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ASUS Realtek Audio Driver

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ASUS Realtek Audio Driver

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ASUS Realtek Audio Driver is one of the most commonly used driver packages on millions of desktop PCs and laptops today. Its primary use is to unlock full capabilities of Realtek audio chipset on a wide array of ASUS PC configurations and streamlined reproduction and management of audio signals for both complete PC novices and seasoned professionals.

By installing this driver package, your Windows OS will gain the capability of reproducing basic OS audio prompts, reproduction of MP3 music, local video files, online streaming multimedia, and also handling multi-channel audio formats, reproduction of many advanced audio formats, and much more.

The procedure for installing ASUS Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 11/10 can be done in two ways. ASUS recommends users to use an automated installer package that will guide you through the entire driver installation procedure through the series of simple on-screen prompts. After installation is complete, all you will need is to restart your PC once.

If the installer is not present, you will need to manually install the driver by visiting the Device Manager section of your Control Panel, finding the audio device that is marked as not properly finalized, and use the Update Driver feature. Simply pick the "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" option, click on “Have Disk” and locate the INF or CAB files of your ASUS Realtek Audio Driver (if the driver comes packed into a compressed archive, you will first need to unpack it).

In addition to general audio support, italso introduces to your PC a very competent configuration utility called Realtek HD Audio Manager. The user interface of this app gives users the chance to configure every aspect of the functioning of their audio hardware, including setting up a number of speakers (from mono to surround sound), managing volume levels, seeing the usage of 3.5mm jack ports and digital (optical) ports, support for back panel/front panel/digital ports, managing microphone levels, optimizing sound for headphones, testing the audio levels of each connected speaker, adding sound effects and loudness equalization, and even optimizing audio power consumption when your laptop is not connected to the charging cable.

Users with a surround sound setup can access a wide array of customization for managing front, side and back pair speakers, subwoofer, center speaker, full-range speaker prioritization, center/subwoofer signal swap, bass management and more.

If you notice any unexpected audio stuttering issues, errors in function of Realtek audio manager UI, errors in audio encoding/decoding, or even inability of your OS to detect Realtek audio hardware, one of the possible solutions could be re-installation of ASUS Realtek Audio Driver for PC. In the case of driver reinstall, ASUS recommends that users take a few minutes and find if an updated version of the driver has been released. A newer version of the driver that matches the exact model of your audio hardware and Windows OS version often comes with various enhancements of audio processing, new stability features, bug fixes, and security updates.

  • Driver Support: It offers support for a wide range of Realtek audio hardware, ensuring compatibility with various ASUS computer models.
  • Audio Enhancement: The software provides enhancements such as virtual surround sound, equalizer settings, and noise cancellation to improve audio quality.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize audio settings according to their preferences, adjusting parameters such as bass, treble, and volume levels.
  • Realtek Audio Console: The included Realtek Audio Console allows for fine-tuning of audio settings and provides additional features like microphone enhancements and sound effects.
  • Driver Updates: It regularly updates its drivers to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and software updates, maintaining optimal performance.
Installation and Setup

Installing this program is a straightforward process. Users can download the software from the official ASUS website, FileHorse or through the ASUS support page for their specific computer model. Once downloaded, the installation wizard guides users through the setup process, requiring only a few clicks to complete.

How to Use
  • Download the driver from the official ASUS website or support page.
  • Run the installation wizard and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  • Once installed, launch the Realtek Audio Console from the Start menu or system tray.
  • Explore the different tabs and settings to customize audio preferences according to your liking.
  • Save your settings and enjoy an enhanced audio experience on your ASUS computer.

Is ASUS Realtek Audio Driver compatible with all ASUS computer models?
The driver is designed to support a wide range of ASUS computer models, but compatibility may vary depending on the specific hardware configuration.

Can I uninstall ASUS Realtek Audio Driver if I encounter any issues?
Yes, you can uninstall ASUS Realtek Audio Driver through the Control Panel or Settings app on your computer. However, it's recommended to troubleshoot any issues before resorting to uninstallation.

Does ASUS Realtek Audio Driver support external audio devices?
It primarily focuses on enhancing audio output through internal Realtek audio hardware. Support for external audio devices may vary.

How frequently does ASUS Realtek Audio Driver release driver updates?
It releases driver updates regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and software updates. Users can check for updates through the Realtek Audio Console or ASUS support page.

Can I revert to the default audio settings after customizing them?
Yes, it allows users to revert to the default audio settings at any time through the Realtek Audio Console.


Realtek HD Audio Manager: A built-in audio management tool for systems with Realtek audio devices, offering similar features for audio customization and device management.

Realtek Audio Control: You can adjust audio device effects and all the audio device settings.

Dolby Access: A software suite that provides immersive audio experiences with Dolby Atmos and other advanced audio technologies, suitable for users seeking high-quality audio enhancements.

Nahimic: An audio software solution offering 3D sound effects, virtual surround sound, and audio optimization for gaming and multimedia applications, compatible with various audio devices and systems.

SteelSeries GG: GameSense & Customization Software for the Best Gaming Experience.

System Requirements
  • Compatible ASUS computer model
  • Windows operating system 11, 10, 8 or 7 (various versions supported)
  • Enhances audio quality and customization options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular driver updates for optimal performance
  • Compatibility may vary across ASUS computer models
  • Limited support for external audio devices

ASUS Realtek Audio Driver is a valuable software application for ASUS computer users seeking to enhance their audio experience. With its array of audio customization options and regular driver updates, it ensures optimal sound quality and compatibility with various applications and media types. While compatibility may vary across ASUS computer models, the software's intuitive interface and feature set make it a worthwhile addition for users looking to elevate their audio experience.

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