Disk image, file backup and disk cloning for Windows

Macrium Reflect (64-bit)

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Download Macrium Reflect Free Edition 8.0.6161 (64-bit)

  -  165.14 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Fixes and Improvements:
- We've added identification of external processes locking Macrium Reflect backup files when a sharing violation causes a failure in the backup or consolidation.
- Note: Process names can only be identified if they originate on the local PC and are traceable.
- We've added a 'Reveal' button to show the typed/entered password when browsing/verifying/restoring password protected or encrypted images.
- We've added a backup overall progress percentage tooltip to Reflect Monitor taskbar system tray icon

- We've added Japanese localization support. The Japanese language will be automatically selected at install time for Japanese Windows installations.
- Take 'Other Tasks' > 'Defaults and Settings' > 'Advanced' > 'Language' to change language for an existing installation after patching.
- Rescue Media Builder:
- Recent backup folders were not always being copied when creating rescue media. This has been resolved.
- We've added a network authentication prompt when saving an ISO file to a disconnected network share

Technician's Rescue Media:
- The option to prefix the backup filename with IMAGEID was not available in PE/Portable mode. This has been resolved.
- The toolbar for Defaults was not visible in Technician's PE/Portable mode. This has been resolved.

File and Folder Backup:
- Folders to backup were not added in alphabetic order. This has been resolved.
- File & Folder backup wizard would not use the users locale date/time format for the folder date/time. This has been resolved.

Server Plus:
- The refresh of the Exchange backup cache could lead to a "Not Responding" state. This has been resolved.
- Exchange backup could lead to an error "Not Enough Storage is available to process this command". This has been resolved.
- A program exception could occur when specifying an alternate location for SQL Server database restore. This has been resolved.

- Email Attachments were missing for Clone operation. This has been resolved.
- Clone operations could fail to start if Forensic Copy was selected. This has been resolved.

- An edge case with some flash drives could cause the last physical cluster of an imaged file system to be skipped. This has been resolved.

Changed Block Tracker:
- The CBT state in Macrium Reflect menus would not always track the current CBT state correctly. This has been resolved.
- On some systems, CBT could not be enabled on the system volume. This has been resolved.

Image Mounting:
- Mounted NTFS volumes would show as tbFAT in the Windows Explorer properties dialog when the option to "Allow access to restricted folders" had been checked. This has been resolved.
- When mounting an image the image comment would be displayed over the checkbox forcing 2 clicks to enable the checkbox. This has been resolved.
- When an image is automatically dismounted as part of consolidation, the Unmount backup dialog would retain the mounted volume. This has been resolved.

Defaults and Settings:
- The network authentication defaults now has a Test option to test connectivity
- On 32 bit systems, default network user names were not being saved. This has been resolved

Log View:
- The toolbar on the Log View could become corrupt when hiding the filters after switching tabs. This has been resolved.
- The Log view refresh button was clearing the log filters. This has been resolved.

Existing Backups View:
- The Existing Backups View browse option would not automatically select the file that was browsed for. This has been resolved.
- We've made the 'Folders list' column in the Existing Backups View re-sizable

Reflect Monitor:
- Cancelling a backup in Reflect Monitor could leave some buttons disabled. This has been resolved.

- Various minor fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect

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