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What's new in this version:

Adobe Animate CC
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Animate CC
Assets Panel:
- Use Assets panel to create cool animation with preloaded assets and customize them

Social share:
- Share your animations on YouTube channel within Animate

Quick publish:
- Publish your animation to video, animated GIF, or HTML5 canvas formats, seamlessly

Timeline and symbol enhancements:
- Customize your timeline tools and explore the new symbol options to make the most out of it

Advanced rigging (Beta):
- Character rigging is made easier with auto and manual mapping

Adobe Animate CC
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Animate CC
Auto keyframe:
- In the latest release, you can insert Keyframe or Blank keyframe automatically. The Auto keyframe option adds Keyframe or Blank Keyframe to the selected frame while editing the stage or the Properties panel. A blue dot appears outside the existing frame range to indicate the frame number for auto-keyframing.

Assets panel:
- The latest version of Animate introduces Assets panel to store, manage, and reuse ready-to-use assets across documents. From the Context Menu in Library panel, you can export any image or symbol as an asset. Once exported, you can import assets into the Assets panel from the Hamburger Menu> Import.

Quick social share:
- The latest update allows you to quickly share your animations on Twitter. To share your content on Twitter, click the Share button> Quick social share>Twitter. Check the preview, type your tweet, and click Share to generate a video via Adobe Media

Hands-on tutorial creator:
- Eager to create your own hands-on tutorial? You can quickly create hands-on tutorial using the new panel from Window> Extensions> Hands-on Tutorial Creator menu. The panel allows you to create a new or edit an existing tutorial.
- Once saved, you can test it out by importing it using Help> Hands-on Tutorial> Import Tutorial...

New user on-boarding panel:
- For new users to get started, Animate allows you to explore hands-on tutorials of your choice. You can hover over the tutorial to watch the preview or skip the panel to explore later.

Adobe Animate CC 20.0.3

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Animate CC

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Animate CC 2020
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Animate CC 2019 19.2.1
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe Animate CC 2018 19.2

- Create performant, secure and beautiful AMP based ads directly with Animate
- Blend modes can now be applied at layer or frame level
- Incrementally save your Animate documents (FLAs and XFLs) with ease and with better performance. Reduce save time for auto-recovery mode and quickly save complicated data
- Work with multiple symbols and pin them in different Frame picker panels
- Export images with the right resolution by honoring original image settings and bypassing the optimization
- Synchronize the nib shapes and sizes for Brush and Eraser tools while sketching
- Enhanced asset warping now enables you to have better control over handles and the warp results
- Optimize your text atlas outputs. Get better control over your texture atlases with optimized output and by generating multiple bitmaps
- Retain the audio effects when you split the audio which is imported

Adobe Animate CC 2018 19.1
Pressure and Tilt support in Eraser tool:
- Pressure and Tilt options are added to Eraser tool to enhance drawing options. You can now erase with same size and precision like the Brush tool, by using the new Pressure and Tilt sensitive eraser nib.

Paint Bucket tool enhancement:
- Paint Bucket tool can now be used in continuous fill mode. The tool does live filling on the regions/contours as you drag over the shapes. You can choose to fill all the regions as you drag or, only have empty regions and specific color regions filled:
- When Fill all regions checkbox is selected - Fill color is applied over all the contours/regions that you drag over.
- When Fill all regions checkbox is unselected - Fill color is applied over empty regions or, wherever the starting color is found.
- This drag fill option allows easier and faster mechanism of coloring into shapes drawn using the brush tool.
- SVG files exported from Animate are now well organized and maintain layer hierarchy. These exported files can be imported in Character Animator for further use.

Typekit rebranding:
- In this release of Animate, you will find references to Adobe Fonts, which is the new name of Typekit. Adobe Fonts is included in Creative Cloud subscriptions. There are no limits on the number of fonts that can be activated at the same time and no limits on the number of monthly pageviews for web fonts.

Adobe Animate CC 2018 19.0
Auto Lip-Sync:

Powered by Adobe Sensei:
- As a character animator using Animate CC, creating lip syncing was always a time consuming effort. Now, you can match mouth poses to sound inflections automatically with Adobe Sensei powered Animate.
- Auto lip-syncing allows easier and faster method of placing appropriate mouth shapes on Timeline, based on the chosen audio layer. You can achieve this using an existing list of mouth poses, drawn within a graphic symbol and label them with corresponding visemes. When you apply auto lip-syncing on a graphic symbol, keyframes are created automatically at different positions matching with the audio visemes, after analyzing the specified audio layer. You can make any further adjustments if you want, by using regular workflows and Frame Picker.

VR authoring and publishing (Beta):
- As a 2D game developer, educationist, or web developer, you can use 2D skill set in Animate and export panorama or 360 virtual reality animations. You can use these virtual reality animations as Facebook feed, use in Microsoft Office products or in any website.
- When you want to import panorama or 360 vector graphics, animate content, and introduce interactivity at runtime, you require specific document types. Animate now introduces VR 360 and VR panorama document types which enable you to create such engaging content with ease. Also, you can use the virtual reality document type to import 3D model content (.glb files) to an Animate project and interact with VR output.
- You can click and move MovieClip instances in the Preview panel. Animate detects the objects automatically when you click and move them around. They move along a cylinder or a sphere path depending on the selected document type.
- Animate also lets you manage the virtual reality animations at runtime by using APIs. For example, you can introduce some objects in a 360 virtual reality environment when a user clicks a button.

Asset sculpting for vector and raster content:
- You can now easily deform complex vector shapes and raster shape using asset warp tool. Create animations without having to redraw assets on each frame.
- Using the warp handles that appear on the objects, you can reshape or distort specific object areas while leaving other areas intact. Users can select multiple objects using selection tool and then select asset warp tool to create warp handles on them. All the selected objects are grouped when you create the first warp handle. This asset warp tool enables you to create frame-by-frame animation and tween animations on complex shapes or bitmap images.

Texture publishing for improved performance:
- As an animator, now you can continue to author content in vector format and export as vector or raster format for HTML 5 platforms.
- Click File > Publish Settings. If Publish entire animation as a texture is enabled in Basictab, Image Settings tab shows Texture Publishing options. By default, all the symbols are included in Texture publishing. To selectively choose symbols for textures, click Change.

Layer parenting and layer effects:

Layer parenting:
- Animate allows you to parent one layer to another. Layer parenting is an easy way to allow one layer/object of your animation to control over the other layer/object. As an animation designer or a game designer, you can speed up your animation time as you can control movements of different parts of a character more easily.
- Now, you can animate between poses easily by organizing assets in parent-child layers. When an object on the parent layer moves, the child layer automatically moves along with it.

Layer effects:
- Add tints and filters to layers, play with in and out fades, depth of field, and so on. You can make all these changes without changing objects on stage.
- You can use frame level filters to apply them for all the objects at a time in a frame. Apply filters directly on the timeline (frames) without having to place the assets or animation inside a Movie clip. Filters can be applied over all types of assets including graphic symbols and shapes, providing more flexibility.

Export to GL Transmission Format (glTF):
- As an animator, now you can export new glTF standard based animations that can run on Facebook feed and Microsoft Office suite. New WebGL-glTF standard and WebGL-glTF Extended document types have been added to the existing list of document types in Animate.
- You can use standard template which allows integration with standard glTF playback packages, supports basic interactivity and standards. The extended version enables you to create advanced animations.
- Improved integration with After Effects:
- As an Animator, you often need to create animations in Animate and import them into After Effects for post processing tasks. Now, Animate streamlines this workflow by providing a plug-in for After Effects.
- You can import Animate FLA files into After Effects to composite them with a video or render them as video with more creative effects. The layer hierarchy of Animate is maintained in After Effects. After Effects can interact with Animate using the plug-in.

New Home screen:
- Now, it is easier for animators to get started quickly with Animate. You can choose the destination for an animation using any of the intents, Animate provides you the preset formats. Choose an intent of from the tabs at the top of the screen such as Character Animation, Social, Game, Education, Ads, Web, and Advanced. Select the appropriate presets for each of the intents and click Create to start creating animations. You can view the recently used files in the left pane. Sample assets are provided at the bottom of the startup screen.
- Click Learn from the left pane to access recommended tutorials to get started with Animate.
- While working with your animations, to create new document you can use File > New. Alternatively, you can use the following shortcuts:
- Windows OS: CTRL +N.
- macOS: CMD + N.

Miscellaneous changes:
- Paint bucket tool You can now use Paint bucket tool to click and drag across the contours of an object to fill them with a chosen color You can click and drag the tool in any direction across the contours Paint bucket tool fills the color wherever dots are captured across the contours
- Quick tween creation You can now create tweens quickly from the stage by selecting the objects Select the objects at stage, right-click, and choose one of the tween animations to create tweens quickly If the objects selected are part of multiple layers, a one-second animation is created in all the
- Support for MS Office pen Now, Microsoft surface users can get the best performance and line quality as the pen is natively supported

New Themes:
- You can now choose any of the four color themes for Animate. To change the theme, select Edit > Preferences. In General tab, click the drop-down list menu adjacent to User Interface and choose the appropriate theme.
- Better looking interface Animate user interface has been updated using the Spectrum framework to make it as sharp and intuitive as with other Creative Cloud products
- Exit frame sync for graphic Symbols You can synchronize graphic symbols with parent timeline while editing the symbols When you enter and leave the graphic symbols, the graphic symbols are synchronized and the frame positions are retained
- Redesigned Timeline Timeline controls has been redesigned for ease of use Some of the controls are moved to the top of the timeline Previously, the controls were placed at the bottom of the timeline
- Brush and eraser tools enhancements Improved drawing experience with Brush for preview and final Brush strokes Pressure and Tilt options and minimum brush size options are added to Brush tool The user interface for smoothing slide is redesigned for ease of use in Eraser tool

Swatches panel enhancement:
- You can expand the swatches panel without affecting its order of colors alignment. When you drag the panel, it increases the size of the swatches as shown below in the second screenshot. If you further drag it, the swatches panel is distributed across multiple columns as shown in the third screenshot below.

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