Disk image, file backup and disk cloning for Windows

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Macrium Reflect is complete disaster-recovery and backup software for your home and office, able to instantly send your sensitive files into protective storage that will hold your files encrypted and safe. This app can not only protect protect your personal documents, photos, audios and e-mails, but also help you to upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems with the knowledge that everything is securely saved and can be easily recovered. By taking full advantage from the popular Microsoft Volume Shadow copy service, data that is managed by Macrium Reflect can be automatically streamed to secure storage even when your drives are active and in use by live version of Windows OS (supported is everything between Windows XP and Windows 8, both 32bit and 64bit). Backup scenarios that can be managed by Macrium Reflect can be as simple as daily scheduled file archiving, to the complicated scripts that can be fully controlled by professional users.