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What's new in this version:

Pro Tools 12.8.3
Bug Fixes:
UI Errors and Performance:
- Fixed several issues with sluggish scrolling in the Edit Window
- It is no longer impossible to put Pro Tools windows into full-screen mode on macOS
- Fixed an issue that caused the System Preferences window to appear blank in some c-ases when switching to System Preferences from Pro Tools
- Improved performance of rapid zoom level changes using the "r" and "t" command focus shortcuts
- Improved smoothness of continuous timeline scrolling and visible counters during playback
- Improved the speed of showing and hiding tracks
- Fixed an issue that could cause the cursor icon to reflect the wrong edit tool in some cases
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Edit window to turn white
- Fixed an issue that allowed Tracks to be dragged between playlists of a track in Playlists view
- The correct multi-mono linking controls are now displayed in multi-mono plug-in window headers when such a plug-in is instantiated following a mono to stereo format converting plug-in
- Fixed a UI issue that occurred in the Channel Strip plug-in when collapsing or expanding any of its processing tabs
- Fixed a case where the Delay Compensation indicator in the edit window failed to update after turning off Delay Compensation in the options menu

- Corrected the video sync offset for all non 29.97 based frame rates when using video hardware
- The video window no longer stays on top when toggling between applications on Mac OS
- Fixed a window ordering inconsistency when placing other floating windows on top of the video window on Mac OS
- Sending the wrong reference rate to video hardware will no longer put the video engine into a bad state
- The "Play Start Latency" Preference is now saved with the system, instead of the session
- Importing two videos that are copies of each other will now play
- Fixed an issue where MXF's generated from 3rd parties would display a black video window and no thumbnails
- Existing files are now shown in the Bounce to Disk destination folder on Windows OS's

- Fixed an issue that caused steep pan automation to play back incorrectly on tick-based tracks
- Fixed an issue that caused automation to be recorded incorrectly on VCAs that were controlled by other VCAs
- Fixed a crash that could occur while writing VCA automation in large sessions
- Fixed an issue that could cause switching auto-height automation modes for 7.1.2 and Atmos Object panning to fail to add height to the signal

Workspace and Relinking:
- Tags input predictive search and typing to add Tags to audio files is no longer broken
- Fixed some cases when upon session open, Pro Tools could link to the wrong file audio file based only on its name and path
- Fixed an issue with manual relinking where files with duplicate names but differing metadata could appear identically in the "Select Files to Relink" pane of the Relink dialog
- Improved launch time for Pro Tools when the workspace database file is extremely large

- Fixed an issue where cutting or deleting a MIDI clip in clips or blocks view may leave notes behind
- SysEx events are no longer missing from the MIDI Event List
- Fixed an issue where notes in MIDI clips created using the Separate on Grid command may not copy and paste, duplicate, or repeat correctly when edited
- Using the "=" key on the numeric keypad for shortcuts to open the MIDI Editor, Score Editor, and MIDI Event list no longer fails

Plug-ins and AudioSuite:
- AudioSuite processing of clips no longer unexpectedly changes the clip color and mute status
- Fixed an issue where a "No Audio was Selected" error may occur unexpectedly when clicking in the timeline while previewing AudioSuite changes
- The Gain and Normalize AudioSuite plug-in windows now support plug-in settings presets
- Fixed an issue where the Time Adjuster plug-in did not correctly delay compensate for its offset value

- Fixed an issue where the Quantize to Grid command did not apply on the first execution of the command
- Fixed an issue in sessions with more than 26 groups that could cause groups to lose their color if tracks were deleted
- Low Latency Monitoring no longer fails to work on surround format inputs
- Fixed an issue where exporting to Interplay and setting the Media Destination to Same as Source could export files to the incorrect workspace
- Fixed a crash that was frequently submitted to the crash log server that could occur when closing sessions
- Fixed a crash when expanding matched Field Recorder Channels to new tracks when the Field Recorder Guide Track has a send with Follow Main Pan turned on
- Fixed a crash that could occur when auditioning a playlist in playlist view if it contained a multi-channel clip made up of combined mono clips of different lengths
- Fixed a crash that could occur after importing multiple clip groups
- Silent installation of Pro Tools on macOS no longer fails to generate all directories and files needed

Pro Tools 12.8.2

- This latest release includes major improvements and new functionality across the Pro Tools family. One of the biggest changes across the lineup—MIDI. Today’s music producers and composers have an expectation of how their tools should enable and inspire creativity, and so the Pro Tools team has listened and implemented much of their feedback in this update of Pro Tools
- With the latest release, we’re bringing a ton of MIDI enhancements such as MIDI Input Display, Pencil Tool enhancements, Record Progress Indication, and much more. All of these new features are going to help drive your creative process, speed up your workflow, and bring your ideas to life faster than ever before
- While improvements are being made on the MIDI front, we’re also bringing VR workflows to Pro Tools | HD. For the first time, you can now work with 1st, 2nd and 3rd order Ambisonics to create an immersive soundtrack for your virtual reality contentーand we’ve teamed up with Facebook to make it easier than ever to get started. With Pro Tools | HD 12.8.2, we’re including the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation!
- We’re also bringing major improvements to Pro Tools | First, our free version of the platform. Users are going to benefit from some major improvements that are hitting the entire lineup of Pro Tools, but just for Pro Tools | First users, you can now open a Pro Tools session as a project using Pro Tools | First. What does this mean exactly? If you have friends or colleagues who use Pro Tools, you can now take their sessions created using Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD and convert them to a project format in Pro Tools | First. All you need to do is open the session and use the Convert to Project dialog that pops up to save the file as a project in your cloud space—and then you can get to work
- But that’s not all that’s coming to Pro Tools 12.8.2. Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD will be receiving Batch Rename and Scroll to Track capabilities. For tips and tricks on the new features in Pro Tools, click here. Or for tips and tricks for the new Pro Tools | HD features, including new Dolby Atmos enhancements

Pro Tools 12.8.1


Support for Third Party Time Compression/Expansion Plug-ins:
- Zplane is now available as a possible TC/E option. If the plug-in is installed, it should be featured in the TC/E drop-down menu within the PT prefs.
- Destructive Punch Performance Enhancements for NEXIS Workspaces:
- Destructive Punch preparation and recording processes have been further optimized for increased performance on NEXIS workspaces


Dolby Atmos Features:
- Do to all, Do to all selected, and cascade assignments of Object Outputs no longer assigns mono object paths to stereo tracks' object output selector
- Auto-height modes on Stereo panners routed to 7.0.2, 7.1.2, or Object busses no longer fail to apply to both channels when linking is enabled
- ADM files with 31 or fewer total channels no longer fail to recommend using Import Session Data when dragged and dropped to the Edit Window
- Fixed an issue with cascade or do-to-all assignment of Object Mappings in the I/O Setup window that caused the cascade or do-to-all to fail if starting from an already mapped object
- Import Session Data Track Data to Import settings are no longer reset unexpectedly after using Import Session Data to import an ADM file
- Fixed grouping behavior when panning multiple tracks with an Auto-Height mode enabled in the Panner
- Snapping a the pan puck to the rear right speaker on the right channel of a stereo surround panner no longer fails

- Fixed an issue that prevented making multiple output assignments to all tracks or the set of selected tracks by using Shift+Control+Option or Control+Option (Mac) or Shift+Win+Alt or Win+Alt (Win)
- Changing layouts or any other surface data that is stored in the Pro Tools session file from an S6 or EuControl surface now triggers the Save command to appear
- Fixed an issue with Commit that prevented source tracks from being deleted when using the "Delete" option
- Fixed an issue that prevented the "/" key on the numeric keypad from working while the Task Manager window is open
- Fixed a case of graphical slowdown that occurred after activating or deactivating tracks, or entering the I/O setup window in a large session
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Default Format and Path Order from being saved when closing I/O setup window
- Counters in the Edit Window no longer stutter during playback while "Analyzing Audio" tasks are running in Task Manager

Delay Compensation:
- Fixed a delay compensation issue affecting any offline rendering process of Virtual Instruments triggered by separate MIDI tracks
- Fixed an issue that could cause Committed Aux Input tracks to place audio late on the destination track depending on the latency of plug-ins on the source
- Online track bounce is late when delay compensation is used in console mixing workflows
- Fixed an issue with Commit and Freeze that would place resulting audio out of time if any other track in the session had a negative sample offset applied in the Delay Compensation section

- Fixed an issue that prevented fades from being shortened with the "f" key or fades dialog
- Using the f key to invoke the Batch Fades command no longer fails to recall the last used Batch Fades settings
- Fixed an issue that prevented creation of clip groups that contained clips with fades while recording
- The object grabber no longer fails to select MIDI clips
- It is no longer impossible to spot a right fade boundary while using the "Requires Command Key" setting for the Smart Tool Fade Adjustment preference
- Fixed an issue that caused AAWS Editor Tools conforming software to stop working with Pro Tools

- Fixed an issue that could remove values from the Favorite and Rating field of audio files when updating the workspace index
- Fixed an issue that could cause Soundbase attributes such as "Loop" to be removed from WAV headers after performing elastic analysis
- Fixed an issue that could prevent tags in Soundbase from being written to a file

Import Session Data:
- Fixed an issue that caused Import Session Data dialog to be very slow when importing data from a session with a very high track count
- Fixed an issue with manually matching tracks in Import Session Data after dragging dropping a session file to invoke Import Session Data

Keep Window on Top:
- Using the "Keep Window On Top" setting for the MIDI Editor Window no longer prevents Commands Focus mode from working in the Edit Window
- Using the "Keep Window On Top" setting for the MIDI Editor Window no longer prevents closing the window using Command+W (Mac) / Control+W (Win)

- Toggling groups using the groups keyboard focus letter no longer fails to enable and disable active group track and clip color
- Fixed a graphical issue that could cause group active state to be misrepresented in the Mix window
- Using Shift+I or Shift+S to enable or disable Input Monitor or Solo on tracks containing the Edit Insertion no longer unexpectedly triggers Mix Group behaviors
- Fixed an issue with VCA tracks where the group color would not appear in the Mix window after assigning the VCA to any group

- Fixed in an issue with EQ III where pressing Command(Mac)/Control(Win) to enter fine adjustment mode failed while in listen mode (Shift+Control(Mac)/Shift+Win(Win))
- Fixed an issue with Vari-Fi where creating speed-up effects produced audible artifacts at the end of clips following AudioSuite processing

- Fixed an issue that caused HEAT to add a DC Offset to signals
- HEAT processing on a track by track basis is now responsive to the Dynamic Plug-in Processing algorithm
- Fixed an issue that prevented HEAT from being bypassed after switching between Pre and Post
- Import Session Data no longer fails to correctly import the HEAT master on/off state
- Configuration of HEAT controls on the C|24 has been updated to match documentation

Crashes and Errors:
- Fixed an issue that could occur when many large sessions are running in a Satellite network that caused very long SWODs when stopping playback
- Fixed a crash that could occur switching a send index to mini-fader view after hiding sends in the mix window
- Fixed a case where using "Recalculate Waveform Overview" could cause a crash if a Clip Group was selected
- Fixed an issue that could cause Commit to hang Pro Tools in some sessions
- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a session stored on a NEXIS volume while the "collecting subfolders" task runs in Task Manager
- Making record armed tracks inactive no longer triggers a -7106 error on HDX systems
- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the Workspace window
- Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the Default MIDI Thru preference or opening a session that had a different setting for this preference stored in it
- Fixed a problem that caused sessions saved with one or more tracks showing Object Toggle automation in the Edit Window to crash when opened in previous versions of Pro Tools
- Fixed an error with certain sessions that could prevent Import Session Data from working correctly, throwing an assertion error instead of completing the Import command
- Fixed a crash related to getting plug-in types and categories that was found regularly on the submitted crash log server
- Fixed a crash related to drawing the warp grid on Windows that appeared regularly on the submitted crash log server
- Fixed an issue where AudioSuite preview may have continued after de-selecting a clip and could lead to a crash
- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a session while tracks were activating

Pro Tools 12.8

Native Dolby Atmos™ Support - Pro Tools HD Only:
- 7.1.2 and 7.0.2 Track, Plug-in, and Bus Support
- 3D Panner with Height Controls for adjusting signal height manually as well as automatically with shaped pan guides. A New “Theater” view for the pan window provides a dimensional, rotating theater perspective panner.
- Automated Bussing between a track's Object output and Main output
- Import ADM BWAV files generated from Dolby Atmos Printmaster files using Import Session Data to repurpose archived printmaster content. A complete session including object assignments, track names, and pan metadata can be generated from a single supported WAV file.
- Automatically duplicate automation from the Dolby Atmos(tm) Panner Plug-in to Track automation in Pro Tools. Also send track automation from Pro Tools back to the Dolby panner plug-in with simple Edit Menu > Automation commands.

Atmos Renderer Communication and Object panning - connect up to 128 inputs with a total of 118 Objects from Pro Tools directly to a Dolby RMU or to the Dolby Atmos Renderer software:
- New “Atmos” tab in Setup > Peripherals to manage Renderer connections
- Object mapping for busses via I/O Setup - any mono path or stereo pair of mono sub paths can be mapped to Objects found declared on the renderer

Object Fold-down Bus:
- Prepare, repurpose, edit, and rough-mix using all of the Object based workflows in Pro Tools but without needing to be actively connected to a renderer - Object routes are automatically folded down to an output of your choice for monitoring until a render is connected

Enhanced Re-recording Workflows:
- Link and unlink punching of audio and pan automation on recorder systems receiving mastered object audio and metadata
- Input monitoring controls on the recorder toggle between sending source metadata or re-recorded metadata to the renderer to achieve true PEC/DIR film mixing workflows with object audio and metadata

NEXIS and Shared Storage Enhancements:
- Support for much higher Track counts streaming from NEXIS systems
- Improved session load times
- Faster Disk Cache load times
- Added Support for Dual 1 GB connections and 10 GB connection when using Nexis with Pro Tools
- Local Storage of Session Waveform Overview Cache files with quantity preference in Setup > Preferences > Operation allows for substantial speed-up of session open
- Parallel Task Optimizations setting in Setup > Preferences > Processing increases processor threading, network utilization, and file/read write optimizations
- More Details may be found at the NEXIS Compatibility Pages
- Soundbase and Workspace Enhancements:
- Ability to set column metadata values for multiple selected files
- Editable ISRC column
- Loop indicator in Tags popover
- Updated Play and Stop buttons in Waveform column
- Updated Advanced Search button
- Advanced Search and Column criteria usability improvements:
- List is now alphabetized
- When right-clicking on a column the Defaults now appear at top of list
- Hold Command (Mac) or Control (Win) to select multiple column criteria within that list
- Hold Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) and click a column name to hide it
- Hold Shift and click a column name to change the sort priority

Keep Window on Top Preference:
- The MIDI Event List, MIDI Editor, Score Editor, and Workspace/Soundbase windows let you independently set them to remain in the foreground even when clicking on and focusing another window (such as the Edit or Mix windows).

Undownloaded Shared Tracks Appear in the Track List:
- Shared tracks now appear in the Track List and may be downloaded individually
- Turn on and off the automatic pre-downloading of all track data to help control your bandwidth usage in Setup > Preferences > Collaboration or by right clicking on the AUTO mode enabler for the “Download All Shared Tracks” button

Enable and Disable Cloud Backup of Projects:
- Turn on and off backup of projects to the cloud to help manage your storage and focus your shared projects to active collaborations
- Functionality of Sessions and Projects has been more clearly differentiated in the Dashboard, and sessions are once again the default document type

Smart Tool Fade Adjustment Preference:
- Added a preference to Setup > Preferences > Editing > Fades section to determine how the smart tool interacts with fade shapes. The new preference allows the Command key (Mac) or the Control key (Win) to be used as a clutch while hover over a fade to show the real time fade adjustment tool

UNC Path Support:
- Pro Tools now supports working from volumes mounted as UNC Paths, specifically tested for ISIS and NEXIS workspace mounted in such a way

SMPTE ID Support for MXF Files:
- Pro Tools now supports linking to MXF files containing a SMPTE ID
- A new column in the workspace displays the ID, if found

Pro Tools | First Update (Learn More about Pro Tools|First):
- Track Collaboration features available in Pro Tools First - explore the low cost extra cloud plans or collaborate for free on projects started by Pro Tools Software or HD owners
- More Sends and Inserts - maximum of 10
- Track Freeze
- Layered Editing
- Soundbase replaces Workspace
- Restored the Tracks List, removed the Clips List
- Quick Buttons toolbar pop over for easy access to common windows and features
- 500MB Loopmasters sample pack included free

- Fixed an issue where buffer size changes caused unpredictable delay compensation when recording MIDI and bus-recording audio from a virtual instrument at the same time (PT-211119)
- Fixed an issue that prevented correct delay compensation of simultaneous live recording of MIDI and Audio from an external device (PT-216418)
- Fixed an issue where H/W Buffer Size changes did not update the MIDI Thru latency for externally connected MIDI devices until closing and re-opening the session (PT-224781)
- Fixed a set of MIDI selection issues in which a Time Selection within a MIDI clip may have selected notes that were outside the selection or failed to select notes that were within the selection, leading to unwanted notes in edit or event operations, or notes missing from edit or event operations (PT-221809)
- Selected MIDI notes in the MIDI Editor Window or Edit Window timeline no longer fail to nudge when using the "+" and "-" keys on the numeric keypad (PT-209228)
- Fixed a set of MIDI selection issues caused by having a Bar|Beat Main Counter and a non-Bar|Beat Grid (PT-227654)
- Fixed a case where the Separate Clip command on selections of MIDI clips may erase midi notes that were on grid at certain tempos (PT-223988)
- Selections of custom .midnam files in the Path List dialog for a given MIDI or Instrument track no longer fail to restore with a saved session (PT-210412)
- Pressing Tab with Tab to Transient turned on no longer moves the insertion to the next MIDI CC event while in Clips view (PT-228450)
- Fixed an issue where grid lines could be drawn in the wrong place when zoomed in to the sample level in the MIDI Editor (PT-227403)
- Fixed a permanent hang that could occur selecting MIDI clips in very large sessions (PT-221428)
- Fixed an issue in the Score Editor that prevented the right click menu from appearing (PT-227387)

- Fixed an error that prevented the Showfile name from appearing in the Dashboard when creating a session with VENUELink active (PT-213288)
- Fixed an error that prevented "Create Session From VENUE" from working when VENUE Link was enabled while the VENUE 5.x system inputs were set to Virtual Soundcheck MADI (PT-224719)

- Fixed a cause of randomly dropped or muted audio channels of surround stems in large sessions (PT-214440)
- Plug-in Automation is no longer compensated differently than other automation on Instrument Tracks, Aux Inputs, or Audio Tracks that are record enabled (PT-212601)
- Fixed a graphical issue when using Continuous or Center Playhead scrolling modes that caused the edit window to jump to the beginning of the session when pressing stop during FF or REW (PT-223093)
- Pro Tools in Local Mode no longer fails to locate properly when receiving a "Locate/Go To" command while in play (PT-226806)
- Fixed an issue that would require users to repeatedly re-authorize the macOS firewall exception for Pro Tools on every launch (PT-220154)
- Fixed a graphical issue in Page Scrolling mode that causes the mode to fail after quickly pressing stop and then tab and then play (PT-224730)
- Fixed a graphical issue that cased Page Scrolling to stop after zooming in during play (PT-225684)
- Fixed an issue that caused audio to pass through the AFL/PFL path unexpectedly during pre and post roll, causing signal to sound doubled (PT-209770)
- When Pro Tools was last set to a different sample rate than the default Core Audio setting, quitting Pro Tools no longer causes an audible glitch on multiple HDX card systems (PT-224775)
- There is no longer a character limit for the name of a Memory Location (PT-222371)
- When opening the Rename dialog, the default selection no longer includes text after the first ".", restoring behavior similar to that of Finder when renaming a file with an extension (PT-214951)
- Fixed a session compatibility issue that could cause the order of memory locations to change when opening older sessions in Pro Tools 12 (PT-217409)
- Fixed an issue that could cause Stereo tracks to playback in mono if a cip was created by dragging together two mono clips (PT-224184)
- Using the Find Clips command no longer slows down Pro Tools ui while filtering the clips list (PT-225807)
- Fixed an issue that caused Min:Sec value in the main counter to change to 0.00 when the counter is selected and Hide Ticks & Milliseconds is enabled (PT-222070)
- Fixed an issue using the main counter to locate to a bar|beat value where ticks were not overwritten to 000 if the Big Counter is hidden and Hide Ticks & Milliseconds is enabled (PT-221716, PT-216803)
- Fixed a graphical issue in the counters that prevented the Sub Counter from updating if some part of the field was selected and the counter type was changed (PT-226531)
- Fixed an issue where Mix only and Edit only groups appear inactive after creation when viewed in their "opposite" window (PT-228454)
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Default Format and Path Order settings from being saved (PT-211137)
- Fixed an issue preventing backward cycling in the New Tracks dialog accessed from a path selector (PT-227651)

- Holding shift while using the trim tool no longer fails to affect all selected clips (PT-225643)
- Fixed an issue where warp marker edits on underlapping clips could clear the overlapping clip unexpectedly (PT-220927)
- Fixed an issue that caused "Cut" and "Cut Special > All Automation" to perform very slowly (PT-221292)
- Fixed some cases where fade preservation was still occurring when editing with "Preserve Fades When Editing" disabled (PT-221429)
- Fixed a case where "Preserve Fades When Editing" failed to preserve fades for edits made with the Object Grabber tool (PT-222323)
- Fixed selection errors that could occur when using the Hide Ticks and Milliseconds preference (PT-222887)
- Duplication of tracks with Alt Playlists with a mix of names no longer bases all of the playlists in the new track off of the original Active Playlist (PT-228804)
- Fixed an assertion error that could occur when moving a clip with automation from a tick-based Audio Track to a sample-based Audio Track (PT-220137)
- Fixed an error preventing clip gain changes on mono clips from playing back correctly after those clips were combined into a multi-channel clip on a track of greater width (PT-225417)
- When 200 or more clips are object selected, the yellow outline indicating the affected events fails to appear while using the Object Grabber (PT-219795)
- Fixed a case where new tracks would fail to be created when Importing Audio in Spot mode while a Clip Search was active (PT-215097)
- Fixed an error in Commit that failed to remove the created file when undoing the Commit operation (PT-215663)
- Fixed an error in Commit that could cause incorrect names from source tracks to be applied when committing an Aux track (PT-224763)
- Timestamp values for committed clips are no longer incorrect when Session Start Time is not 00:00:00;00 (PT-209146)
- Edit Selections across track groups that are not involved in a trim clip command are no longer lost following the trim operation (PT-224405)
- Fixed an error that caused Copy and Move to New Playlist commands to fail if less than an entire clip was selected (PT-224698)
- Extra mouse clicks are no longer required to make multi-selections of clip groups on different tracks (PT-223246)
- Fixed a case with Layered Editing enabled that caused an underlapping clip to re-appear unexpectedly after trim operations on overlapped clips (PT-225891)
- Fixed an issue where fades of different lengths on individual clips that were combined into a single clip on a multi-channel track failed to fade correctly (PT-225369)
- Fixed an issue where clip groups would not retain their original color when overlapping another clip group (PT-215584)
- Fixed an issue that caused clips to be placed on the timeline with an unexpected offset when dragging from the workspace while Conform to Session Tempo is enabled and the Song Start Marker is not at the first sample of the session (PT-218065)
- Fixed an issue where fades of different lengths on individual clips that were combined into a single clip on a multi-channel track failed to fade correctly (PT-225369)
- Fixed a case where a clip could be unexpectedly sent to a new playlist when an abutted clip was nudged back and forth (PT-223972)
- The blue visual indication the destination playlist of an overlapped clip no longer fails to appear when trimming one clip to overlap another (PT-222827)
- The blue visual indicating the destination playlist of an overlapped clip no longer incorrectly appears in the playlist gutter when overlapping a stereo clip (PT-225692)
- A "Basic_string" error no longer occurs when using the mouse to drag up and down the Bars|Beats value in the Big Counter window while Hide Ticks and Milliseconds is enabled (PT-226069)
- Nudging underlying MIDI clips on a Frozen track is no longer possible with the Ctrl +/- key command (PT-225275)
- Fixed a graphical issue with waveforms in underlapping clips when slipping the overlapping clip above it (PT-211060)
- Fixed a graphical error that caused window title bars on Windows to flicker while adjusting volume or pan in the Edit Window (PT-226666)

- Fixed a large subset of cases where the video engine would encounter an unrecoverable error when opening a session or importing a video. (UME-1273)
- Fixed an issue where video would freeze and stutter 7-10 minutes into playback when using Avid Mojo DX and playing video files longer than 20 minutes (UME-1335)
- The Avid Video Engine now uses less memory while running in Pro Tools (UME-1243, PT-224336)
- Fixed a conflict between AVE and Disk Cache that prevented larger disk cache settings from being used on macOS Sierra (PT-227230)
- Fixed a cause of unexpected codec errors and video engine timeouts on Windows operating systems (UME-1339)
- Fixed an issue that prevented right clicking on the video window (UME-1351)
- Fixed an issue that could cause memory usage to be reported inaccurately in the System Usage window (PT-223161)

Control Surfaces:
- Fixed an issue affecting all EUCON control surfaces that caused Option/Alt + touching a knob or fader to set send value to -Inf instead of 0dBFS while the "Sends Default to -Inf" preference is enabled (PT-217113)
- Fixed an issue preventing the "Restore Previously Shown Tracks" command from working on Artist Transport (PT-229014)
- S6: Fixed in issue in Pro Tools preventing the Shelf in/out state on the Sel switch on Frequency knob from updating (PT-224711)
- All EuControl surfaces: Pressing the knob top on a send to view or change the current assignment no longer defaults the send level (PT-229375)
- Fixed an issue that prevented disabling Eucon in the Peripherals dialog (PT-225192)

Import Session Data:
- Fixed an error in Import Session Data that caused Send Output Assignments to fail to import unless Volume Automation is also checked (PT-226705)
- Fixed an error in Import Session Data that caused an assertion when importing a Frozen track with the Consolidate From Source Media option selected (PT-224735)
- Fixed an error in Import Session Data that caused an assertion when importing over a Frozen track using the Match Tracks option (PT-219845)
- Fixed an issue with Import Session Data that caused the Main Counter selection to change when importing tracks (PT-213370)

- Fixed an issue that caused AAFs created by Pro Tools on Windows from displaying an "illegal characters" error when opened on Pro Tools on macOS when no illegal characters were used (PT-221932)
- Fixed an issue that caused OMF relinking to fail for audio files were in folders other than the session Audio Files folder (PT-202637)
- Fixed an issue in Import Session Data of OMF files created by 3rd party applications that could cause the import to fail (PT-223480)
- Fixed an issue in Import Session Data for Embedded AAFs that could prevent importing of only a single track (PT-227143)
- Fixed an issue in Import Session Data for AAFs containing mixed sample rate media when that could prevent import into a 48kHZ session (PT-227458)

Soundbase and Workspace and File Management:
- Fixed an assertion in Workspace when auditioning a multi-mono Field Recorder file (PT-223684)
- Fixed a slow down to Pro Tools caused by sorting the Clip List by "File Modification Date" (PT-214664)
- Fixed a case where Select and then Clear Unused caused some clips to stop appearing in the Clips List even though they weren't selected or removed from the session (PT-214081)
- Fixed an issue that could prevent auditioning audio in the workspace after dragging audio into the Edit Window (PT-228822)
- Fixed an issue in Workspace that caused Original Time Stamp value and Sound Roll TC values to change depending on the sample rate of the open session (PT-223124)
- Fixed an issue in Workspace that allowed overwriting an existing file without warning by using its exact name when renaming another file (PT-223821)
- Fixed an assertion error when closing Pro Tools if an Advanced Search was open while closing Pro Tools (PT-224240)
- Double clicking a file in Workspace no longer duplicates it (PT-226115)
- Fixed an issue with "Audio Files Conform to Session Tempo" setting that prevented recalling the setting as expected (PT-227806)
- Stereo WAV files with an iXML chunk without Tempo Definition no longer import as Mono when dragged and dropped from Workspace (PT-227372)
- Fixed a case where Key and Time signature metadata may only be stored in the database and not written to files when expected (PT-223944)
- Advanced Search is no longer disabled unexpectedly on the next launch of Pro Tools (PT-224581)
- Fixed an issue in Workspace that caused the Time Signature to change from any non 4|4 value after clearing the database file (PT-226651)
- Fixed an issue in Soundbase that caused Tag popularity to be sorted from the entire library, not from the popularity in the currently selected directory (PT-226220)
- Opening the Tags popover no longer causes the file to appear unselected (PT-224801)
- Fixed an issue in Workspace that returned incorrect search results for "None" in Key Signature and Time Signature field (PT-224577)
- Fixed an issue in Workspace where a Copy and Relink command could cause certain menu items to be greyed out when right clicking a file (PT-227012)
- Fixed a graphical error that could occur when dragging a clip from the workspace browser when automation lanes are visible in the Edit Window (PT-224693)
- Entering search criteria in Soundbase no longer fails to close the Tags popover, if open (PT-225887)
- Several Keys that were represented as sharp keys are now represented as flat keys instead, according to standard (PT-218215)

Clip Effects, Elastic Audio, Plug-Ins:
- Fixed an issue affecting clips on multichannel audio tracks with Elastic Audio and Clip Effects applied, where processing could be incorrectly switched to multi-mono when removing Elastic Audio (PT-226155)
- Fixed an issue that prevented Elastic Audio from being used in Rendered Mode after using AudioSuite in Overwrite Files with Entire Selection mode on a multichannel track (PT-224215)
- Fixed an audio quality issue when using the Time Compressing or Expanding looped clips with active Clip Effects (PT-217623)
- Fixed an issue with Clip Effects where audio could playback momentarily in its unprocessed form when changing parameters during playback. (PT-215573)
- Fixed an issue with Clip Effects that required a "mouse up" to trigger initial processing of a clip. Following the first mouse up, clip effects changes would be heard live during any changes. This initial "mouse up" is no longer required and changes will be heard live (PT-216960)
- Displaying the Clip Effects while uploading clips breaks the Edit window's UI (PT-220220),
- Fixed an issue preventing the BPM display in the Click II Plug-In from displaying tempo values (PT-228096)

- Latest AIR plug-in updates for the set of AIR plug-ins bundled with Pro Tools fix a set of graphical issues on high resolution displays on Windows systems (PT-216881)
- Fixed an issue where users could not insert plug-ins when the User Library is set to a location on a mounted UNC Path for network based storage (PT-211435)
- Fixed an issue in Vari-Fi that caused Speed-Up to fail to process audio as expected (PT-216936)
- Fixed a memory leak that could occur when deactivating and reactivating tracks with Native plug-ins (PT-210890)
- Fixed a UI issue with the automation mode selector showing the wrong state after matching out from Write to Selection with Multi-Mono Plug-ins (

Projects and Cloud Collaboration:
- Tracks with plug-in automation written no longer incorrectly indicate having track changes to upload after moving the cursor on the timeline (PT-221813, PT-228185)
- Tracks shared with a plug-in preset are no longer automatically flagged for upload when the track is downloaded and the preset recalled (PT-215152)
- Track uploads are no longer triggered after downloading parameter value changes of some plug-ins (PT-221818)
- Fixed an issue that caused track volume levels to be shared at the wrong level in some cases (PT-225263)
- Writing automation to a track while uploads are set to Automatic no longer causes ownership to become stuck for the track (PT-227632)
- "Abandon Changes" no longer clears clip effects on clips on the track (PT-219861)
- Fixed an issue that could prevent successful posting of tracks shared using "Shared as Frozen" (PT-227433)
- Fixed an issue with Projects where certain projects failed to download with a "Failed: CopyBundle" of "Failed: Asset upload failed" error (PT-226170)
- Projects containing "corrupted" audio files (files without a Unique ID assigned by being opened in Pro Tools) may appear offline and be irretrievable after clearing local cache and re-downloading the Project (PT-227006)
- Fixed a set of asset errors that could occur when downloading individual revisions after removing the Local Cache (PT-227569)
- Fixed an issue that could prevent immediate download of individual revisions when choosing Restore Revision after removing the local cache (PT-225345, PT-224658)
- Fixed an issue in the Revision Notes field that prevented selection viea key commands or mouse drag from scrolling the notes window (PT-207128)
- Fixed a graphical issue causing Japanese text and accent marks to appear incorrectly in the Project Notes field for Project Revision History (PT-223851)
- Fixed an issue that would cause user cloud storage tooltips to appear in the dashboard after signing out (PT-227345)

Crashes and Errors:
- Fixed an issue that could prevent some sessions from opening, requiring Import Session Data instead, with an assertion error (PT-226898, PT-224665)
- Fixed a crash that could occur revealing files in Workspace (PT-223260)
- Fixed an indefinite hang that could occur when making grabber selections in large sessions (PT-227082)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging the Song Start marker to the beginning of the timeline (PT-208456)
- Fixed a crash that could occur every second Bounce to Disk operation in some sessions using Elastic Audio (PT-223711)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when using "Trim Clip to Selection" if a mono file was placed onto a stereo track (PT-223249)
- Fixed a crash that occurred pasting Clip Gain after trimming a clip (PT-215307)
- Fixed a crash that could occur trying to open old versions in a Project's Revision History (PT-226841)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trashing I/O settings (PT-226370)
- Fixed an indefinite hang that could occur removing clips from the timeline during record (PT-225725)
- Fixed a crash auditioning audio in workspace while opening a modal dialog over the workspace (PT-229291, PT-226767)
- Fixed a crash that could occur on quit after using certain third party virtual instrument plug-ins (PT-220462, PT-222422, PT-216945)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing all workspace windows (PT-225682)
- Fixed a crash that would occur when double clicking the empty space at the bottom of the edit window when the maximum number of Audio tracks had already been created (PT-212431)
- Fixed a crash that could occur trimming a tick based audio clip by trimming the left edge of a cross fade or fade out (PT-222790)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when overlapping a clip by TCE'ing another clip entirely over with with the "Send Overlapped Clips..." preference enabled (PT-225630)
- Fixed a crash that could occur by using certain keyboard shortcuts while Pro Tools was launching (PT-222450)
- Fixed a crash that could occur looping a timeline selection that contained a clip where not all channels of the clip were the same length and the clip contained a fade (PT-225715)
- Fixed an Access Violation error that occurred undoing a Timebase change on a track created by a Commit operation (PT-219833)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when closing Pro Tools while certain sessions were open (PT-215778)
- [Win] PT First freezes after changing sample rate in playback engine 44.1k to 48k and 88.2k to 96kHz (FOCR-6)
- Fixed an error 6117 that could occur when using a Focusrite audio interface (FOCR-20)
- Clarified an error message when using 3rd party audio interfaces that could recommend using buffer sizes that are not available (PT-228826)

Pro Tools 12.5.2
- Fixed an issue affecting HDX systems that would intermittently cause audio to play and record with a robotic or ring modulated distortion
- Shuffling DSP no longer fails to restore audio when signal from a bus or output is lost - to shuffle DSP hold Shift+Option+Command on Mac or Shift+Ctrl+Alt on Windows and click on a DSP plasma meter in the System Usage window

- MIDI and Instrument tracks no longer fail to arm when included in a do to all or do to selected command using the “option” modifier
- Fixed a case where punching in and out and then banking an S6 control surface would crash Pro Tools
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash after switching focus to another EUCON-ized application

Pro Tools 12.5.1
Pro Tools | Dock Support:
- The EUCON AppSet for Pro Tools | Dock is installed automatically with Pro Tools 12.5.1. This AppSet is required for proper Dock button functionality. Refer to the “Optimizing EuControl After a Pro Tools Update” section of the Pro Tools | Dock guide or visit Pro Tools | Dock Support for setup instructions. Learn more about Pro Tools | Dock here.

Artist Chat:
- Double-clicking on a Project in the projects list will open the Project in Pro Tools

Thanks to Avid’s Pro Audio Community:
- Many thanks to the users who notified us and provided reproducible cases of bugs, helping us provide the following fixes:
- Fixed an unexpected volume change that intermittently occurred when using non-HDX playback engines and starting playback from directly on top of a mute automation event
- Fixed a crash that occurred when a Commit command was cleared from the undo queue
- Write to All enabled no longer fails to work when using the numeric keypad shortcut on non-English keyboard layouts

- The scrub playhead is no longer out of sync with audio when using delay compensation and high system delay
- The "Restore Previously Shown Tracks" command no longer fails
- All channels of automation for unlinked multi-mono plug-ins on Aux or Master Faders can now be copied and pasted successfully
- Fade in, Crossfade, and Fade out no longer fail to follow the edit preferences when using command focus keyboard shortcuts on edit selection
- Automation breakpoints no longer snap to the center of a fade while dragging fades around clips
- Fixed an error that would occur trying to modify the Start, End, and Length fields in Insert Time and Cut Time event operation windows by clicking and dragging the mouse or typing a value
- TCE Trim of clips on an Instrument Track no longer deletes underlying automation
- Yellow rectangle outline of clip groups is no longer drawn incorrectly
- Yellow rectangle outline of clip is no longer drawn incorrectly when editing in Shuffle mode
- Sync points in MIDI clips are no longer displayed incorrectly during clip drag
- Clip boundaries of video clips selected and dragged with the object grabber are no longer drawn improperly
- MIDI clip outlines and note data no longer distort unexpectedly while being dragged across tempo changes and between tracks of different time-base

- The Auto Backups preference no longer resets to 2 after creating a Project
- Fixed a launch slow down that would occur when opening Pro Tools on a system connected to a closed network with no internet connection
- Click II plug-in no longer causes UI freezes when open
- Pressing "=" while “Hide Ticks & Milliseconds” is enabled in the Big Counter no longer causes the edit selection to jump to the beginning of the timeline
- Disabling the "Audio Track Record Lock" preference no longer fails to take tracks out of record enable when stopping a record pass
- Folders created by the installed Avid Codecs are no longer left behind when uninstalling Pro Tools on Windows
- Fixed a case where MIDI Channel assignment is lost after import session data to existing Instrument Tracks
- A bug in Pro Tools was fixed that caused V-Mon AAX DSP instances to be allocated to multiple DSP chips
- Fixed the placement of localized text in the Bounce to Quicktime dialog
- The Audio I/O Firmware page of Avid DigiTest now warns against power cycling audio hardware while a firmware update is in process. Please, always allow a firmware update to complete even if it seems to be taking longer than expected.

Crashes and Errors (Please continue submitting crash reports!):
- Fixed a crash caused by creating a track while recording
- Pro Tools no longer crashes when searching the workspace for certain non-English characters
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash after importing session data and coalescing VCA automation
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when using the Polyphonic Elastic Audio plug-in
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash during offline Bounce, Freeze, or Commit, when using certain plug-ins
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when undoing an Expand to new tracks operation on a Field Recorder Guide Track
- Pro Tools no longer hangs when using memory locations to Show/Hide tracks in large sessions
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash when importing frozen Instrument tracks
- Fixed a crash caused by using "Thin All" command on an edit selection containing automation on a VCA Master and a MIDI track
- Fixed a crash that could occur while attempting to commit by drag and drop from a MIDI to an Audio Track while Clip Transparency is enabled
- Fixed a crash during real-time bounce caused by a high volume of MIDI data being input to Pro Tools during the bounce pass
- Fixed a case where removing a Key Signature symbol could crash Pro Tools
- Fixed a crash caused by using "Do To All" and removing a key signature marker
- Fixed a crash that could occur while using the Cut Time event operation
- Fixed a crash when revealing the workspace for a selection in the clip list containing both audio and MIDI clips
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash after renaming a track or bus during playback
- Fixed a case where the New Tracks dialog becomes unresponsive causing Pro Tools to hang
- Fixed a case where opening sessions from the dashboard could crash Pro Tools
- Fixed a case where saving fade settings in the Fades window caused Pro Tools to hang
- Fixed a case that prevented sessions from opening if they linked to multiple video files that had timecode rates different than the session setting
- Fixed a case where creating overlapping output paths could cause Pro Tools to hang indefinitely
- Quickly changing Fade Presets no longer intermittently crashes Pro Tools

Control Surfaces:
- EUCON layout assignments are no longer lost when saving sessions in Pro Tools 12.5
- Fixed a case where writing automation in an extremely large session could crash the S6 MTMApp and lock up the S6 surface

Cloud Collaboration Bug Fixes:
- Track/Project Data Changes and Ownership
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash after taking track changes to a shared track that included changing a track from non-elastic to elastic enabled
- Global upload and download buttons no longer illuminate incorrectly when there is a new shared track available to download
- Making adjustments to adjustments to plug-in graphs such as EQ curves directly in the graph now register as track changes
- Changes to Waves plug-ins are now registered as track changes
- Deleting automation on a frozen Aux or Instrument track, or on a Master Fader, is now registered as a track change
- Deleting a playlist is now registered as a track change
- Muting a MIDI or Instrument Track from the MIDI Editor is now registered as a track change
- Key input changes are now registered as track changes
- Playing back previously written automation on shared Aux, Instrument, or Master tracks no longer flags the track as changed
- The missing plug-in dialog no longer appears every time change are received on a track with a missing plug-in. The warning only occurs when first receiving the change containing the missing plug-in
- "Custom Allocation Options" in Disk Allocation for tracks are no longer transmitted to other users' systems, preventing missing media
- Fixed several cases where track changes were ignored when using Automatic Upload mode
- Using "Do To All" to unmute tracks will only cause tracks that changed state to be flagged for upload
- Using Shared as Frozen no longer sets recipient systems to share as frozen if they make and upload changes
- Entries in the Metadata Inspector window are now shared in Projects
- Undoing "Rename Clip" command no longer fails to clear the upload button on a shared track
- Fixed multiple cases that could cause the global download button to fail
- Fixed a case where removing a clip from the clip list could cause the global upload button to fail
- Solo Safe is no longer cleared on a track when abandoning track changes
- Ownership no longer gets stuck after download the version of a track on the server to resolve a conflict
- Ownership requests no longer fail to appear on ruler tracks
- Tracks that are receiving input from multi-output plug-ins are no longer received with the input path deactivated
- Receiving newly shared tracks no longer modifies track selection while auto downloading newly shared tracks is enabled

Project Synchronization:
- Fixed a case where cloud storage was not reclaimed immediately after deleting a Project
- Fixed a case where a project that failed to upload on its first synchronization with the cloud, could not be downloaded again even after a subsequent successful upload
- Fixed a case where personal cloud storage indication differed between the dashboard and the storage meter in the collaboration tools cluster within a Project
- Downloads no longer fail to complete after a separate upload fails because the file exceeds available cloud storage
- The save dialog properly indicates if there are tracks with changes not downloaded when closing a project
- Media no longer fails to download after removing a volume that had been used in a Project's Disk Allocation
- Fixed a case where two users collaborating simultaneously on the same shared track could get out of sync without entering a conflict state
- Clarified all dialogs about unfinished transfers or pending changes when closing a project
- Project Synchronization transfers no longer fail to populate Task Manager if a preceding transfer of shared track data failed
- The Task Manager progress bar for Project Synchronization tasks is now more responsive
- Fixed cases where the same project could be open to the same user on multiple systems
- Using "Remove Local Cache" for a project in the Projects tab of the dashboard no longer fails to remove the project from the Recent tab
- “Save Copy In…” and Import Session Data between Sessions and Projects
- Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a session created from a Project by using “Save Copy In…”
- Memory locations no longer fail to share when imported from sessions
- Fixed a case where some memory locations were not copied from a session to a project when using "Save Copy In.."
- Fixed a case where "Save Copy In…" may not copy all audio files when saving a session as a project
- Fixed a case where collaboration track tools were greyed out after saving a copy of a project as a new project
- The global collaboration tools cluster is now shown by default in the edit window when creating a Project from an earlier template
- Removed a misleading menu option for "Save Copy In…" that allowed an attempted conversion from a session to a project without an internet connection
- Bounced Files folder is now properly located in the session folder hierarchy when bouncing in a session that was created by Save Copy In from a Project
- The Task Manager progress bar for a project upload triggered by saving a copy of a session as a project is now more responsive
- The Edit Window is no longer hidden by default when saving a copy of a session as a Project

- Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when signing in and out and back in
- It is no longer necessary to sign in and out to see a change in Project quota in the Dashboard after changing Project Subscription plans
- Fixed a case where tracks that are hidden by showing only tracks with an ownership request stay hidden after restoring previously shown tracks
- Corrected the size of the context menu click zone for Projects in the Dashboard
- Fixed the dimensions of the password recovery window when loaded from within the Sign On screen in
- The accept icon in a dashboard project invitation no longer appears awry

Offline mode and Network Loss:
- Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when saving a change to a Project while offline
- Fixed cases where a user may not stay signed in to their account while disconnected from the internet
- New uploads no longer fail after restoring a lost internet connection
- Ownership no longer gets stuck after restoring a lost internet connection when connection was lost after an ownership request was made
- Fixed a case where track order of incoming tracks could be scrambled after losing and restoring network connection
- The upload light in the global collaboration tools no longer fails to illuminate when making track changes after restoring a lost internet connection
- Ownership buttons on shared tracks no longer fail to update correctly after restoring a lost internet connection
- Fixed an error -20006 that could occur when attempting to open a Project from the Recent tab of the dashboard while offline
- The "Open" button in the dashboard is no longer greyed out for locally cached projects while signed in offline
- Notifications that a project has been deleted by another user no longer fail to be received after restoring a lost internet connection

Artist Chat:
- Artist Chat is updated continuously between Pro Tools releases. Here are just some of the fixes released in Artist Chat since Pro Tools 12.5.0 shipped:
- Fixed a case that caused Projects that were deleted from the Dashboard to remain in Artist Chat
- Messages sent and received between users in different regions of the world no longer require reloading Artist Chat to successfully be delivered
- Fixed an issue that caused chat history to disappear
- All icons now have Retina versions
- The pop up menu to remove a contact no longer appears truncated
- The context menu click zone for user names in the chat participants list are now easier to click on retina displays
- The New Chat menu no longer appears awkwardly at the top of the window away from the click zone
- Added additional translations of text strings
- Correct Japanese fonts are now used in the Artist Chat window on all OS platforms

Pro Tools 12.5
Cloud Collaboration & Project Synchronization:
- Avid Master Account connectivity in Pro Tools -- Sign on with your existing account details and access cloud features directly in Pro Tools
- Projects -- A new cloud-based document type. Synchronized to the cloud and cached locally, your work is directly accessible anywhere you can use the internet. Most importantly, Projects can be joined by other users for collaboration. Save Copy In from existing Sessions to Projects, or Import Session Data to Projects to share your existing Pro Tools Session documents.
- Artist Chat -- Search for and add your contacts from the directory of Avid users who have started using collaboration. Communicate and review changes in chat rooms associated with each Project that contain automatically generated collaboration transaction logs detailing specific contributions and changes.

View our Getting Started content:
- Getting Started Videos
- Cloud Collaboration Quick Start
- Cloud Collaboration Track Table Legend
- Track Collaboration tools - new track tools and features in the mix and edit window to facilitate the sharing of tracks and track data with your collaborators:
- Shared and private tracks -- Click the track share button on any Audio, Instrument, Aux, MIDI, or Master track to share it with others for collaborative work.
- Send and receive track changes -- Choose when to post and receive modifications to shared tracks one at a time or for all available changes and optionally set automatic modes to receive or send all changes automatically. Clips and media, plug-ins and plug-in settings, s

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