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    Concepts 2024.5.6 LATEST

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    Sophia Jones

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    TopHatch, Inc. / External Link

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Concepts is a flexible sketching application that can help users of all knowledge levels to easily realize their designs on an infinite canvas that can be populated with notes and sketches with the mouse, finger, and stylus input devices with full support for various pencil sizes, styles, colors, and pencil pressure, tilt and velocity.

Built from the ground up to allow designers to bring their imagination on screen with the least amount of friction, Concepts for Windows PC allows everyone to take full control over a dynamic canvas that can be either empty from start or created using PDF documents.

It allows complete modularity of all drawn elements, enabling users to control their designs using an infinite amount of adjustable and resizable layers, with an incredible variety of editing tools. One of the most praised features of Concepts is its support for adjustable live smoothing and haptic feedback, which enables anyone to create presentable concept drawings. Drawing is accelerated with the presence of a wheel bar with customizable shortcuts for most often used pencil tools, several color wheels (HSL, RGB, and COPIC), and full support for vector sketching and customization of every on-screen element.

Support tools presence in Concepts’ canvas are paper types and custom grids, live snap option, measurement tools, drag and drop images and sketches, loading of photos and illustrations as the background image for easier reference, and full support for exporting finished or in-progress projects as images, PDFs, and vectors.

The app is well suited for sketches on an empty canvas, PDF markups with incredible details added as an overlay over the original document, large project design drawings where elements can quickly be re-arranged, and much more. With tools for both mouse and touchscreen controls on compatible laptops and tablets, the app represents one of the best and feature-rich canvas drawing apps on the Microsoft Store.

  • Flexible sketching app for all knowledge levels
  • Infinite canvas with support for various input devices
  • Complete modularity of drawn elements with many editing tools
  • Adjustable live smoothing and haptic feedback
  • Customizable shortcuts and color wheels for efficient drawing
  • Support tools like grids, snap, measurement, and image loading
  • Suitable for empty canvas sketches, PDF markups, and large project drawings
  • Free access to a wide set of built-in tools
  • Premium features require monthly/yearly subscription
  • No collaboration features or cloud storage
Concepts Desktop can be used for FREE with comprehensive access to a wide set of built-in drawing and exporting tools. Premium access that unlocks all tools and services of this app such as access to an infinite number of layers, stroke editing, export to premium formats, premium brush packs, and more can be accessed via monthly or yearly subscription. The app is optimized only for Windows 10 (18362.0 or higher) and Windows 11 operating systems.