Developing and debugging all AVR and SAM microcontroller applications

Atmel Studio

Atmel Studio

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When developers build applications for any platform, they must be tested thoroughly for errors prior to releasing them to the public. Sometimes these platforms may be special devices that are different than your common devices. In these cases, a dedicated tool must be used, such as Atmel Studio (Microchip Studio for AVR and SAM Devices).

Software Building, Designing, and Testing

It allows you to build applications that contain Atmel AVR microcontroller technology and Atmel ARM Cortex-M technology. There are several tasks that you can perform with this software.

You can use the software to build projects from scratch, test the software for errors, and then verify it. Within the package building process, the editor can add suggestions to make writing code easier. These suggestions are done immediately after certain letters are placed on the canvas. There are several premade samples you can choose to start your work with as well.

Expanded Possibilities with Built-in Simulator

You can increase the speed of the app building by using the dedicated C++ compiler that is available. There is also an assembler and simulator which can be used simultaneously to ensure that you properly test your final products. A strong debugger with several useful functions is used to examine the code and locate all possible errors that may be in it.

The environment has an extension integrated into it called “The Visual Assist X.” This extension is designed to enhance the efficiency of writing code and refactoring it. There is also a simulator that provides central processing unit emulation and input and output module emulation. Overall, the Atmel Studio - Microchip Studio for AVR and SAM Devices has so many tools built into it which work together to making the app designing process a much more stress-free experience.

Professional Software Development Tools

Atmel Studio is designed for professional developers and programmers to use. You must have advanced knowledge of coding to achieve maximum results

Features and Highlights
  • Support for 500+ AVR and SAM devices
  • Vast source code library, including drivers, communication stacks, 1,600+ project examples with source code, graphic services, and touch functionality through Advanced Software Framework (ASF)
  • IDE extensions through Atmel Gallery, the online apps store, for development tools and embedded software from Microchip and third parties
  • Tune capacitive touch designs, validate system performance, monitor power consumption, and real-time data and trace graphing with Atmel QTouch Composer
  • Configure and test the performance of wireless designs with the Wireless Composer running on the target
  • Write and debug C/C++ and assembly code with the integrated compiler
  • Advanced debugging features include complex data breakpoints, nonintrusive trace support (SAM3 and SAM4 devices), statistical code profiling, interrupt trace/monitoring, polled data tracing (Cortex-M0+ devices), real-time variable tracking with optional timestamping.
  • Integrated editor with visual assist
  • Project wizard allowing projects created from scratch or from a large library of design examples
  • In-system programming and debugging provides an interface to all Atmel in-circuit programmers and debuggers
  • Create transparent debug views into CPU and peripherals for easy code development and debugging
  • Full chip simulation for an accurate model of CPU, interrupts, peripherals, and external stimuli

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