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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

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What's new in this version:

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018
- Change log not available for this version

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018
- Change log not available for this version

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018

Exclusive to Ultimate - More creativity, more power:
Stabilize Video:
- Help fix one of the most common problems when capturing video. Remove the shake and stabilize video from handheld cameras for a cleaner, smoother end result with proDAD Mercalli

New Split Screen Video Template Creator:
- Show multiple videos simultaneously with pre-designed split screen templates, or create your own custom layouts with the Split Screen template creator

New 3D Title Editor:
- Captivate your audience with new titling possibilities. Start with presets or create your custom motion, control lighting, textures, and more in the 3D Title Editor

Mask Creator:
- Apply effects to selected areas of your video. Use brush and shape tools to define and fine-tune a masked area and add selective color, blurring, and more

Ultimate Exclusive:
Premium Plugins - Ultimate Effects Collection:
- Add incredible creative effects and correct almost any video problem with these popular apps from proven industry leaders. Get hundreds of dollars’ worth of professional-quality special effects applications for only a few dollars more than the price of VideoStudio Pro

Blue Titler Pro 5:
- Create a stunning title in seconds by applying one of more than 100 animated templates, customize text, colors, and more for a result beyond what you thought possible

Enhanced Boris Title Studio:
- Create professional broadcast titles and high-quality motion graphic animations. Create stylized 2D or 3D titles with custom bevels, fills, and styles with Boris Title Studio

Video overlays from ProDAD:
- Enjoy over 400 amazing overlay effects to add to your videos for transitions and more. You’ll find something for any occasion with proDAD Adorage video effect packs

Your creative video editor:
Split Screen Video:
- Show multiple video streams simultaneously with new Split Screen video templates. Easily drag and drop to create impressive promotional videos or share the highlights from your latest trip! Looking to do even more? Create your own custom split screen layouts with the Template Creator in VideoStudio Ultimate.

Multi-Camera Video Editor:
- Tell your story from multiple angles. Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras and select the angle you want to show as your video plays. Combine up to 4 camera angles with VideoStudio Pro and up to 6 angles with VideoStudio Ultimate.

Stop Motion Animation:
- Plug in your camera and create a stop motion animation, frame by frame. Now with expanded support for Canon and Nikon cameras, auto capture settings, and new grid tools to help make it easy to make controlled motions

Track Transparency:
- Easily adjust the opacity of your tracks directly in the timeline to show multiple clips at once. Create custom fade in, fade out, or superimposed effects. The creative possibilities are unlimited with this fun effect

Customize Motion Path:
- Create and customize the movement of graphics, titles, and more along a defined path. It’s the perfect way to introduce or emphasize elements in your video

Filters & Effects:
- Get the right look with hundreds of drag-and-drop effects, animated titles, and transitions. Create picture-in-picture effects, overlays, and more video effects and filters

Motion Tracking:
- Track an object and add moving text, graphics, or blur faces, logos or license plates in your video with accurate Motion Tracking tools

Green Screen/Chroma Key:
- Adjust how overlay objects blend with the background with the Green Screen effect. Use a video mask, set transparent color, and easily swap out backgrounds and add fun effects

Create high impact, action-packed videos:
Lens correction tools:
- Remove the distortion or fisheye effect captured by wide angle or action cameras. Start with presets for GoPro cameras and then fine-tune adjustments with correction tools

Slow motion and fast motion:
- Play with speed with Time Remapping and easily add slow motion or high-speed effects, freeze the action, or reverse and replay scenes

For all common formats:
- Dive into hands-on editing and edit virtually any type of media. Import your video from cameras or mobile devices, and edit freely in VideoStudio

Smart proxy editing:
- Enjoy a smooth and fast editing experience when working with large, high resolution video files. Smart Proxy creates low res working files to edit with, then reverts to the original high-res files when you render out your video

High quality audio tools:
Normalize Audio:
- Editing a mix of audio from different sources? Easily balance audio levels among selected clips or the entire track to keep audio at a consistent level

Audio Ducking:
- Working with music and dialog? Automatically lower background sound to make narration and dialog clear, and make adjustments with audio controls

Royalty-Free Music Library:
- Access royalty-free soundtracks in the ScoreFitter music library. Easily add them to your timeline and have them automatically adjust to the length of your movie

Improved tools for faster results:
- Crop tool
- Pan and zoom
- Chapter and cue points
- Smart Guide
- Faster editing
- Crop and resize your media directly in the preview window. Make quick edits, create picture in pictures, or straighten your media in a few easy clicks

Easy video editing:
- Get started quickly with the intuitive editing workspace. Create your videos and combine photos and videos in Storyboard or Timeline editing modes. Add subtitles, graphic overlays and more

Video templates:
- Start from scratch or drag and drop your media into a range of customizable templates to match your style. Even save your own projects as templates to fast-track future projects

One-click video fixes:
- Add filters and enhance color, or create that old film effect with drag and drop filters. Fine-tune adjustments in the options panel to get the exact look you want

Enhanced Edit 360 videos:
- Go full circle with the full suite of 360 degree video editing tools to trim, enhance, add titles or graphics and edit your 360 video. Even preview your 360 video in the new VideoStudio 360 video player before you export

Enhanced 360 video format support:
- Import your video and start editing! Now with support for all popular 360 cameras. VideoStudio supports 360 spherical video formats - equirectangular, fisheye, and dual fisheye

Convert 360 to standard video:
- Set the viewing angle and convert 360 video to standard video for playback on TVs and standard video players. You control the view the audience sees

Export 360 video:
- Export your video to view on your VR headset or 360 player. Even upload your 360 video directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo 360

Upload directly to social media:
- Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr directly from VideoStudio

Enhanced Burn to disc:
- Author DVDs complete with themed templates to add chapters and menus. Now add chapter cues directly in the VideoStudio timeline as you edit

Enhanced Videos for mobile devices:
- Share movies anywhere with full support for Apple and Android devices, game consoles, and more. Now with support for exporting vertical/portrait video

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