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iZotope Product Portal

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Download iZotope Product Portal 1.4.6

  -  129 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version:

    iZotope Product Portal 1.4.6 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    iZotope, Inc. / iZotope Product Portal

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iZotope Product Portal is a software utility that can help Windows PC users to easily manage the status of the various software products offered by iZotope – an audio technology company that has found worldwide renown in the field of innovative professional software solutions for audio recording, mixing, sound design, mastering, and broadcasting.

Its software solutions (plugins, audio content libraries, virtual instruments, editors, and much more) can be used either as standalone apps or as plugins for many popular digital audio workstation (DAW) app platforms. However, to best manage all the possible app and addon downloads, licenses, updates, and much more, users are encouraged to download and use the iZotope Product Portal app.

iZotope Product Portal (IPP) is distributed online freely as an automated installer that can easily be deployed on any modern desktop and laptop PC, enabling anyone to quickly login into their iZotope profile and get the overview of all purchased items, active subscriptions, and status of downloadable products. This app can be used to register new products offered by iZotope, activate serial codes received via resellers or as gifts, and download/install/authorize existing products already detected on users' iZotope profiles. The app also provides streamlined access to currently active trials, demos, and promotions, all found in a separate “Trials” tab.

The main interface of the iZotope Product Portal app consists of a simple dashboard that is packed with a large amount of information about all detected iZotope offerings. The main “My Product” tab includes a listing for all active licenses that can be listed with All, Install/Authorize, Update, and Add-on filters. Products can be hidden, refreshed, or toggled to be shown in a smaller list view, and each detected license is showcased with all the most important metadata (name, version, authorization status, installation status, and update status) with two shortcuts available for all products – Uninstall and Hide. The app preferences can be found in the top-right corner of the app.

How to use Product Portal?

  • Add a new serial number by entering an iZotope serial number in the format SN-[PRODUCT]-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
  • Launch Preferences to access additional links and options.
  • Toggle the view between List and Gallery modes using the corresponding button.
  • Use the Refresh Product Portal button to update the view with any new data.
  • Reveal any hidden products using the button dedicated to this function.
  • Begin to install, authorize, or update a product by selecting the Next available action button. Note that to launch a product, you need to open your supported host application/DAW and rescan, or use any standalone application available for that product.
  • Hide a product prompt using the corresponding button if you receive a prompt to install a product that's already installed or to hide a product from the view.
  • Uninstall a product by using the Uninstall this product button. If the uninstaller fails to run, contact Customer Care for uninstallation steps.
  • View and download trials using the dedicated button, which allows you to monitor trials or download new ones from the iZotope website.
  • Check available updates for iZotope products using the Products ready to update tab.
  • Use the Add-on installer tab to access installers that contain additional content.
  • View details on a product using the Product info option, which provides you with specific information about each product. To launch a product, use the same method as described above.
  • Hover over the View source option to see where the license is coming from, such as a larger suite.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple license management
  • Fast product installation and updates
  • Integration with iZotope's online store
  • Comprehensive help center and support


  • Limited product selection
  • No direct plugin access
  • Limited customization options


All in all, the iZotope Product Portal is an important management utility for all Windows PC users who have purchased some of the iZotope audio software products, and need one centralized location to overview their status, update, and download/remove them. The app is 100% FREE and can be used on all modern versions of Windows OS.

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