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Insync gives you offline access to your cloud files by adding a Google Drive & OneDrive folder to file explorer. And that's just the beginning! Compatible with Linux and Mac as well. Enjoy!

Features and Highlights

Sync Any Folder
Syncing any folder, cloud to local and local to cloud is one of Insync's syncing superpowers!

Multiple Accounts
Sync files from multiple Google Drive and OneDrive account with each one having its own local folder.

Sync Peripherals
Sync your external drive to Google Drive or OneDrive. Or both!

Shared Drives Syncing
Give your team members offline access to Google's Shared Drives for flexible and productive workflows.

Docs Conversion
Automatically convert synced Google Docs to Microsoft Office and OpenDocument.

Syncing files across multiple platforms are Insync's bread and butter. Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Selective Sync 2.0
Sync any local folder with Google Drive & OneDrive or vice versa.

Multiple Machines
Install the app in as many computers as you'd like to have 24/7 access to your Google Drive and OneDrive.

SharePoint Syncing
Similar to Shared Drives, you can sync SharePoint files for offline collaboration with team members.

Ignore Rules
Set rules so that Insync will ignore certain file types or names when syncing. Works like .gitignore.

How to set up the app on Windows in 3 steps

1. Sign in with Google Drive or OneDrive.

Download Insync and install. Compatible with Windows 7 and later. Once you install it, you'll be prompted to sign in via Google Drive or OneDrive.

2. Sync your files with Selective Sync 2.0

Use Local Selective Sync to sync any local file and folders up to the cloud. Use Cloud Selective Sync to sync any cloud file and folder down to your desktop.

3. Access Google Drive & OneDrive on Windows Explorer

Synced files will be safely tucked in your Base Folder in file explorer.

Note: 15 days trial version.

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What's new in this version:

- Fix navigation not working after onboarding
- Fix “Learn more” in 1-way sync dropdown being unclickable
- Fix wrong dashboard url for Insync Care users
- Handle some cases for Google Drive accounts wherein Insync doesn’t recover from an error unless restarted or a different drive is browsed
- One Drive: handle nextExpectedRange errors when uploading
- Update help center URL shown in the info prompt when invalid characters are replaced
- Fix re-authentication issues on Google Drive when an account is used in multiple Insync instances via alternative/web login