effects to smart objects
- Fixed flat EXR export to honour layer blend mode
- Fixed selection problems with clipped groups
- Fixed failure to export to vector formats when a document contains a flipped object with line style and scale to object enabled
- Fixed PDF export outputting some 1-bit masks as inverted, leaving them mostly transparent
- Fixed crash reordering layers via drag/drop when Layers panel is floating
- Added missing 'Repeat Filter' keyboard shortcut
- Fixed Canon 5D MK II images not loading correctly
- Fixed sporadic RAW load crash
- Fixed New Document dialog Presets bar incorrectly hidden when switching between Templates and Presets
- Fixed New Document dialog Template folders with a '.' cutting off subsequent characters
- Fixed several boolean operations and expand stroke issues on simple geometry or compound objects
- Fixed unable to paste text into editors after receiving tab focus
- Fixed New Documents dialog allowing minus values in Document Size, Margins and Bleed
- Improved performance of Layers Panel when updating previews of Artistic Text
- Fixed input lag (500ms) when drawing with a pen using Windows Ink
- Improved text responsiveness
- Added missing Procedural Texture degrees/radians toggle
- Fixed being unable to move Info targets in Develop Persona
- Improved precision of Defringe
- Fixed Focus Merge throwing away images
- Fixed crash when dragging asset containing missing fonts
- Fixed cursor not getting hidden while resizing brush
- Changed AlignTo option to disable when no Aligment option is set
- Fixed parent layer not selected when right clicking an enlosure nodes non-icon area
- Added 'Zoom' context menu for Pan tool
- Fixed Enclosure layers not being able to be repsitioned to the top level
- Fixed Enclosure thumbnails being reversed in a collapsed parent row
- Fixed Node tool Cycle Selection keyboard shortcut not set
- Help and Localisation improvements

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