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Jack Taylor

Hi, I'm Jack Taylor from Bradford (UK), a passionate editor and writer with a deep focus on gaming. I have a degree in Creative Design and several years of experience in QA video game testing. Since I became a member of it allowed me to do what I like the most: play games and write about them and my reviews are for games of all types and sizes, from one-man indie projects to the largest AAA megahits.

My lifelong love for the interactive medium of video games fuels my sense of discovery for the latest gaming trends, genre developments and also hardware innovations that important part of the modern gaming industry. Therefore, my task here at is to inform our international audience about newly released games as well as software and hardware that is needed for the best gaming experience.

Our readership can expect not only a never-ending stream of game reviews from me but also an in-depth look at various support software that PC and Mac gamers can use to enhance the way they are interfacing with the online and mod community.

See you in the game!

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