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O&O CleverCache (32-bit)

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Download O&O CleverCache 7.1.2737 (32-bit)

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    O&O CleverCache 7.1.2737 (32-bit) LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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    O&O Software GmbH / O&O CleverCache (32-bit)

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    O&O CleverCache (32-bit) 2022 full offline installer setup for PC

O&O CleverCache makes sure that the file cache is reset while the computer’s running: something that otherwise usually requires a restart of the computer. O&O CleverCache Pro will let you continuously maintain maximum levels of performance on your computer – no new start required and with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Even with the latest hardware, the processing of digital pictures, videos, games, and constant server loads can often lead to longer answering times or “frozen” programs. In fact, it’s often not the lack of main memory capacity that’s at fault, but the file cache management of your Windows operating system.

It prevents that infamous program and application “freezes” where usually only closing the program with the Windows Task Manager can help. Simply install O&O CleverCache and let it take care of your computer or servers memory management.

Reduce file cache of minimized programs

Users will minimize an application window to the taskbar and leave it to run in the background while another application is in use. This is especially the case with users of Office applications, who often switch between different Office applications at a high frequency. But even if the application is minimized, it still continues to use main memory resources, possibly consuming file cache resources as well. The program significantly reduces the cache resources and thereby increases available main memory resources. This results in much faster response times for active applications.

Enhanced Profile Management

Enhanced profile management provides the app with predefined profiles, which make it easier to work with the program. You can also set your own settings in the user profile. This will allow you to load your cache settings for, let’s say, video editing or games at just the right moment. Even if you reinstall Windows, your user profiles will not be lost, since the Clever Cache app is able to export and import these profiles as files.

O&O Mem-O-Safe: Control the update interval of the file cache

“Mem-O-Safe” allows you to control the update interval of the file cache. In order to improve system performance, data isn’t immediately written to the hard disk but buffered in the internal file cache to wait for additional data that might also need to be written. Just how long this waiting period lasts is not usually something you can control: not until O&O Clever Cache enters the picture. It lets you control this update interval, enabling you to make sure that the least amount of data is lost in the event of a system crash or something similar.


With O&O AutoSense the app offers you a pre-defined profile that makes using the software a breeze. The O&O AutoSense profile instructs your system to analyze your system's settings upon every system startup. Whenever changes to the main memory are detected, O&O CleverCache updates its settings accordingly. It enables you to create your own profile according to your specific needs. This allows you to load your specialized cache settings whenever you need them. This could be, for instance, when you need to do some video editing or play your favorite PC games. The software can also import and export your profiles as you choose.

System Tuning

The System Tuning feature in O&O CleverCache includes a number of functions that can optimize or accelerate the performance of your operating system. These functions also give you access to system parameters not granted by the standard tools offered in Windows.

System Monitor

The System Monitor enables you to monitor the condition and performance of the most important components of your PC System. With this feature, you can receive real-time status reports on, amongst others, your processor, main memory, system cache, and the hard disk.

Note: 30 days trial version.

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