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Affinity Photo

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What's new in this version:

Affinity Photo
- Change log not available for this version

Affinity Photo
- Fixed Develop Shadows and Highlights rendering slightly different to software (was causing sporadic artefacts on certain hardware)
- Fixed placed PDFs scaling incorrectly

Affinity Photo
New Features:
- Live liquify layers
- Linked layers
- Pattern layers
- Stacking for astrophotography (see tutorials 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)
- Divide blend mode
- Path text added
- Windows hardware (GPU) acceleration (for users running Windows 10 (April 2020 update or later) with a Direct3D feature level 12.0 capable card)
- Studio Presets for the UI layout to save your favourite workspace setups for different tasks, explained here Studio panel combinations (also learn more)
- Create brushes from current pixel selection
- Linked images and Resource Manager
- Use filters on masks
- Edit spare channels as layers
- Added per-layer antialiasing controls in the advanced blending menu
- Added export preview panel (for raster types)
- Support PDF passthrough to ensure perfect representation of original PDF when exporting, without the need to have embedded fonts installed
- Benchmarking option to measure speed of your device
- Content sync of store purchases (requires registration)

Fixes & Improvements:
- Improved “Serif Labs” RAW engine including native CR3 support
- Elliptical marquee automatically creates from centre
- Hierarchical view
- Configurable bleed and margin guide colours
- Import multiple LUTS
- Placed scale for all placed files, which allows scaling to be reset to 100%
- Snap to pixel selection bounds
- Added curves adjustment to the tone mapping persona
- Added JPEG-XR 101010 import support (useful for screen captures from Xbox, etc.)
- Added support for 12bit grayscale TIFF files
- Added “Duplicate spare channel” to right click menu
- Blend modes now work on “alpha only” layers (masks, adjustments, live filters, etc.)
- Gradient map adjustments now support global colours
- Filter effects now work properly with global colours
- The Curves adjustment now has numeric field controls for precise positioning
- Unable to use CMYK/LAB/GREY equations in a Live Procedural Texture
- More filters now work on masks / adjustments / spare channels (Add Noise, Perlin Noise, etc.)
- LUT adjustments can be exported directly from the adjustments panel, and batch imported from files
- Added Canvas Rotation option to Preferences
- Fixed Changing between RGB and CMYK sliders in Colour Chooser panel gives incorrect values
- Fixed Moving a mask from a layer to the live stack group crashes the app
- Unable to open .heic if there is a special character in the file path
- Original file name no longer saved as "Title" in PDF, after renaming the file
- TIFF file handling improvements
- Fixed Tools getting stuck in the hand tool cursor after using spacebar + alt and click to zoom out
- Hue shift slider background should not move with the slider
- Creating or adding pixel selections from other layers to a selection also selects the respective layers
- Various stability improvements
- Help and Localisation improvements

Affinity Photo
Fixes & Improvements:
- Fixed many tablet input problems (by reverting the default input method to be Low Precision mode, the same as in 1.8.3)
- Added tablet input preference (in Tools section) to opt-in to High Precision mode, or Windows Ink mode
- (NOTE: previous command line options --legacy-wintab and --disable-wintab are now ignored)
- Fixed cursor disappearing following keyboard shortcuts that display dialogs, while using a brush tool
- Fixed raster Crop Tool units multiplying incorrectly on the context toolbar

Affinity Photo
Fixes & Improvements:
- Fixed import of PSD files with extended blend modes
- Fixed crash when making some selections
- Changed mask thumbnails to use black, not transparent
- Fixed OCIO transform being removed when the window is moved or minimised
- Fixed Character Panel's Decorations colour box displaying in RGB
- Fixed Layer Effects Gradient Overlay sliders not working correctly
- Fixed flickering brush preview with tablet input
- Fixed spurious lines being drawn with tablet input
- Fixed Alt+Drag colour picker getting stuck when using tablet input
- Added user preference for whether to try to keep selections after deleting
- Fixed expand stroke failure on strokes that use velocity as a controller
- Fixed gradients not changing when Global Colour is modified
- [Installer] Prevent installation into non-empty directory
- Fixed setting artboard/spread origin from panel not accounting for artboard spread position
- Fixed various issues with guide positions and artboard origins
- Allow closing of curves for special case selection
- Removed "Windows Ink" option, and replaced with high precision WinTab support
- Fixed AI import incorrectly identifying as EPS when it was actually a PDF with extra data at the front
- Fixed PDF import for documents with extra data at the front
- Fixed PDF export for some Asian fonts that support many glyphs
- Fixed Layers panel dropping of items of right of thumbnail in expanded parents
- Fixed right-click context menu to disable Merge Down when attempting to merge a Pixel Layer into a shape
- Fixed PDF import crash due to infinitely searching for fonts
- Fixed HSL ring displaying incorrectly when returning to the adjustment
- Fixed being unable to drag afassets into the app
- Changed PDFs to open as restricted if we don't have permission to edit, copy or print them
- Fixed PDF export accidentally outputting all RGB images at 16-bit
- Fixed Guide positions to be displayed relative to current Artboard
- Fixed layer blend modes not scrolling with arrow keys
- Improved performance of font loading (and tried to improve behaviour with font managers)
- Improved PDF export support for 16-bit and 32-bit images
- Fixed SVG import of elements with closepath not followed by move
- Fixed SVG export of curves with large bounds
- Fixed incorrect sheet colour in PSD export (following import)
- Fixed incorrectly enabled control on Text Style decorations
- Fixed click to select items with group crops
- Fixed locked layers being selectable via Marquee selection
- Fixed PDF import of certain unicode characters producing the wrong character
- Fixed SVG import to ignore spurious quote marks in "url('#identifier')" references
- Fixed SVG import to treat gradients with one stop as solid fills
- Fixed SVG import having wrong default for gradientUnits
- Fixed crash when importing an invalid SVG due to negative heights or widths
- Fixed hand cursor getting stuck after panning
- Fixed crash when pressing V with Alignment flyout open
- Fixed font names always displaying their English names
- Fixed PDF export with embedded ICC profiles
- Fixed SVG import of booleans
- Fixed SVG import of documents with multiple elements
- Fixed fill aspect ratio for Radial and Conical to be maintained unless the correction handle is visible
- Fixed text edit handles to allow auto pan ability
- Fixed changing tool while the Align Panel is open (if the next tool supports the alignment options, it will remain open, else it will close)
- Fixed crash when dragging items in the Layers control
- Improved performance of PDF import
- Improved performance of text when rendering text
- Fixed vector export of text occasionally filling characters
- Fixed crash when closing floating document
- Fixed New Document dialog previous document selection highlight not being remembered
- Fixed Ctrl+M with nodes selected to not bring up the curves dialog
- Fixed crash when docking a panel with the Brushes panel
- Fixed crash with Appearance panel after using Ctrl+Z on vector brush input
- Fixed PNG export not displaying the size warning if the export dialog was previously closed with a different preset
- Help and Localisation improvements

Affinity Photo
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed layers getting clipped to embedded documents would not get clipped
- Fixed Procedural Texture rendering differently to macOS
- Further boolean operation improvements
- Tweaks to Alignment
- Fixed misidentification of Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary when mounted on a Canon camera
- Fixed line caps on strokes with pressure profiles that have sharp pressure changes at the start getting incorrectly expanded
- Fixed PDF export failing due to colour profile being rejected wrongly
- Fixed rendering artefacts with small radius filter effects
- Fixed some Pentax lenses being listed as "Pemtax"
- Fixed crash when switching between Panorama documents
- Fixed PDF export to honour gradient map's colour space
- Fixed autosave failing to work
- Fixed crash opening empty (0Kb) files
- Fixed PDF export failing with embedded LAB document
- Fixed PDF export of images to preserve their colour space
- Fixed PDF export failing when a document contains an empty clip
- Fixed cropped result when creating a selection from a mask
- Fixed sporadic selection failure when invert selecting with Move tool
- Fixed sporadic PSD import crash
- Fixed floating panels being clipped when collapsed
- Help and Localisation improvements.

Affinity Photo
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed a source of instability when enumerating fonts at startup
- Added "Use Windows Ink for tablet input" preference (enabled by default, disable to use WinTab)
- Fixed artefacts when rasterising a group with live filters
- Fixed Layer Effects to smart objects
- Fixed flat EXR export to honour layer blend mode
- Fixed selection problems with clipped groups
- Fixed failure to export to vector formats when a document contains a flipped object with line style and scale to object enabled
- Fixed PDF export outputting some 1-bit masks as inverted, leaving them mostly transparent
- Fixed crash reordering layers via drag/drop when Layers panel is floating
- Added missing 'Repeat Filter' keyboard shortcut
- Fixed Canon 5D MK II images not loading correctly
- Fixed sporadic RAW load crash
- Fixed New Document dialog Presets bar incorrectly hidden when switching between Templates and Presets
- Fixed New Document dialog Template folders with a '.' cutting off subsequent characters
- Fixed several boolean operations and expand stroke issues on simple geometry or compound objects
- Fixed unable to paste text into editors after receiving tab focus
- Fixed New Documents dialog allowing minus values in Document Size, Margins and Bleed
- Improved performance of Layers Panel when updating previews of Artistic Text
- Fixed input lag (500ms) when drawing with a pen using Windows Ink
- Improved text responsiveness
- Added missing Procedural Texture degrees/radians toggle
- Fixed being unable to move Info targets in Develop Persona
- Improved precision of Defringe
- Fixed Focus Merge throwing away images
- Fixed crash when dragging asset containing missing fonts
- Fixed cursor not getting hidden while resizing brush
- Changed AlignTo option to disable when no Aligment option is set
- Fixed parent layer not selected when right clicking an enlosure nodes non-icon area
- Added 'Zoom' context menu for Pan tool
- Fixed Enclosure layers not being able to be repsitioned to the top level
- Fixed Enclosure thumbnails being reversed in a collapsed parent row
- Fixed Node tool Cycle Selection keyboard shortcut not set
- Help and Localisation improvements.

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