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What's new in this version:

Boostnote 0.11.8

- Allow customizing html escape when exporting a note
- Improve settings UI
- Add collapsed state for storage
- Add Table formatter
- Upgrade codemirror
- Support mermaid
- Implement hotkey for toggle editor
- Change shortcuts for Next note and Previous note
- Improve bracket autoclosing

Bug fixes:
- Fix attachments migration
- Fix context menu bug
- Fix Focus search shortcut
- Fix flickering when creating a note
- Fix UI bug when deleting a note

Boostnote 0.11.7

Bug fixes:
- Upgrade markdown-it-plantuml to support non-english characters
- Fix styling of admonitions in Windows
- Fix migration images from the legacy location
- Improve locales(French and Traditional Chinese)
- Adjust position of info panel

- Remove unnecesary dependencies
- Upgrade electron to v2.0.3
- Fix typo in comments

Boostnote 0.11.6

- Resizable split view. You can adjust width of editor and preview by dragging
- Hide copy to clipboard button when printing
- Open local files by OS shell
- Add Turkish locale
- Improve note attachments
- Custom markdown css
- Generate an image tag when the pasted URL is image
- Support markup admonitions
- Implement shortcuts for zoomin and zoomout
- Adjust cursor position after updating title of link
- Implement shortcuts for toggle editor mode

Bug fixes:
- Fix laggy searching by debounce rendering
- Fix placeholder color of dark themee
- Fix styling of crowdfunding tab
- Fix background color of kbd tag in monokai theme
- Fix wrong path of snippets
- Fix smart arrows
- Improve locales
- Fix styling of tooltip
- Remove unused tags

- Fix duplicated lines after merging
- Fix yarn.lock
- Update Electron to v1.8.7.

Boostnote 0.11.5

- Show only related tags, select multiple tags
- Add fullscreen shortcut for non macOS
- Show confirmation dialog when deleting notes from the context menu
- Add Japanese locale
- Add Italian locale
- Add Persian locale
- Discard unassigned tags in tag list
- Add monokai theme
- Delete images when it is not presented in note anymore
- Delete all images when its note
- Enable codemirror multiplex mode
- Configurable plantUML server
- Update codemirror

Bug fixes:
- Fix missing locales
- Fix moving notes with images
- Fix menu popup when alt is pressed
- Fix image display after pasting
- Fix typo in spanish locale
- Fix typo in zh-TW locale
- Fix note count of storage list
- Fix deprecation warning of moment.js
- Fix preview link bug
- Fix internal note link bug
- Fix font color for printing and exporting when using dark theme
- Fix font color in code block
- Fix empty trash menu when sidebar folded
- Fix image path in exported notes on windows
- Fix drag and drop move more than one note when the target note is not focused
- Fix note item styling of dark theme
- Fix inconsistent updates to react component state
- Fix mis-referenced state properties

- Update node version for travis CI
- Add an issue template
- Refactoring
- Optimize image assets

Boostnote 0.11.4

- Update locales.(Chinese, Spanish, German and Portuguese)
- Implement folding to code editor
- Add cleaning up trash to context menu
- Implement sort option for tags

Bug fixes:
- Fix i18n
- Fix styling of Side nav
- Fix editor behavior of vim mode
- Escape html characters before convert to HTML
- Fix reload crash on /searched
- Fix process remaining after closing all windows on Linux with Cinnamon
- Ignore broken note

- Prepare to use Jest
- Refactor copying images

Boostnote 0.11.3

- i18n BoostIO/Boostnote#1640 BoostIO/Boostnote#1692 BoostIO/Boostnote#1700 BoostIO/Boostnote#1713 BoostIO/Boostnote#1720
- Make sanitization configurable BoostIO/Boostnote#1715
- Add rulers BoostIO/Boostnote#1709

Bug fixes:
- Fix blog posting
- Prevent generating title when pasting URL to inside of a link tag
- Fix Copy Note Link button in Context Menu
- Fix smart quotes when blog posting
- Fix filenames with forbidden symbols during export
- Fix wrapping for long LaTeX formula
- Fix process resting after close main window

- Add unit tests for markdown

Boostnote 0.11.2

- Add draggable handle

Bug fixes:
- Allow some html tags just like github does
- Fix note link
- Fix note item UI

Boostnote 0.11.1
- Fix checkbox
- Fix typo

Boostnote 0.10.0
- Change log not available for this version

Boostnote 0.9.0
- Discard Finder
- Make line numbers in the editor optional
- Convert uml to utf8 before converting to base64
- Change the control icon on Windows
- Added button for copy note link
- Name note to imported file
- Added encoding meta tag
- Make save button position
- Remove inline-style from markdown link list
- Allows keyboard text selection in Finder search box
- Feat/add ability to clone note
- Allow preview area to scroll past end of file
- Remove leading # when creating tag

Bug / Fixes:
- Fix info right buttons layout
- Fix the editor lock button layout
- Fix the folded layout on side bar
- Fix the Solarized Dark Styling

- Update KaTeX library from 0.7.1 to 0.8.3

Boostnote 0.8.21
- Export folder
- Export html
- Implement delete confirmation dialog
- Close a bracket automatically

Other minor changes:
- Remove init modal
- Add tooltip to new note button
- Add small notification ui on preferences change

- Fix update for Windows
- Fix failure to open Finder on Ubuntu16.04
- Fix links to snippet note
- Fix starred item count
- Fix editorIndentSize config option
- Fix elixir highlighting
- Fix note disappearing when adding tag
- Fix font-family for code-editor
- Fix missing style for solarized-dark-theme
- Info panel
- Markdown table
- Create folder modal

Boostnote 0.8.20
- Export folder BoostIO/Boostnote
- Export html BoostIO/Boostnote
- Implement delete confirmation dialog BoostIO/Boostnote
- Close a bracket automatically BoostIO/Boostnote
- Other minor changes
- Remove init modal BoostIO/Boostnote
- Add tooltip to new note button BoostIO/Boostnote
- Add small notification ui on preferences change BoostIO/Boostnote

- Fix update for Windows BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix failure to open Finder on Ubuntu16.04 BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix links to snippet note BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix starred item count BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix editorIndentSize config option BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix elixir highlighting BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix note disappearing when adding tag BoostIO/Boostnote
- Fix font-family for code-editor
- Fix missing style for solarized-dark-theme
- Info panel BoostIO/Boostnote
- Markdown table BoostIO/Boostnote
- Create folder modal BoostIO/Boostnote

Boostnote 0.8.19

- Solarized Dark Theme
- Markdown Live Preview
- Scroll Past End
- Imroved the Dark Theme
- Add Pin to NoteItemSimple
- added ctrl+, shortcut to preference modal
- Add custom LaTeX delimiters to preferences
- Add a specific style for checked inputs

- Fix link to Cloud-Syncing
- Fixed regex to stop [anytingx] being counted as a checkmark
- fixed import of new notes
- Fix the folded side bar layout
- fixed incorrect fontFamily for multiple fonts
- fixed global styles
- Added border radius & background color to NavToggleButton
- Correctly link to moved markdown helper
- Use existing file metadata for created and modified dates
- Fix note title

Boostnote 0.8.18

- Fix note title
- store correct window size on Linux
- Feature multiselect notes delete and move to another folder
- fix anykey can close the initmodal window issue
- Fix Margin at Note Detail
- SideNavItem: add background when hover
- Fix layout at initial modal
- confirm tag at onBlur event
- Correction Notification top-left
- Add newsletter link to preference modal

Bug fix:
- Fix surrogate pairs garbling on folded SideNav
- Fix folded layout
- Fixbug react code mirror
- Fix finder layout

- React.PropTypes is deprecated from React 15.5
- fixed eslint warnings

Boostnote 0.8.17

- Fix note title
- Adjust Note in Uitab && Add message notification for data policy save
- Include each note only once when sorting by pin
- Added the context menu to the list view
- Fix enabling no focus right click pin to top and show adequate context menu
- Make ZZ work in vim mode
- Added shortcut ctrl+q for quit and quit the app when using the Windows Close button
- Only make the selected tag active
- Add counter on note filter
- Add PlantUML support
- Enable importing file to empty folder
-  Option for preferences in menus
- Change default theme and add white
- Add simple addon for CodeMirror
- Add task item to indent adjustment target for list
- Add community on tab in preferences
- Add facebook group url to infotab
- Icon Design Update
- Improve the initial content
- Update note design

Bug fixes:
- Only decode the url when the content of the link is a string
- Fix solarized dark/light code block thema bug
- Solarized light/dark bug fix
- Replace selection with pasted image
- Fix windows scrolling bug

- Fix grunt pre-build error
- Electron-prebuilt is obsolete. use latest electron instead
- Removed mixpanel
- Updated markdown-it-kbd to 1.1.1 from 1.1.0

Boostnote 0.8.16

- Feature rearrange storage
- Allow users to disable “Saved to clipboard” notification
- Feature tag area
- Add notelist right click (context menu) and delete note
- Support for solarized dark and light themes
- Improve searching
- Pin to top
- Add keyboard markdown

- Fix grammer in InfoTab
- Align notification bar with the navigation bar
- Place notifications on the right side of the notification bar
- change grand to grunt
- Fix “borde-box” typo
- Sean/improve english
- Grammar and capitalization fix
- Change to apply font with single quotations
- Fix to create imageDir if it does not exist
- Fixed button protrustion when creating a new folder
- Replace pdf to print
- Fix URIs decoded with mdurl
- Fix layout
- Fix: Tag list cannot be scroll
- Grammar fix
- Adjust tooltip
- Fix side nav style
- start point of absolute to the right
- Fix typo in “Markdown”
- Adjust notification HotKeyTab
- Change the tooltip text of the lock button for easy to understand what its role
- ClearMessage notification HotKeyTab
- Change crowdfunding Bountysource to OpenCollective
- Make on keyboard introduction

- Add recent translated korean developement & debug docs
- Add try/catch logic to recording of analytics events
- Fix: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘className’ of null”
- Add getTargetIndex() and replece them
- Remove unused vars
- Snapcraft
- Add ama event for snippet lang

Boostnote 0.8.15

- Add file drop on NoteList
- Support for extended table markdown syntax
- Add markdown-it-named-headers and adjust to use Japanese or Chinese
- Add wordcount and lettercount to InfoPanel
- Make pasting an image in CodeEditor work
- Add RealtimeNotification
- iss #832 Make :q work in vim mode
- Add link for cloud integration

Bug Fix:
- Fix note creation in All Notes
- Fix typo regarding fullscreen
- Fix app name and icon on linux
- iss #809 normalize text works only in img tag
- Fix image insesration problem

- Componentnize NewNoteButton
- Add eslint plugin react
- Fix by eslint react
- Add to specify npm version

Boostnote 0.8.14
Bug fixes:
- Fix configmanager
- Make RcParser ignore errors at JSON.parse().

Boostnote 0.8.13

- Fix layout
- Change to work ctrl-e and ctrl-w in RIGHTCLICK
- Add Print
- iss #758 Add InfoButton and InfoPanel in Trash
- Context search
- Add boostnoterc revival

Bug fixes:
- Change order for AMA event
- Fix noteCount on a note trashed
- Fixes typo in welcome screen
- Fixed InfoPanel layout in Trash
- Finder UI Fix (My Storage positioning)
- Add Lato font-face definition to main.html
- Add storageKey to MarkdownEditor
- Update application wording

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