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Nero AI Photo Tagger

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Nero AI Photo Tagger

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    Nero AI Photo Tagger 2023 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Nero AI Photo Tagger is a photo library manager that can automatically scan large photo archives and automatically order and structure photos into an easily searchable format.

Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the modern Artificial Intelligence algorithms and new PC hardware found in modern CPU solutions from Intel, this powerful application from Nero (creators of popular CD/DVD/BD burning software solutions) enables photo enthusiasts to quickly organize their large photo archives without the need to access cloud-powered solutions. This app is optimized to work locally, without the help of online hardware resources.

One of the core technologies that Nero AI Photo Tagger uses in order to accelerate image recognition and sorting algorithms is OpenVINO™, a brand-new feature offered by Intel Corporation. Infused in 10th generation Intel® Core™ processors (and newer), this instruction set dramatically accelerates AI processes, enabling AI Photo Tagger Software to quickly sort vast libraries of photos, and tag them for easy sorting and searching.

This process can assign photos with an incredible variety of tags that are all based on the actual image context discovered inside the photos themselves (not just tags derived from time/geolocation metadata that is attached to each photo). The AI search engine can accurately detect a wide array of objects including vehicles (automobiles, airplanes, boats, busses), natural elements (forests, lakes, mountains, trees, grass fields), animals (dogs, cats, birds, elephants, horses), urban objects (houses, buildings, churches, factories), people, household items, and much more.

The app itself features a very simple interface, with the main tools for scanning and tagging being available on the far left corner of the dashboard, detected AI tags are listed on the far right, while the large middle canvas is dedicated to listings of images. To organize and tag their photo library, users can simply use Select and Analyze tools and search through their photo archives using newly assigned tags. The lack of other in-depth tools or procedures makes this app quite streamlined and easy to use.

The AI Photo Tagger is a premium app that can be purchased either with a standalone license, or as a part of a Nero Suite that bundles many other popular apps for media management, video editing, Backup, and more. While Nero AI Photo Tagger can perform its AI tagging on any modern PC hardware, the most optimized and accelerated use can be achieved on PCs running modern Intel CPUs (10th generation or newer).

Note: Requires registration for the 7 days trial version.

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