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Download Photolemur 3 1.1.0

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What's new in this version:

Photolemur 3 1.1.0
- New extraterrestrial language support: Klingon
- Image processing improvements: faster image enhancement algorithm

Photolemur 3 1.0.0
Automatic Face Enhancement with Skin Retouch:
- Use this feature for portraits to get your subject’s skin looking smooth, glowing, and beautiful. Skin retouch automatically adds the inescapable aura of flawless skin to your images. We know viewers are already drawn to your tantalizing portraits, but this will kick things up a notch.

Smart Eyes Enlarge:
- This feature is the addition you’ve been searching for, for all your portrait needs! Maybe your subject stayed up too late the night before (like brides and grooms at the rehearsal dinner the evening before the big date) or woke up a bit too early in the morning (like hikers ready to take on the highest peak by sunrise). Whatever the reason, give everyone the vibe of bright eyed and wide awake with this fantastic feature.

Adding Styles to Photos:
- One of the most highly anticipated new features of this version of Photolemur is Styles — 6 specific and crazily creative new styles for your photos that have been chosen by none-other than artificial intelligence. Try Apollo on your landscape shots, Fall on all your favorite leaf shots, and Spirited to instantly give your photos an artistic feel. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the end result will be brilliant.

Apply Settings to All Images:
- It means that if you’ve perfected the exact amount of Skin Retouch and Apollo Style you want for your vacation photos, no need to fear. You can now apply this same setting to all of your images at once.

SmugMug Export for Mac users:
- Mac version of Photolemur 3 now supports the direct export to SmugMug.

Interface Updates, Performance&Stability Improvements:
- As usual, we made sure your experience with Photolemur is as easy and obvious as possible. And we hope you'll like it.

Photolemur 2.3.1
- Improved JPEG Processing Algorith
- Fixed blurred imag after export
- New Languages support: Chinese Simplified
- Fixes various UI issues
- Bug and crash fixes for Windows 7,8,10
- Performance and stability improvements

Photolemur 2.3.0
- Change log not available for this version

Photolemur 2.2.0
- Opacity Slider
- After a successful launch of the Photolemur 2.0, we received feedback from our users that they wanted to have at least some control over the end result. That’s why tith 2.2, you have full control over the image processing technology. In the new version of the app, we’ll present one slider that will help to control that beautiful end result. With this new feature –– you and only you define the final look of your photos.
- Smarter Enhancement Tech
- Faster Processing
- New Sky Enhancement
- New Noise Reduction

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.