Photogrammetric processing of digital images and 3D spatial data generation!

Agisoft Metashape (32-bit)

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Agisoft Metashape (32-bit)

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    Agisoft Metashape 2.1.1 (32-bit) LATEST

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    Sophia Jones

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Agisoft Metashape (PhotoScan) is a high-end professional tool for photogrammetry, a process of capturing 3D object information by taking simultaneous photographs from either the array of photo cameras or large framerate capturing of landscape areas using UAV flights. Developed by the Agisoft LLC from St. Petersburg, Russia, this comprehensive solution has quickly found its way not only in multimedia productions of numerous sizes (from small indie videogames to large AAA gaming projects and Hollywood films), but also real-word 3D capturing project pipelines created by various branches of science and UAV data-collection companies. Today, this photogrammetry pipeline is particularly popular in the field of archeology, helping scientists to record the structure and exact definition of the excavation area, from large scale, scans to the ultra-detailed recordings of the individual objects or areas.

Developed as standalone software that can fit the needs of all of its customers, Agisoft Metashape Pro can easily process the photogrammetric digital images and create detailed 3D spatial data that can be easily exported into other programs. With built in-tools and procedures for fast deployment in both studio and outdoor environments, PhotoScan can be deployed in various GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation, visual effects production, and even ultra-precise indirect measurements of objects no matter their scale.

It supports features such as Photogrammetric triangulation, point cloud editing and classification, comprehensive support for ground control points and georeferenced orthomosaic export, streamlined 3D model generation and texturing, panorama stitching, network and more.

Agisoft Metashape is available in two packages – Standard version that is well-suited for many interactive media tasks, and Pro version that can handle large-scale GIS content. The app is optimized for Windows OS (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux and macOS, and can be downloaded and tested for FREE under a fully-featured 30-day trial license.

Note: 30 days trial version.

Also Available: Agisoft Metashape (64-bit)

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  • Agisoft Metashape 2.1.1 (32-bit) Screenshot 2
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What's new in this version:

Standard and Professional editions:
- Added Anti-aliasing option to Build Texture dialog
- Added Sort Chunks command to Workspace pane context menu
- Added Undo/Redo commands support for local shape and mask drawing operations
- Added ZSTD compression support for TIFF images
- Added 3DFace based Autodesk DXF format support to Export Model command in Batch Process dialog
- Added Y-up to Z-up conversion for glTF model import and Use glTF Y-up convention option to Expor
Model dialog.
- Updated cameras export in Blocks Exchange format to store relative image paths
- Added shell script on Linux to add Metashape launcher to Applications
- Fixed application icon size on macOS
- Bug fixes

Professional edition:
- Added Create Mask... command in Tools->Trajectory menu
- Added fiducial count and fiducial error columns to fiducials list in the Camera Calibration dialog
- Added fiducial errors to the information dialog for cameras
- Added Agisoft Cloud service support to Upload Data command
- Added Show Local Axes command to Show Trajectory toolbar button drop down menu
- Added support for camera orientation import from Mavic 3 Enterprise videos with SRT subtitles
- Updated orthomosaic and DEM exporter to save .prj file when Write World file option is enabled

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