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Download NetBeans IDE 7.1.1NetBeans IDE 7.1.1Date added: March, 6th 2012 - Open Source

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    NetBeans IDE 8.0.2

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    Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64

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    Oracle / NetBeans IDE

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NetBeans IDE is an open source integrated development environment for software developers who intended to build applications using primarily Java, or some other popular programming languages such as C++, PHP, Python, Groovy, Ruby, and others. By taking full advantage from over 10 years of constant development, Netbeans Platform managed to be created with the contributions of open source community into well-designed IDE package that can be used for creation of any type desktop, web and mobile applications. It also has a large focus on enabling development of applications using sets of modular software components that can be created either by the owners of the Netbeans, Oracle Corporation, or third party developers who have managed to expand its functionalities with numerous plugins. Three main modules of NetBeans IDE are NetBeans Profiler (which can monitor applications and report problems, performance issues and more), NetBeans JavaScript editor and GUI design tool.

Instead of downloading one big package, users have options to download already prepared bundles that are suited for use in building most popular types of applications. Those bundles are “NetBeans IDE Bundle for Web and Java EE”, “NetBeans IDE Bundle for Java ME”, “NetBeans IDE Bundle for PHP”, “NetBeans IDE Complete Bundle”, and few others that are less used.

Interfaces of NetBeans IDE and NetBeans GUI design tool are created very professionally, enabling anyone who has spent times in similar software environments to easily access all tools and services that are part of this great IDE package. For novices, NetBeans offers comprehensive suite of tutorials and access to large international community that has amassed large library of helpful content on the web.

New NetBeans IDE Highlights:

JDK 8 support: tools and editor enhancements for working with Profiles, Lambdas, and Streams. Java SE Embedded support to deploy, run, debug or profile Java SE applications on an embedded device, such as Raspberry PI, directly from the NetBeans IDE. Java ME Embedded 8 support.

Java EE
New PrimeFaces code generators, to generate complete PrimeFaces skeleton CRUD applications with connection to databases. Tomcat 8.0 and TomEE support, including out-of-box JPA, JSF and JAXRS configuration and data sources. More flexibility for JPA hints, which can be disabled, enabled, and warning level changed.

New Maven graph layout switcher. Navigator shows POM goals and improved Maven performance when re-running Web applications. Improved Maven performance of "Apply Code Changes" while debugging.

AngularJS navigation via hyperlinking from view to controllers. Many enhancements for AngularJS in code completion between artifacts, such as code completion in the view to properties defined in controllers. Debugging of JavaScript code executed in Nashorn (JDK 8+) script engine is supported.

Android 4.4 WebKit debugging supported for Cordova 3.3+. New Karma test runner support and New Grunt build support. Avatar.js is available in the Plugin Manager, via Tools | Plugins. After installation, you're able to create Avatar.js projects.

Support for PHP 5.5. Enhancements for Twig, Latte, and Neon. Composer supported by New Project Wizard.

New Breadcrumbs feature for navigation in editor. New GDB Console to enable usage of command line GDB mode. New hints and code completions. Improved remote performance.

Enhanced flexibility in the Window System, such as split of editor via drag and drop, and a new API to customize editor tabs. New design of user interface for managing Project Groups. Files in folders can be sorted by extension.

Profiler enhancements: Profile on embedded platforms, show thread owning monitor for lock contention, and improved Threads view. Versioning enhancements: Support for Subversion 1.8 working copies, various enhancements to Git and Mercurial support. Task Schedule and other new features in Tasks window for bug tracking.

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