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Directory Lister (64-bit)

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Download Directory Lister 2.31 (64-bit)

Directory Lister (64-bit)

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What's new in this version:

Directory Lister 2.31 (64-bit)
- Fix updating columns listed on some options
- Fix configuration migration from v2.25
- Fix reading AC3 properties from some MPEG files

Directory Lister 2.30 (64-bit)
- Added support for reading meta data from html files
- Added /c command line option to override configuration
- Fix endless loop while parsing broken mkv files

Directory Lister 2.29 (64-bit)
- Added option to display free bytes and total disk size in title summary
- Fix writing multimedia length column to database output

Directory Lister 2.28 (64-bit)
- Added "Vertical resolution" option and renamed current "Resolution" into "Horizontal resolution"
- Added option to count total multimedia length for folders
- Added "Body serial" and "Lens serial" columns
- Resolutions are now extracted from PNG images
- Recognize Unicode comments in JPEG files
- Merged Multimedia -> Comments, Title with respective Document options
- Merged Multimedia -> Date taken with Document -> Doc created option. (Now renamed to "Doc created / Date taken")
- Moved several descriptive metadata to Document page and left only technical metadata on Multimedia page
- Fix newline character in text output
- Fix slash being added to CSV header when Path is checked

Directory Lister 2.27 (64-bit)
- Recognize lower case keys in FLAC metadata
- Display single slash if displayed path is empty
- Fixed not displaying time in date columns for Excel output
- Fix displaying date values in older Excel editions (2010, 2007)

Directory Lister 2.26 (64-bit)
- Fix displaying number as separate column when column names is not displayed
- Fix displaying path as separate column in Excel output

Directory Lister 2.25 (64-bit)
- Added "Lock table header" option to HTML output
- Added options to calculate SHA-3 256 and 512 bits hashes
- Added options to have separate "Path", "Extension" and "Number" columns for all outputs and removed "Path, Name and Extension together" option for CSV
- Option to split path into parts now works for all outputs
- Added option to end path with slash
- Added support for SQLite database output via ODBC
- Custom header can now be included in CSV output
- Added option to automatically save configuration on exit
- All columns are now visible in "Column order" list box for CSV and database outputs
- Updated HTML output template to HTML5 standard
- ! < and > are now not added to folder names, only to subfolders

Directory Lister 2.24 (64-bit)
- Added option to include folder id columns in database output
- Fix total number of files and total size when folder filter is applied

Directory Lister 2.23 (64-bit)
- Added support for ICO and CUR files
- Added option to use MediaInfo library to retrieve metadata
- Added support for OGG files
- More properties are retrieved from WAV files
- Retrieving Subtitle property from MP3, MP4 and ASF files into Subject column
- Fixed bits per pixel value for RGBA PNG images
- Fixed use of TAB as a separator in CSV output which resulted in merged columns

Directory Lister 2.22 (64-bit)
- Added Microsoft Excel as an output option
- Zip archives are now also shown in the left tree when 'Treat archives as directories' option is selected
- Added support for ZIP64 archives
- Fix displaying VBR for directory rows in CSV

Directory Lister 2.21 (64-bit)
- Fixed database output to SQL Server when date columns were selected.

Directory Lister 2.20 (64-bit)
- Date fields can now show dates since year 1601 and not only since 1970
- Fixed slow report generation for "Draw directories tree" option
- Fixed reading dates from xml properties (Office, ebooks, pdf) for some files

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