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LOVO AI is a next generation AI Voiceover & Text to Speech Platform with human-like voices. Creativity at your fingertips! 400,000+ Creators in 41 Countries. Over 20 million voiceovers created. An Amazing DIY AI Voiceover Platform​!

Stop waiting weeks. Stop spending hundreds of dollars.​ Get high quality AI voiceovers in seconds, at a fraction of the cost! No more middle man. No more back and forth for revisions. Just 3 simple steps for the perfect voiceover for any type of content with LOVO Studio for Windows PC.

The superior realness and quality of LOVO's AI voices provide an exceptional experience that is difficult to distinguish from actual human voices. One wouldn't believe that the voices are generated by AI technology. With over 400 voices available in various styles, it boasts the world's largest library of voices, catering to every use case.

LOVO's pricing model is designed to save users thousands of dollars, growing with their needs. The rapid production engine can accelerate workflows by 10x.

With a selection of 100+ global voices in the library, users can create content in 100 different languages, expanding their reach to a wider, global audience.

Genny, the feature-packed software, has an intuitive yet full-featured UI that provides everything users need to create video content from scratch.

Features and Highlights

Unique Voice Collection
400+ voice skins in 100 languages to choose from, each with unique traits to perfectly fit your content. New voices being added monthly!

Authentic Voices
Truly human emotions in every voice created, breathing life into your content.

Custom Voices
Mind blowing voice cloning technology requires just 15 minutes of a target voice to create your customized voice skin.

LOVO Voiceover API
Stop using robotic text to speech. Your customers and users deserve the human experience. Get started in 5 minutes to integrate world class text-to-speech technology to your awesome products.

Enter your script into workspace either by typing, or by uploading a file.

Change tempo, add emphases to words, and play around with pauses to make the voices even livelier and more natural.

Revolutionize Your Content Creation with the Ultimate AI Voice Generator

If you're eager to boost your content production (and let's face it, who isn't?), having top-notch audio content is crucial. However, creating high-quality voice-overs typically demands considerable time and effort. So, how can you effortlessly elevate the quality and quantity of your content?

Allow us to introduce LOVO, the unrivaled AI voice generator and text-to-speech tool available in today's market. With LOVO, you can save countless hours and thousands of dollars while generating remarkably realistic and superior voiceovers. The state-of-the-art technology produces voices so lifelike that distinguishing them from actual human voices becomes nearly impossible.

Creating voiceovers becomes a breeze with user-friendly professional interface, even for those with no prior experience in audio production. LOVO caters perfectly to businesses, content creators, educators, and anyone seeking to craft captivating content that truly stands out. AI voice generator technology is meticulously designed to streamline your content creation process, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering your message to your audience.

With LOVO AI, you gain access to an extensive library encompassing diverse voices, languages, and accents. Rest assured, you'll discover the ideal voice that aligns perfectly with your brand or project. Embark on your LOVO journey today and behold the remarkable power of lifelike AI voices.


What is Genny?
Genny is a feature-rich AI Voiceover & Text to Speech platform that offers an unparalleled voiceover production experience. Powered by realistic AI Voices, Genny's voices can express over 30+ emotions, bringing your content to life. With Genny, you can easily dub your videos, add sound effects, background music, and even create stunning art and photos using AI Art Generator technology. Additionally, Genny features an AI writer to create compelling video scripts.

What is an AI Voice?
An AI voice refers to a computer-generated voice created by an artificial intelligence system. Using complex algorithms and deep learning techniques, AI voices mimic the sound, tone, and inflection of human voices. They are trained on large datasets of recorded human speech to recognize patterns and generate new speech that sounds natural and human-like. AI voices are commonly used in virtual assistants, chatbots, audiobooks, and navigation systems.

What is an AI Voice Generator?
An AI voice generator is AI software that synthesizes computer-generated voices that sound like natural human voices. It uses deep learning and machine learning algorithms to analyze and reconstruct speech components, such as phonemes and intonation patterns, creating human-like voices. AI voice generators can be trained to mimic different accents, languages, and speaking styles. They are used in applications like text-to-speech systems, virtual assistants, and entertainment industry voice-overs. AI voice generators offer high-quality, customizable speech output for various needs, including alternative communication methods.

What is LOVO Studio?
LOVO Studio is an innovative platform that revolutionizes content production through AI Voiceovers, synthetic speech, and custom voice cloning. With over 400 voices capable of expressing 30+ emotions, LOVO Studio empowers creators in various industries, including gaming, film, advertising, streaming services, e-learning, and app development. By simply typing a script, users can generate expressive speech. LOVO Studio is trusted by major enterprises like NBC Universal, Cameo, Frontier Developments, Siemens, Samsung, as well as independent artists and content creators, enabling them to streamline production, reduce licensing costs, and apply natural AI voices to their projects.


Descript: Record, Transcribe, Edit, Mix, as easy as typing!

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  • 14 Day free trial of Pro plan
  • 20 Mins of voice generation
  • 1GB storage
  • 5 audio file downloads
PRO PLAN - $36/mo
  • Premium performance for professionals
  • Get Started
  • 5 Hrs of voice generation
  • 20+ Premium voices
  • 3 voices with 30+ emotions
  • 1080p video export
  • Voices in 100+ languages
  • Commercial rights
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 100GB storage
  • Beta voices
  • Priority queue
  • Producer mode
  • Priority support
  • Lifelike AI voices
  • Cost-cutting and time-saving
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Limited advanced editing features
  • Requires internet connection
  • Learning curve

All in all, LOVO AI is a cutting-edge AI Voice Generator for Content Creation that provides human-like voices, revolutionizing content creation. The platform's intuitive user interface and cost-saving features make it accessible and efficient for both professionals and beginners.

However, some limitations include limited advanced editing features, the need for an internet connection, and a learning curve. Overall, it empowers creators to generate high-quality voiceovers in seconds, enhancing the content creation process and delivering exceptional results.

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