Restore your DVD (Optical) Drive if missing from your Desktop PC

DVD Drive Repair

DVD Drive Repair

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DVD Drive Repair is a useful system utility tool that can help you restore the visibility of your DVD drive when your OS is unable to properly show it. By doing this you can not only regain control over the DVD drive that has suddenly gone missing, but you can also regain the functionality over the various applications that require the use of that drive.

From time to time, various software issues can cause your DVD Drive to become missing from your hardware list. This can happen either because of some misconfiguration in your system files or the Windows registry or because of the intentional attack by malicious software such as viruses. Instead of being forced to manually reinstall your entire Windows or restore a previously made system backup, DVD Drive Repair can help you to gain access to your DVD Drive without any hassle or lost time. Simply install it, follow the on-screen instructions, and your windows will detect your functioning DVD drive in mere seconds.

Installation and Use

After a brief installation, you are presented with the option to run the DVD Drive Repair immediately after installation is finished. The app interface is focused on simplicity and ease of use, with a single easy-to-control interface that features a large command button for detecting and restoring DVD drive, few secondary options, and a text diagnostic listing in the bottom describing the taken steps and recommendations for how to finish the procedure.

The entire process of restoring your DVD drive lasts just a few seconds and includes detecting of your DVD drivers, checking of Registry configurations, resetting various OS states, and restoring of your ATAPI disk interface. After this procedure is done, the app will recommend you to restart your computer so that some of its changes could take effect. You can restart your computer manually, or via built-in command inside the app itself.

In addition to the restoration feature, the tool can also perform a few more security tweaks that will make your computer safer against malicious software. It can reset your Autorun options for your CD/DVD/USB drives, and can even completely block the Autorun feature for external storage drives. Preventing Autorun will not completely protect your computer against viruses, but it will provide the first line of defense against the software that tries to automatically load into your OS whenever you load unknown CD/DVD disc or USB storage drive.

Final Word

DVD DriveRepair is a lightweight open-source and completely free system utility application that can save you the hassle of reinstalling your entire Windows operating system in the event of your DVD drive becoming not recognized by the OS. For users who don’t have access to an internet connection, it can also be run from a portable hard drive. While this app is reliable and fast, we still do recommend creating System Restore Point before using it.

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What's new in this version:

- Upgraded Rizonesoft SDK to Version 11
- Enhanced Social Media Link Integration in the 'About' Dialog
- Optimized Memory Usage Indicator Stability in the 'About' Dialog
- Rectified Icon Display in the 'Donate' Dialog
- Codebase Optimization and Refactoring