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Download Driver Easy 5.7.1

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What's new in this version:

Driver Easy 5.7.1
- Improved the display for long driver descriptions
- Improved the alignment of some icons and buttons on the Update page
- Added a feature that shows the tooltip text on hovering a long driver description

- the device name in Driver details showing question marks in Japanese and Korean environment
- the main menu showing below the interface
- the drop-down menu not closing when deleting a downloaded driver
- the Up-to-date button getting cut off in Greek environment
- Polished the translations for French and German
- some minor bugs
- Changed the copyright date to 2022

Driver Easy 5.7.0
- a Roll back to previous driver feature
- an Uninstall driver feature
- a right click copy feature to Hardware IDs and Compatible IDs

- Enhanced some functions, such as adding a tick box to show hidden devices
- Improved the user interface for Backup and fixed some Backup bugs
- Re-designed the user interface for Settings and Driver Details
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.15
- Re-designed the user interface for some key functions
- Fixed two major bugs in the process of driver installation
- Improved the “Support” function
- Added a new function that allows the “Technical support” window to pop up when users click a relevant link on websites
- Polished the translations for French and Czech

Driver Easy 5.6.14
- Change log not available for this version

Driver Easy 5.6.13
- Added two new entries – Driver Update History and Version History – to the main menu
- Improved the description in the dialog box indicating a specific feedback error
- Bettered the look of WHQL certificate windows
- Fixed an error relating to system restore points
- Inserted a warning message when you try to cancel the update in the middle of a driver install process

Driver Easy 5.6.12
- Improved the translations for Mandarin Chinese
- Fixed some minor bugs such as Index Not Found MachineGuid

Driver Easy 5.6.11
- Adopted a new set of pictures in the Scan panel
- Swapped the positions of Like Us and Feedback
- Added icons to identify the outdated/missing driver or unplugged device
- Improved the interface of the feedback feature
- Added Help buttons for common download errors
- Improved the translations for different languages, such as Czech, German and Portuguese
- Eliminated some minor bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.10
- Improved the translations for different languages, such as Danish and Spanish
- Made some slight changes on the interface, such as the color shades of the buttons, feature descriptions etc.
- Fixed some minor bugs such as unable to save proxy settings

Driver Easy 5.6.9
- Modified some of the feature descriptions in the interface for better clarity and more accuracy

Driver Easy 5.6.8
- Added a superscript to the top right of the Update all button
- Revised the PC-restart reminder window
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.7
- Fixed a bug of an error pop-up after clicking the Scan Now button

Driver Easy 5.6.6
- Added descriptions of the driver update progress on the Update page, such as “QUEUED”, “DOWNLOADING”, and “INSTALLING”
- Improved the design on the Update page for the Pro version, both in the driver update control section on the top and in the progress bar
- Split into smaller ones the big integrated files for devices with multiple drivers to update
- Improved translations for the Japanese language
- Fixed some bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.5
- Added a Help button which can direct you to the troubleshooting page when you accidentally bump into the Unable to connect to the remote server error
- Improved the step-by-step guide of the manual driver update process in the Free version
- Fixed some backup bugs, including pop-up errors during a printer driver backup, message not fully shown in backup error message boxes and unable to open backup folders
- Fixed some other minor bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.4
- Added the Japanese customized version, including changing the purchase procedure and improving the Japanese translation
- Added the Chinese translation
- Changed the default open page to the Driver Backup page when clicking the Tools tab
- Fixed some bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.3
- Added the Menu button on the left of the Hardware Info page and the Tools page
- Added the Get pro version button on the left of the Settings page
- Automatically redirect to the Buy Now page in corresponding language according to the language in Driver Easy
- Improved the Launch screen when opening Driver Easy
- Improved the User Interface within Driver Easy, including the colors and the design of buttons
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.2
- Added ‘How to Uninstall Driver Easy’ on the About page
- Simplified and improved the installation process
- Improved the Japanese and Czech translation
- Improved the security certified icons on the Update page
- Changed the icons next to the devices on the Update page
- Unified and improved the progress bar design
- Improved the design for the dialogs in the installation process
- Reduced the size of installation package
- Fixed some bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.1
- Improved the UI design, including the style and color of some buttons and icons
- Fixed minor bugs

Driver Easy 5.6.0
- Adds WHQL certification info and message so you can see that drivers we provide are safe, secure, up-to-date and compatible with Windows and all the most popular combinations of hardware and software. (More on WHQL…)
- Now you can export your system information (Pro version only)
- You can choose whether to create a scheduled task when you install Driver Easy
- Improves the design in the download interface
- Improves the compatibility on high resolution systems
- Improves the download percentage and file size design, so they are more pleasant to your eyes
- Your PC won’t go to sleep mode when Driver Easy is downloading or installing drivers for you
- Enhances the feedback function, so now you can send us back the base64 error report during scan
- Fixes a bug with the scheduled scan. So now when you disable or enable the scheduled scan, the same setting applies to your system
- Fixes minor bugs with the restore point function
- Fixes some minor errors in the Spanish version
- Fixes the 407 error in some proxy server settings

Driver Easy 5.5.6
- Driver icons in the Devices with missing driver(s) category now indicates driver types, so you can see what types of drivers are missing
- Shows full device name when your mouse pointer hover over the device name in the driver update list
- Adds the stop scanning feature, so you can stop the scanning process whenever you want
- The password for proxy server information is now invisible
- Improves the dialogue box for Driver Backup
- Fixes bugs with the side bar and the scan result bar display, and driver backup process
- Fixes bugs with the scan crash when enable the “Get driver software from Windows Update” feature

Driver Easy
- Improves scan engine so it can identify the correct driver for the same hardware with different driver information
- Improves the Arabic and Dutch translation
- Slightly improves the category design in the Update screen
- Improves the stability of the download speed in the Free version
- Download process shows 1 decimal place for you to have a clearer view of large file download progress
- Fixes a crash bug when only one driver update is available in the Arabic version
- Fixes other minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Adds “Report Bug” option in the Menu bar so you can directly report software bugs to us
- Adds translation for Arabic, Greek and Czech
- Driver Restore icon is now clickable for you to choose driver(s) to restore
- Items in the Update list are sorted alphabetically for you to locate easily

Driver Easy
- Redesigns single driver update process on free version
- Adds single driver update instructions on the sidebar of the free version
- Updates certain translation in Danish and German
- Updates wordings in System Restore window
- Fixes some bugs

Driver Easy
- Rewrite scan engine to support Windows 10 new driver detection technology

Driver Easy
- Redesigns UI for Hardware Info
- Adapts to screen reader
- Adds “Report Miss-detected Drivers” & “Improves Translation” link to menu list
- Updates German and Portuguese translations
- Improves driver scan server performance
- Improves create restore point logic, creates one restore point per day
- Standardizes all popup message designs
- Improves many UI & UX elements
- Fixes Technician License not showing full license key issue
- Fixes device name showing question mark (?) issue in some non-English environment
- Fixes some Windows 10 machines cannot create restore point issue
- Fixes many other minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Redesigns UI, now with flat design
- Rewrites Driver Backup & Driver Restore features completely
- Improves Feedback feature
- Adds Get free Ultimate Fix Guidebook (Windows 10) by sharing
- Fixes many minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Enhances Offline Scan feature, now supports both Ethernet & Wi-Fi devices
- Amends Unplugged Device notes, for easier understanding
- Last Scan time will automatically update
- Adds some missed multi-language translation
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Add Japanese, Danish Language UI
- Add “Help Us Improve” link
- Improved Hardware Information detection
- Fixed “File size has changed” & “The file is damaged” during download progress
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Change log not available for this version

Driver Easy
- Improve Feedback feature to enable multiline text copying and pasting
- Reduce software package size
- Improve driver installation progress
- Improve minor UI design
- Fixed some driver installation issues
- Fixed “Get License” not working on some computers

Driver Easy
- Improved Driver Scan Engine
- Improved Driver Installation Progress
- Improved Feedback Feature
- Fixed Crash Issue on Some Date/Time Format
- Fixed Some Translation Error in Italian Version
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Add an option to use Windows Update drivers (Default is disabled)
- Allow proxy server settings in Internet Connection
- Add “Help” function when scan error occurs
- Redesign “Update All” progress bar
- Improved driver update animation
- Enhanced license input box with auto added “-“
- Drivers without Driver Date (Blank) show date as 0000-00-00
- Fixed a bug when auto launch a .zip driver file
- Fixed crashes when system data not in century format

Driver Easy
- Added playing reminder sound after finishing driver install
- Added System Restore button on Settings Screen
- Redesigned Like Us feature
- Fine-tuned for more User Friendly UI
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Change log not available for this version

Driver Easy
- Improved error report feature
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy
- Improved Driver Scan Engine
- Fixed some translation error
- Fixed some minor bugs

Driver Easy
- The “i” icon is clickable to show the driver information( In previous version you can click the device name next to the “i” icon to show the same driver information).
- The notification for unplugged device will always show up( In previous version it only shows up when you choose at least one unplugged device ).
- Remove the 3 color driver status indicator due to Symantec’s (aka Norton) false positive. The indicator is designed to help us easily identify driver status(up-to-date, out-of-date within 30 days and out-of-date). Please do not ask us why, we have tried to explain(several times), please ask Symantec, since their engineers consider the driver status indicator as a performance indicator.
- Fixed a date conversion bug, which cause 0.32% of drivers showing incorrect Driver Date

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