NVIDIA NVWMI Toolkit Standalone Installer for Windows PC

NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit (NVWMI)

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NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit (NVWMI)

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NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit (NVWMI) is a system utility for IT administrators that helps them to remotely access, automate and perform numerous administrative tasks and functions regarding the functioning of Nvidia GPUs. The app allows users to remotely configure GPUs, retrieve a wide array of GPU information, and perform automated tasks.

The application fully leverages the benefits of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), a powerful Windows OS subsystem that provides administrators and network operators access to advanced system monitoring tools that can be used for efficient and fast system administration on business networks of all sizes.

NVIDIA NVWMI Toolkit Standalone Installer is part of the official Nvidia display driver package for professional cards from (Quadro and Titan), but it can also be downloaded and installed via a standalone installer. This type of installation can benefit users or organizations who want to reinstall NVWMI without the need to upgrade their NVIDIA Display Driver.

Users who want to make sure that NVWMI is installed on their PC can easily do so during the regular driver installation procedure, where they can pick the “Custom (Advanced)” option and check if the “NVIDIA WMI” module is present.

The UI of the NVIDIA Enterprise Management Toolkit is as expected fully optimized for robust usage in business environments, with all the necessary tools and services to perform quick audits of detected PC on networks of all sizes.

NVIDIA NVWMI Software is FREE and can be tested on all modern PCs running either Windows 7, 8, or 10 (only 64-bit OS is supported). It also requires users to have at least NVIDIA Display Driver version 368.39, or newer. The app is available only for professional users running Nvidia GPU cards from the following series – Quadro, Quadro Blade/Embedded, Quadron NVS, and Quadro for Notebooks.


Centralized management: It provides a centralized interface to manage NVIDIA GPUs across multiple systems, making it easier to deploy, monitor, and update GPU drivers and settings.

Increased productivity: With NVWMI, IT administrators can remotely configure GPU settings, such as power management, performance profiles, and temperature thresholds. This allows for efficient resource allocation and optimization, leading to improved productivity.

Performance monitoring: It enables real-time monitoring of GPU performance metrics, such as GPU utilization, memory usage, and temperature. This information is valuable for identifying performance bottlenecks and optimizing GPU usage.

Error and event reporting: It provides detailed error and event logs, allowing administrators to diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly. This helps in maintaining the stability and reliability of GPU systems.


Complexity: NVWMI is a comprehensive tool with various features, which can make it complex to set up and configure. Administrators may require some learning and expertise to effectively utilize its capabilities.

Learning curve: Due to its extensive feature set, it may have a learning curve for administrators who are unfamiliar with its functionalities. Adequate training and documentation may be required to make the most of its capabilities.

Potential stability issues: While the app is generally stable, there is always a possibility of software bugs or compatibility issues that could impact system stability. Regular updates and patches are necessary to mitigate such risks.

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