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4DDiG Partition Manager

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4DDiG Partition Manager

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    4DDiG Partition Manager 2.0.3 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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4DDiG Partition Manager is the ultimate tool to tackle any disk-related problem you may encounter. Whether you're facing unreasonable partition space allocation or running out of disk space, 4DDiG Partition Manager is here to assist you.

It empowers you to effortlessly reconfigure your hard disk partitions and liberate valuable disk space. With this versatile software, you can resize partitions without compromising data integrity, create and delete partitions with various file systems, format partitions according to your needs, and efficiently modify partition drive letters. Say goodbye to disk woes and enjoy seamless disk management with 4DDiG Partition Manager.
  • Experience the convenience of one-click Windows OS migration to an SSD, no system reinstallation required.
  • Upgrade to a larger hard drive effortlessly, while safeguarding your precious data.
  • Optimize your disk space by easily resizing, splitting, creating, deleting, and formatting partitions.
  • Efficiently clone your entire disk or partition, ensuring seamless disk upgrades and data backups.
  • Safely transfer installed applications, programs, system updates, drivers, and custom settings between PCs.

Key Features

OS Migration to SSD: Enhance your system's speed and boot time by effortlessly migrating your OS from HDD to SSD, without the need for reinstallation.

Seamless Disk Upgrades: Upgrade to a larger hard disk without worrying about data loss. Choose to clone the system or the entire disk, ensuring all your files are preserved during the upgrade process.

Data Backup: Safeguard your valuable data by cloning your hard disk using the program. Preserve your programs, files, and preferences, preventing data loss in case of hard drive failure.

Efficient Disk Cloning: Easily transfer data from an old, damaged, or slow hard drive to a new, larger, or faster one with a single click. Enjoy improved performance without compromising your data.

User-Friendly Interface: Simple wizards guide you through system migration, partition management, and disk cloning tasks, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

Time-Saving Performance: Save valuable time with 4DDiG Partition Manager, as it performs tasks up to twice as fast as traditional methods. Say goodbye to tedious application installations.

Data Security Assurance: Maintain a high level of data security during OS migration, partition reallocation, and disk cloning. Your data remains protected throughout the entire process.

Multi-Language Support: Choose from 14 supported languages, ensuring ease of use for teams from diverse backgrounds.

How to Migrate Windows OS to SSD in 3 Easy Steps?

Step 1: Choose the Destination Disk
Select the SSD as the target disk where you want to migrate your operating system.

Step 2: Initiate OS Migration
Click on the Start button to commence the migration process for your Windows operating system.

Step 3: Successful System Migration
Sit back and allow the app to seamlessly complete the migration of your system to the SSD.

What Can You Migrate?

Operating System and Applications
With 4DDiG Partition Manager, you can effortlessly migrate not only the operating system but also all your installed software from the old disk to the new disk. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and reinstalling applications.

All Documents
Transfer all your important files and folders, including photos, videos, audio, emails, office documents, study materials, and more. Preserve your valuable data during the migration process.

Personal Accounts and Settings
Move your Windows account and personalize settings seamlessly, without the need to start from scratch. Maintain your preferred account settings and configurations effortlessly.


Q1: Can Windows 10 be migrated to an SSD?
Yes, you can easily clone Windows 10 to an SSD using readily available cloning tools.

Q2: Is it possible to migrate an OS without losing data?
Absolutely! With 4DDiG Partition Manager, you can seamlessly transfer the OS from a hard disk to an SSD without any data loss.

Q3: How can I migrate to an SSD without reinstalling Windows?
Migrating an operating system to an SSD without reinstalling Windows is simpler than you might think. By utilizing reliable third-party software like 4DDiG Partition Manager, the process becomes effortless.

Q4: What preparations should I make before cloning a disk?
Before cloning a disk, ensure that the target disk has an equal or larger capacity than the source disk. Additionally, be aware that the data on the target disk will be erased, so it's crucial to create a backup of any important data beforehand.

Q5: Why would I need to resize a partition?
There are various reasons why resizing a partition may be necessary. For instance, when installing a new operating system or upgrading an existing one, resizing a partition creates space for the new system files. Similarly, resizing partition can prevent data loss by increasing the capacity of a partition that is running out of space.


1 Month License - $9.90
  • Migrate Windows system
  • Clone disk/partition
  • Reallocate disk partitions
  • 1 license for 1 computer
  • 1-month free upgrades
  • Support Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Lifetime License - $59.95
  • Migrate Windows system
  • Clone disk/partition
  • Reallocate disk partitions
  • 1 license for 1 computer
  • Lifetime free upgrades
  • Support Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Annual Business Plan - 5 PCs - $39.95
  • Support features enjoyed by individuals version
  • 1-year free upgrades
  • Free technical assistance
  • Highest attention to data security and privacy

EaseUS Partition Master: A comprehensive partition management tool that allows users to effortlessly resize, merge, split, and format partitions. It also provides features like disk cloning and data recovery.

MiniTool Partition Wizard: A versatile partition management software offering a wide range of features, including partition resizing, conversion, and cloning. It supports various file systems and provides advanced options for disk optimization.

AOMEI Partition Assistant: A reliable partition manager with a user-friendly interface. It enables users to resize, merge, and split partitions easily. It also offers features like disk cloning, data migration, and OS migration.

Paragon Partition Manager: A powerful partition management solution with advanced features such as partition alignment, file system optimization, and secure disk wiping. It supports both basic and dynamic disks and provides comprehensive disk partitioning options.

System Requirements

Operation Systems
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

File Systems
NTFS, exFAT, and FAT16/FAT32.

Supported Languages
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, čeština, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Supported Storage Devices
Computer/Laptop, USB flash drive, HDD/SSD

  • Efficient disk management and partitioning.
  • Easy migration of OS and applications to SSD.
  • Data backup and cloning capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface and time-saving performance.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Lacks data-loss-free conversion between MBR and GPT
  • Restricted to Windows operating systems.
  • Not compatible with dynamic disks
  • Unable to copy partitions without unallocated space

4DDiG Partition Manager is a trustworthy and effective disk partition software for Windows PC. It offers a secure and user-friendly solution for managing your disk partitions. It supports MBR and GPT partition tables and is compatible with all Windows operating systems. Though it may lack advanced features, it serves as an affordable and straightforward option for partition management.

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