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Visual Studio Professional 2022

Visual Studio Professional 2022

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Visual Studio Professional 2022 is an industry-leading IDE (integrated development environment) developed by Microsoft to fulfill the needs of computer programmers of all knowledge levels, providing them with a fully featured source code editor, advanced compiler and interpreter, and simple-to-use GUI that promotes easy discovery of all of its tool.

Originally presented to the public in 1997, this comprehensive platform for developing computer programs of all types, websites, web services, web apps, and mobile apps for all modern portable platforms, this platform evolved into a comprehensive app development suite that can produce both native and managed code.

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2022 represents the latest version of this suite that was originally released in late 2021 under version number 17, with planned direct support from Microsoft until distant January of 2032. It has direct support for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.6-4.81, while supported .NET Core covers versions 2.1, 3.1, 5.0, and 6.0. This latest version is the first to ever adopt 64-bit processing, enabling developers for the first time to expand the memory size of their main process in large projects to more than 4 GB of memory.

This programming suite has built-in support for 36 programming languages in its code editor, debugger, and compiler. This includes C, C++, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, Python, Node.js, Ruby, and many others. Its compatibility can even be expanded to newly developed programming languages via plugin support.

In this IDE, developers can easily create online collaboration coding sessions where team members can work on source code in real-time. And when alone, developers can take advantage of AI-powered code completion service that will make coding sessions as productive as ever.

The core components of this IDE include an advanced code editor powered by IntelliSense, a debugger that can handle both source code and machine-level instructions, a code profiler for optimizing projects of all sizes, a real-time GPU profiler, a design service for managing web, class, and database schema elements, and a highly capable testing tools for verifying the operations of all aspects the functionality of the developed app or service.

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In addition to the local development, Visual Studio Professional 2022 can be expanded with many collaboration services utilizing Azure DevOps (a cloud-powered platform for managing code versioning, load testing service, telemetry, and even an in-browser code editor that can be accessed on the go), Visual Studio Lab Management (tool for creating and managing virtual environments), Visual Studio Team System Profiler, Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management, and others.

Visual Studio Professional 2022 can be purchased as a standalone IDE platform or tested out via a free license that is available to all users under Visual Studio Community edition license that is aimed at students, open sources, and individual developers. The app is available in 13 languages and is optimized for Windows 10 (and later) and Windows Server 2016 (and later).