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What's new in this version:

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1007
- an issue with the parallel port test not being able to get the port address and left unable to start the test in some cases
- an issue reading AMD 4600/4800 CPU temps
- and issue preventing AMD GPU temperatures from being read if ADL_Graphics_Platform_Get failed to be loaded from ADL library

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1006
- RAM Test, made some changes to avoid a verification error being logged when the system was low on memory, in some cases a write phase was aborted due to the low memory but the verification phase would continue instead of being skipped which would lead to a verification error for some patterns. This would only occur on systems that had nearly no free RAM before the start of the RAM test. So typically only on systems with - RAM Test, made some changes when allocating/deallocating memory for the test in low memory situations, fixing a potential bug that could cause verification errors when small amounts of RAM (- RAM Test, made some changes so multiple copies of BurnInTest running the RAM test will have separate shared memory blocks, still not recommended to run multiple copies of BurnInTest at the same time however.
- 3D Test, DX12, added a check before the DX12 executable is launched if the system is going to Suspend/Hibernate and wait until system is resumed, this should prevent an error being thrown if the test stats at the same time as the system is going to sleep (seen when rapidly sleeping/resuming system in a loop)

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1005
- Audio loopback test, now supports PassMark Loopback Audio Plug
- Audio loopback test fixed an issue with the audio loopback test where if the test run time selected was 0 (run forever) then then sound playback time was too low (-1 second) instead of the expected 20 seconds.
- RAM test fixed a bug where the RAM test may only allocate 200MB of RAM for testing when run at 50% or lower duty cycle
- Fixed monitor numbers in log files starting at 0 to now start at 1
- Added GPU name used for each DX12 test to log

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1004
- Added initial support for reading temperatures from Intel 11th gen CPUs
- RAM Test, updated a trace log message when low memory is - Added a new information log message when memory is very low when trying to run the RAM test
- Disk test, fixed an issue where disks numbers being tested >80 might not show up in the log correctly

- an issue where disks weren't automatically selected when run in conjunction with minimising system info collection command line flag (-w) and the auto select disks preference setting
- a UI issue where if the RAM test logged an error it might not be displayed on the dashboard until the test finished
- an issue when reading temperatures from some NVMe disks
- an issue when reading temperatures from AMD CPUs

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1003
- Fixed a crash that could occur at startup when usingthe -R command line flag
- "Disk test,forced destruction of any partition information and get systenn to update partition information when running a physical disk test,this prevent an access denied error when tryingto test some physical drives that had partition information but the volumes weren't mounted"
- "Temperature graph,redrawn at end of test to display all samples"
- "Changed system information tab to show battery current charge, design and full charge capacity Made some changes to the installer so BurnlnTest won't launch after a silent install"
- "USB Test,fixed an issue with the scripting command 'USB3CONNECTIOIN ' which was not setting the chosen speed correctly for 12 or 5000"
- "USB Test,fixed a bug where USB threads were forced to stop if any plug was failing to be enumerated"
- "USB Test,fixed a case where a USB error may not be thrown at test start under some circumstances where the plug was being forced into a particular test speed (eg USB3 plug on a connection with USB2 lines disconnected)."

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1002
- Advanced network test, endpoint, fixed some possible crashes when memory failed to allocate
- Advanced network test, fixed a bug where a "connection reset by peer error" could occur when trying to test 4 or more network cards
- Added NOTEMP command line flag to disable temperature collection
- Fixed an inconsistency between BurnInTest and the Directlo driver that was causing the parallel port test to fail
- Decreased a timeout value when collecting SMART disk information that could cause the temperature initialising and collection to free or time out when some USB drives were attached to the system under test
- Fixed a possible crash when gathering SMART information from hard drives

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1001
- Fixed a bug where USB3 low level errors would display an error message for the DX12 test rather than a information line for USB3 low level errors
- Added a minimum size to the BurnInTest window so all UI elements can be accessed
- Updated system information library with initial support for AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPU info and temperatures, support for CPU groups when retrieving per-core temperatures for Intel chipsets
- Fixed "Display errors by categories" checkbox being hidden on high DPI settings

BurnInTest Professional 9.2 Build 1000
- Rebranded "BurnInTest Pro" to "BurnInTest Windows"
- "BurnInTest Standard" has now been discontinued
- Management console, added an error when there was a server side error or response other than HTTP status 200 (eg 500)
- Endpoint, fixed a bug where the last digit of an IPV4 address from BurnInTest could be truncated in some cases resulting in a failure to start the test
- Added currently selected configuration filename to main window

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1009
- Management console, fixed a bug where unprintable characters in some system information fields (eg BIOS serial) could prevent BurnlnTest correctly connecting to the management console
- Added CPU voltage from SMBIOS to system information
- Added extra information to DX12 error logging
- Updated system information library for support for reading temperatures and SMART information for NVMe drive behind USB-NVMe bridges (eg JMicron JMS583, Realtek RTL9210, ASMedia ASM2362)
- Advanced Network Test, Added more setting value bounds checking to advanced network test preferences
- Advanced Network Test Endpoint, fixed a crash that could occur on exit while cleaning up
- Advanced Network Test Endpoint, stopped displaying an error message at startup when Bluetooth was not available
- Advanced Network Test Endpoint, fixed a crash that could occur in the endpoint
- Memory Test, fixed crash that could occur after allocating a small amount of RAM
- When using the -MF command line flag the machineid.dat file will now be saved at this location when using save as default button

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1008
- Ѕсrірtіng – Аddеd ІD flаg tо ЅЕТМАNАGЕМЕNТ соmmаnd
- Аdd mіѕѕіng mоdеl whеn dеtесtіng Іntеl Соmеt Lаkе сhірѕеtѕ fоr СРU іnfоrmаtіоn аnd tеmреrаturеѕ
- Аddеd Іntеl Ісе Lаkе сhірѕеt ѕuрроrt fоr СРU іnfоrmаtіоn аnd tеmреrаturеѕ
- Fіхеd АDМ Rуzеn tеmреrаturеѕ bеіng dіѕрlауеd tоо lоw

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1007
- RAM test, fixed an instance where the RAM test process might crash if it had allocated a very small amount of RAM initially (<100MB) and then tried to allocate more
- Management console, fixed a bug where BurnInTest might not send a test finished time in test result
- Fixed some display issues on the dashboard for the standard and advanced network tests
- Disabled time and cycle count editing in dashboard user interface and added message for trial version (was always set to 15 minutes for trial version but dashboard UI was not reflecting this)
- Fixed a recent temperature collection change that was causing some AMD CPU temps to be displayed incorrectly
- Added support for Intel Comet Lake chipset temperatures
- Added Qemu/KVM to list of known Linux VMs so that CPU MSR information is not processed (to prevent BSOD in VM)
- Replaced Testsound.wav and Testsound.mp3 example files used for sound test with cleaner sounding examples

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1006
- Change log not available for this version

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1005
- Change log not available for this version

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1004
- Sound test, Loopback test, fixed a possible crash that could occur if there was no input device available
- Management console, fixed an issue where a connect message wasn't correctly sent when a large amount of system information was present (eg 10+ disks etc)
- Fixed a bug where some event source strings were not printed correctly (only a single character) to the trace log
- Fixed the display of hard disk information only showing minimal information (no serial etc) in WindowsPE
- Updated system information library with some AMD Ryzen temperature fixes (4600H, 4800H)

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1003
- Scripting, fixed an issue where script would continue running next script line when STOP button was clicked
- Disk test, fixed an instance where disk test files were not being kept on disk when used in conjunction with the -K command line parameter
- Slightly increased test tile size to allow for extra USB information being displayed
- Install to USB, now includes machineid.dat if file exists
- USB test, added the "Check bus error" option to the preferences window to allow user to enable/disable logging of the low level errors. "Low level errors" information field added to USB test display

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1002
- Memory Test, fixed a crash / timeout error that could occur in low memory situations
- Added some extra logging to trace file with command line string
- Added some extra error information when Print action fails

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1001
- Fixed missing digital signatures on some executables (plugins, memtest, DX12 test) which could prevent the executables being launched by BurnInTest or show an unknown error during the memory test

BurnInTest Professional 9.1 Build 1000
- Memory Test, made some changes to how the memory is allocated at the start of the test and reallocated during the test. Previously memory was allocated in one large allocation (per memory test process), however on systems with large amount of RAM (eg 4TB) the test would time out when test RAM was reallocated. Now the test processes will allocate/deallocate RAM in 100MB blocks
- Memory Test, added a small sleep if a memory allocation fails before looping to try allcIte again
- CPU Test, started reserving threads if memory test is running (1 thread for 8 or less cores*thread systems, 2 threads for > 8)
- Scripting, fixed some issues where the next line of a script might not be executed when a test was automatically stopped when using the SETERRORS ACTION STOP command
- 3D Test, fixed a bug where last 3D DX12 error string was not being displayed in dashboard list view

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1018
- Management console, started sending more memory information to management console on initial connection so RAM details table can be populated from BurnlnTest connections
- Plugins, fixed an issue where the test run wouldn't automatically stop when running just plugins (no main tests included) and the plugins had finished
- Plugins, fixed an issue where the next ugin wouldn't start when running plugins during the main tests (not pre-test plugins) and the option "run each separately" was selected
- 2D EMC testing, added new option to swap pattern displayed on primary monitor • 2D EMC testing, added an option to disable the sine wave tone that is played during the test
- 2D EMC testing, fixed an issue when the primary monitor was not the left most (#0) monitor that would cause the test to display on the wrong monitor and in incorrect sizes
- Fixed an issue where DirectlO.sys could be held open if BurnlnTest was started a second time on the same system if temperature monitoring was enabled. This could then cause system information to not be collected correctly (eg missing memory details) on the second BurnlnTest launch (if system was not restarted between launches)

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1017
- Disk test, added some extra checks that block size is not invalid when starting the test
- 3D Test, changed default test size to 800x600
- 3D Test, DX12 test, made some changes so test window can be moved to a different screen location
- Management console, made some changes so that clearing the Machine ID in the report information dialog will close the current management console connection and allow the config (or the default values in machineid.dat) to be saved with a blank Machine ID. This will then be newly generated next time BurnlnTest is opened using that config and the connection to the management console is made.
- Memory test, made some changes so the test isn't waiting longer than it needs to when running in conjunction with USB2 plugs or the USB test has errors before connecting to a plug (the memory test will wait for up to 1 minute before starting to allow USB plugs to connect and the USB3 benchmark test to run)
- CPU Test, added option to allow number of CPU test threads to be chosen Added a warning message when running the 3D DX12 test in conjunction with the GPGPU and CPU test at high duty cycles
- Logging, added duty cycle for the selected tests to the normal log output
- Fixed a crash on start up that could occur on Intel Baytrail systems due to an invalid MSR read

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1016
- Change log not available for this version

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1015
- Made a change to the 3D DX12 test to remove a timer watching for completion of the test, this timer could cause an error to occur if the system was put to sleep and then resumed. Now the background watchdog timer (that checks the operations count of a test continues to increase) will be used to detect if there is an issue running the 3D test
- Fixed a buffer overflow issue that could cause a crash in the cpu max heat test
- Changed behaviour of memory test when it generates an “unknown error”

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1014
- Change log not available for this version

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1013
- Added some test information to the display of the 3D test progress tile on the dashboard
- Network test, added extra output to trace level 1 log each cycle (500 packets) for standard network test (packets sent / recv, bytes sent, max / avg delay, total bad packets)
- Fixed a bug where a new test could be added using the "Test Selection and & Duty Cycles" menu item when the test results were being displayed, leading to a new test tile with no result (which could appear as a blank space on the tile view)
- Added a warning message and option to clear results when attempting to use the "Test Selection and & Duty Cycles" menu item when in a "Results" test state
- Made a change to detect USB drives better when auto selecting disk test options
- Fixed a crash that could occur in the 32bit build when trying to use the duty cycle slider for a test on the dashboard tab
- Management console, now when technician or customer is changed in the report details any current connection to the management console will be restarted so the changes are sent to the management console
- Fixed a bug in the DirectX12 3D test that could cause a "Test was interrupted" error message when BurnInTest attempts to resize/move the test window after initial creation
- Fixed temperature display for Ryzen 2700 PRO

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1012
- Added outputting of PCIe statistics to trace activity level 1 log once per cycle
- Fixed a bug where saved report defaults (technician, customer, serial etc) could be cleared when the current results were cleared
- Made a change to the CPU heat test so that the SSE2 heat test checks for AVX CPU support as well as some AVX instructions being used (which caused a crash on old CPUs like the Core 2 Quad 6600)
- Fixed an issue with the TPM test where V2 TPMs might not be found correctly and throw a "self test failed" error
- Added a new error to the TPM test if the self test command is blocked by the operating system
- Fixed an issue in the DX12 3D test where if an error occurred during the render process it previously might not be displayed until the 3D cycle finished. Now an error will be flagged when the error occurs and the test will stop running.
- Changed behaviour of scrolling letter 2D test so it will continue to run when not in the foreground
- Added technician and customer details to management console connection message
- Changed editing of report details so when technician or customer is changed any current connection to the management console will be restarted (starting a new management console session)
- Increased size limit of system information details fields sent to management console
- Increased number of system information items sent to the management console from 16 to 25
- Fixed some possible array overflows that could cause a crash when generating the management console connection message
- Started signing installer with SHA256

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1011
- Fixed a crash that could occur when using a config file from version 8
- Updated system information library to work around a crash caused by Windows 10 Enterprise device guard on some AMD systems

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1010
- Fixed a bug in the 2D colour bar test that was preventing the main BurnInTest windows from handling messages (eg when clicking the stop button) which made it impossible to stop the test.
- Removed the verified operations count for the GPGPU as it was unused, added an error count to the dashboard tile
- Fixed a bug preventing bitaccess.txt from correctly working with the test selections, times and cycles on the dashboard display
- Fixed a bug preventing bitaccess.txt working with the TPM test
- Made some changes so invalid filename characters are stripped from the log file prefix name when using system variables replacements

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1008
- Fixed an issue when reading the configuration file that could cause the "Machine type" and "Serial number" to display invalid characters in system information

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1007
- Made some changes to the advanced network test in order to run a bit slower and allow smaller target speeds on low speed network cards
- Fixed some display issues with the advanced network test dashboard tile view
- Updated system information library to fix some issues when reading Intel SSD temperatures
- Added some extra TPM error messages
- Fixed an issue with the PHYSDISK command line parameter and the auto select disks setting when running in WinPE not correctly selecting all the physical disks
- Fixed a bug where if just a pre test was selected (eg the TPM test) then it was possible for the test run to not stop correctly after the pre test was finished
- Fixed a minor bug in calculation of the Cycle in the USB3 test
- Changed the packet count per cycle of the USB3 test to 115,000 to bring the cycle count more into line with the USB2 cycle count

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1006
- Changed behaviour so when using a script from the command line the management console connection is delayed until a config (with the management console enabled) is loaded or the SETMANAGEMENT script option is used
- Fixed a crash that could occur when turning on the management console option using a script
- Removed IP information for network cards from test certificate
- Install to USB, added window message updates when copying big files to prevent "Window not responding"
- Install to USB, added LasUsed.bitcfg file to USB drive during copy process
- Fixed a 32bit overflow when logging the offset location of an error in the Optical test that could cause negative values to be displayed for large files
- Added an error message when the DX12 test executable is missing / fails to launch
- Fixed the display of the number of USB tests running on the test progress tile (previously showing an incorrect number of tests running).
- Temperature graphing, added checks and fixes for graphing more than the maximum # of temperature sources (32)
- Fixed a bug where selecting "No Monitoring" for temperature monitoring in test preferences could lead to a crash

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1005
- Added logging of DX12 error string when available
- Changed time/duty cycle entry on dashboard so values are saved when losing focus, not just on enter keypress
- Changed default network test settings to be error ratio of 0.1% instead of each single missing packet
- Made the test preferences dialog a bit smaller
- Added AVX/AVX2/FMA3/FMA4 settings to SETCPU script command
- Fixed a bug in the CPU test where if just the AVX/AVX2/FMA3/FMA4 instructions were selected then the test would not perform any operations
- Fixed a bug in the endpoint.exe (advanced network test) not updating the current ethernet statistics while a test was running
- Fixed incorrect logging test name for TPM
- Fixed a bug when removing advanced network test from tileview, would still be present in list view on dashboard
- Fixed a bug when trying to remove the advanced network test using the remove link in list view on dashboard
- Fixed a bug with the text not drawing correctly for the Advanced network test dashboard tile when a test was running

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1004
- Fixed a bug with the DX12 test losing it's operations and cycle count after 15mins
- Fixed a possible "No operations" error for the DX12 test
- Fixed a bug with Advanced network, PCIE and serial port tests not updating operations count when dashboard tab was not displayed, which could cause a "No operations detected" error message.
- New in BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1003 (March 23rd, 2018)
- Changes to the PCIe test for handling sleep states during testing
- Fixed a bug that could cause tests to end before their set runtime
- New in BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1002 (March 20th, 2018)
- Fixed a bug with "Install to usb" function not copying the required DX12 3D test media files
- Fixed a bug where if all tests had finished (eg in an error condition) before clicking stop button then BurnInTest could get stuck and not allow tests to be stopped properly

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1001
- Fixed some incorrect test icons on the dashboard
- Fixed a bug where times were not being sent correctly to the management console while a test was running
- Increased max script line length to account for setting the maximum number of supported serial ports for SETSERIALPORTS command
- Temperature, Fixed auto scroll checkbox not being applied when temperature settings are changed
- Temperature, Fixed overlay text appearing outside graph area
- Temperature, Fixed flickering of lines when auto scroll is disabled
- Temperature, Fixed incorrect temperature time values in chart due to temperature history wrapping back to 0

BurnInTest Professional 9.0.1000.0
New User Interface:
- New tile based user interface
- Tests will now run on top of their tile button un user interface (instead of a separate window) where appropriate
- Better scaling of user interface on 4K high DPI monitors
- New TPM (trusted platform module) pre test
- Checks for presence of TPM, runs self test and queries for version.

CPU Test:
- Added AVX, AVX2, FMA3 and FMA4 extensions
- Added checkbox for AVX, AVX2, FMA3 and FMA4 to test preferences
- Heat test, added new instructions to max heat test to maximize heat generation on CPUs that support FMA & AVX instruction sets

RAM Test:
- Improved the speed of the test by enabling memory caching. To replicate the V8 behaviour an option has been added to the test preferences to "Disable memory caching"
- Test now waits for USB3 benchmark test phase to complete before starting due to the large amount of RAM required per USB3 plug during the initial benchmark phase of the USB3 test.

Bluetooth Test:
- Updated and improved Bluetooth test
- NEW Bluetooth Advance Loopback Test to send/receive with the current Endpoint Software.
- Added Loopback test for Serial Bluetooth Devices (Tested with HC-06, Power to VCC, Ground to Ground, RX looped to TX). Requires the device to be paired/authenticated prior to be used in BurnInTest
- Bluetooth Loopback Test now supports up to 4 Remote Bluetooth devices.
- Added separate Duty cycle and preferences controls for Bluetooth test
- Added port range to Bluetooth test

2D Test:
- Added new EMC test pattern "Color bars with moving element", to comply with CISPR 32 (ITU BT.1729) standards
- Changed how example character is drawn on preferences window to better display large fonts (96, 120 etc)
- Removed font size limit (previously 8-16) on scrolling letter 2D tests
- Allowed different font sizes to be selected for the scrolling H test and adjusted the scroll speed to take into account monitor vertical resolution
- Added 2K & 4K resolution options

3D Test:
- Added new DX12 option on supported systems (64bit win 10)
- Added 2K & 4K resolution options

USB3 Test:
- Added slow speed threshold setting and warning message to USB3 loopback test
- Added a warning/error when USB3 plugs are not running at superspeed / 5Gb USB3 speed. This can be ignored by changing the BITErrorClassification.txt file
- Added ability to select USB3 plug connection speed for USB test
- Added memory allocation check when creating packet buffers for USB3 benchmark & loopback tests
- Increased usb3 thread synchronization timeout from 1 minute to 2 minutes to avoid synchronization timeout when multiple usb3 plugs (more than 4 plugs) are connected.
- Added a syncronization step before reading voltage from usb3 plugs
- Fixed a bug where sending simultaneous usb3 vendor commands could lead to failure in running the commands
- Added "Auto" option to the USB3 connection types
- Improved thread synchronisation when a large number of test plugs are connected. Many USB host controller's device drivers start to fail under high load (Open, Send and Re-enumeration requests fail if system is under high load). This works around most of the host controller flaws.

Disk Test:
- Increased disk tests limit to 100 (from 80)
- Added a "max cycle" option to the disk test

Network test:
- Added "Use 1st IP for all" network test option to preferences
- Added a new option to only select network cards that are connected/have an IP

Video Test:
- Added option to mute audio when playing video

Serial Port test:
- Added separate options to disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR test phase

- Moved to a new help format (ewriter) so that help topics can be opened directly in Windows 10
- Temperature Monitoring & Charts
- Updated temperature graphs to be interactive and allow scrolling and zooming.
- Temperature collection and graphing will start by default when BurnInTest is first launched so temperatures can be monitored without any tests running. On test start the graph will be reset and on test stop the temperature monitoring will be stopped to allow the graph from the test run to be saved.
- Temperature tab now has a split list view of three lists, CPU, GPU and HDD
- Changed series colours to be more visually friendly
- Added checks for the maximum number of temperature sources to monitor
- Fixed scrolling/dragging issues
- Added zoom buttons
- Added support for multiple GPU temperature readings
- Customer certificate template
- Added marker for inclusion of the temperature table chart

- Added more USB options to scripting
- Added SETBLUETOOTH Scripting commands

- Added support for reading and logging fan speed from SpeedFan utility
- Fixed a bug when using the PHYSDISK command line parameter in WinPE where the physical specific disk patterns were not available in the select all drop down
- Fixed some problems displaying the FMA3 support for CPUs in system information
- Added way to disable stop button, disable time and cycle settings when using bitaccess.txt to prevent people changing the run time and stopping test early
- Added option to include the duty cycle of each test in the Report Information window
- Turned optical test off by default
- Removed GPGPU test from standard edition

- Increased the size of Preferences window
- Changed temperature source/threshold combo boxes to editable list view with checkboxes
- Combined Pre-Test/Post-Test tabs. Combined Serial Port/Parallel Port tabs
- Added %MCMACHINEID% flag to logging file name preferences to allow management console ID to be used as part of the logging path
- Made some changes to the memory test preferences window tab for better readability
- Management console
- Updated & rewrote central management console database to hold testing results

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