VPN tool that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN

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Use Mullvad VPN to get past restrictive firewalls and proxies. Connected to one of the best servers, you are free to surf the entire web. This VPN service helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private. Since Mullvad operates VPN servers worldwide, you can easily bypass browsing restrictions based on location. Mullvad 2023 can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and most other devices supporting OpenVPN or WireGuard®.

Online privacy is hard to come by these days. Nearly everything It does on the Internet is logged, making it quite easy for others to trace specific online activities right back to you. Well, your internet service provider (ISP) has the ability to track which websites you visit. Those websites, in turn, can see who your ISP is. Some even keep records of your activity. And that's just the beginning. Based on your country's laws, your ISP may even be required by the government to log the websites you visit.

Features and Highlights

Privacy is a universal right
It is fundamental to a well-functioning society. It allows norms, ethics, and laws to be safely discussed and challenged. A free and open society, therefore, cannot flourish and develop nor exist without privacy.

Evade hackers and trackers
When you connect to the internet with the software, It ensures that the traffic to and from your computer is encrypted to the highest standards even if you are using a public WiFi network at a cafe or hotel.

Keep your privacy
It keeps no activity logs, does not ask for personal information, and even encourage anonymous payments via cash or one of the cryptocurrencies It accepts. Your IP address is replaced by one of ours, ensuring that your device's activity and location are not linked to you.

Easy to use
Using this VPN is straightforward and simple – just download and install the app. You won't need to waste time with setup configurations or a multi-step registration process. It built the tool with ease of use in mind.

Generate an account number
The account number is the only thing you need to connect to the VPN for Windows. It asks for no email, no phone number, no personal information whatsoever.

Pay only €5 per month
Once you've got an account number, It gives you three hours to try the app for free. After that, it's only €5 per month for peace-of-mind privacy.

Download Mullvad and you're set
Your time is precious, so why waste it on difficult setup configurations? Download the MullvadVPN app, enter your account number, and you're ready to roll.

Note: 3-hour trial version.

Also Available: Download Mullvad VPN for Mac

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What's new in this version:

- Add DAITA (Defence against AI-guided Traffic Analysis) setting. On supported servers, this makes
website fingerprinting more difficult by sending random padding packets along with padding all
packets to the same size.

- Don't fail to start daemon when the offline monitor fails to be initialized