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What's new in this version:

Windscribe 1.83

New features:
- WebSocket stealth protocol support
- Location list sorting methods: Geography, alphabet, latency
- A la carte location support (future feature)
- Static IP + port forwarding support
- Custom OpenVPN config support

Put your own OpenVPN configs in the following directory:
- C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalWindscribeWindscribecustom_configs
- ~/Library/Application Support/Windscribe/Windscribe/custom_configs
- They will now be available in the Windscribe UI. You can take advantage of all Windscribe client features (firewall, proxy gateway, wifi sharing, etc) with your own OpenVPN server. Or use another VPN provider’s servers if you wish

Fixed bugs:
- Stuck on login in China
- App prevents graceful Windows shutdown
- App freezes in “Windscribe is shutting down” state
- Bad IKEv2 connection causes client to lock up

Other Changes:
- Don’t disable server location on ping test failure

Windscribe 1.82
- Change log not available for this version

Windscribe 1.81

New features:
- IKEv2 protocol support (manual and automatic mode)
- Emergency Connect / Secure Login

Fixed bugs:
- Wifi-sharing not working after wakeup
- Forcibly close all TCP sockets after tunnel up
- Don’t forcibly disconnect if currently connected node is missing from the server list
- Language detection defaults to English instead of Arabic
- Reinstall/enable WAN miniport adapters if missing/disabled
- Adjusted DPI to work with multiple scale factors

Other Changes:
- Added “Disconnecting” state
- Eliminated redundant API calls
- Reduced the server ping frequency
- Updated OpenVPN binaries to latest version
- Don't auto-enable the firewall (in Automatic mode) on computer start up if auto-connect is false
- Simplified installer flow + additional “custom install” options
- Async DNS resolver
- Adjusted node selection algorithm to favor lower latency nodes
- Forcibly expand certain locations when the country name is clicked
- Detect if LAN range is RFC-1918 complaint

To-do list for next version:
- CLI interface
- Favorite locations
- Dedicated IP support
- IKEv2 connectivity test
- SOCKS5 server UDP associate support
- Fix startup error on multi-user computers
- Mystery feature 1
- Mystery feature 2

Windscribe 1.80

New features:
- LAN proxy gateway
- Secure Hotspot (Experimental)
- Variable location drawer height
- Auto login after signup
- Ability to choose NDIS5 TAP driver
- Upgrade to OpenVPN 2.4.x with 2.3.x fallback
- Service notifications
- Show Pro data-centers to free users
- Location latency tool-tips added to signal bars

Fixed bugs:
- Always on firewall not working on OS boot on some machines
- Application crashes after connection attempts are exceeded with “minimize to tray” option checked
- Application freeze with firewall ON requires reboot
- API calls not made if app starts with no Internet connectivity
- Custom installation now allows for non-standard install path
- Auto-enable disabled TAP adapter
- 100% CPU when app starts with no Internet connectivity
- Don’t try UDP protocol if system proxy is configured
- Constant application window size on variable DPI screens
- Login form DPI bug
- On multi-screen computers, tool-tips show on primary monitor

Other Changes:
- Leave firewall ON if ran out of free bandwidth to prevent IP leak
- Increase reconnect timeout from 5 min to 1 hour
- Server list source changed
- Moved server location update process to separate thread
- Only do ping tests while disconnected
- Update available UI change
- Output installed anti-virus software into debug log for troubleshooting
- Open survey on application uninstall
- Installer command line arg support
- Black and white top bar icon on MacOS
- Ping nodes in batches instead of all at the same time
- Allow for verbose OpenVPN logging via Advanced Parameters screen
- When beta channel is selected, check for updates right away

To-do list for next version:
- IKEv2 protocol support
- Emergency Connect
- Firewall whitelisting overhaul
- Command line interface
- Wakeup from hibernation fix
- Add disconnecting state
- Async DNS resolver

Windscribe 1.70
- Added city level location selection
- Added Automatic Connection mode
- Added support for 22 languages
- Added custom TAP adapter
- Added “Ignore SSL Errors” option
- Added notifications when firewall is ON and application not connected
- Added “Advanced Parameters” screen
- Added EULA to the installer
- Added IPv6 connectivity disable button, to prevent WebRTC leaks over IPv6 in some situations
- Added Touch support
- Added Beta channel
- Fixed auto-start bug on some systems
- Fixed Internet connectivity check
- Fixed persistent session storage
- Fixed API connectivity on restrictive networks
- Fixed unquoted service path
- Fixed disappearing Best Location
- Fixed WSD port connectivity while firewall is ON
- Fixed PlayStation UPNP connectivity while firewall is ON
- Fixed reconnection bug on computer wake up on some systems
- Changed the Preferences screens
- Changed the connecting spinner animation

Windscribe 1.61
- Added ability to select connection port
- Added LAN proxy support
- Added speed ratings
- Added ability to add openvpn params externally
- Added using custom DNS while disconnected to prevent DNS poisoning
- Added custom API resolution field to combat advanced DNS poisoning
- Added “Best Location” to the location list
- Added connection testing after tunnel initiation
- Added tooltip for “no p2p” icon
- Fixed crashing in macOS Sierra
- Fixed LAN traffic bypass to work with UPnP devices
- Fixed debug log sender
- Fixed backup API usage logic
- Fixed CPU and energy usage
- Fixed multiple accounts info message
- Fixed multi-monitor menu placement in macOS
- Fixed Windows taskbar icon in collapsed mode
- Enable Base Filtering Engine if its disabled in Windows 7
- Changed openvpn config location to a permanent one
- Changed server list scrollbar to be more visible
- Changed XPC to sockets in macOS
- Changed TAP adapter metric on Windows 10
- Various stability fixes

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