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Imagine: AI Art Generator

Imagine: AI Art Generator

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Imagine (also known as ImagineArt) is an AI image generation service that empowers users of all technical levels to transform text prompts into visually stunning and unique artwork.

Create awe-inspiring masterpieces effortlessly and explore the endless possibilities of AI generated art.

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It provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to not only create brand new artwork using text prompts, but also easy access to several other advanced tools such as remixing of existing images, and advanced image editing that can add or remove objects from photos.

This Imagine image generation and editing platform is designed to create stunning visuals for use at home, school, and work, with full support for any concept, idea, and art style, making it suitable for the generation of digital artwork, book illustrations, online promotions, social media posts, storyboarding, concept art, logos, icons, tattoo designs, and much more.

In addition to the fully featured web application, users of this service can also download and use a local Windows client, making it easily adaptable to any workflow.

Key Features
  • AI-powered art generation – Take full control over advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically generate artwork based on simple text prompts.
  • Wide range of styles – Choose from almost 100 popular art styles, including realism, fantasy, anime, surrealism, and others.
  • Detailed prompts – Provide detailed prompts describing concepts, characters, scenery, and mood to help the AI better understand their vision.
  • Fine-tune artwork – Easily experiment or adjust art pieces to better suit the original vision.
  • Save and share art – Save creations in the preferred format, ready for sharing or saving to local storage.
Installation and Setup

To take advantage of this service, users can either access it via the official web page or the local application that can be easily deployed on any Windows PC. Users are encouraged to only download and install this app from verified sources, such as an official website or a secure FileHorse server.

Before the first use of image generation, all users are required to create a free account.

How to Use

First-time users will have no issues taking maximum advantage of this service, which promotes fast tool discovery and fast image generation that encourages extensive experimentation and adjustment of art.

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Users can switch between offered image generation versions, art styles, write a detailed text prompt, and easily adjust generated images to better fit their needs. The service fully supports the generation of any kind of on-screen object, including background scenery, characters, mood, objects, and many other relevant elements.

Once satisfied with the result, users can easily save images in their preferred format so that they can be shared online or used in personal projects.

User Interface

The UI of this Imagine AI Art Generator has a user-friendly dashboard that allows everyone to easily input text prompts, choose a style, and generate artwork within seconds.

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In addition to the web and Windows PC app, this service can also be accessed via standalone iOS and Android apps, enabling artists and home users to access high-quality art generation no matter where they are.


What is Imagine for PC?
It is an AI image generation platform that can transform text prompts into visually stunning and unique artwork.

Is it safe?
Yes. Users are only recommended to install the desktop version of this app from trusted sources.


Adobe Firefly – A great image generation addon available for all users of the Adobe suite of popular photo editing tools.

Midjourney – A popular tool that allows users to create various art content from text prompts.

Dall-e – A widely used AI-powered image generator that can create images from text prompts.


Free Plan: A basic plan that enables users to generate test photos from their text inputs.

Weekly Premium Plan: $6.99 for 7-day access to unlimited photo generation and AI editing tools.

Yearly Plan: $39.99 for a single user who has considerable requirements for long-term image generation.

Lifetime Plan: $79.99 for unrestricted permanent access.

System Requirements

Since all AI generation processing is hosted in the cloud, users are not required to have strong local hardware even when they are accessing this service from the official desktop app.

  • AI-powered artwork generation.
  • Wide range of art styles.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Detailed prompt customization.
  • Ability to save and share artwork.
  • Versatile pricing plans.
  • None.

Imagine is a powerful and versatile AI service that allows users of all ages and technical knowledge levels to generate breathtaking art from their imagination, without any knowledge of professional and complicated photo editing apps. With its intuitive interface, highly capable AI-powered engine, and versatile pricing options, this platform has proven to be a valuable tool for home users, students, artists, marketers, filmmakers, and anyone with creative needs.

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