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Piskel for PC

Piskel for PC

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Piskel is a small but very usable free graphics editor focused on easy creation and modification of static and animated pixel art and GIFs. Its built-in tools enable both novices and professionals to immerse themselves into the world of pixel art design, with a helpful preview window, a wide array of drawing tools, and a streamlined way to export and share your creations.

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After a short and uneventful installation, you can start this app that showcases all of its tools immediately on the main editor screen. The center of the app is of course dedicated to canvas, with a large array of drawing tools on the traditional left spot, and in-depth tool properties on the far right.

Drawing tools comprise all the pens and brushes you will ever need, and all the other necessary tools such as paint bucket, vertical mirror pen, lasso selection, dithering and lighten utensil, and detailed tools for managing the exact color palette of your project.

The editor also has a dedicated space for the listing of individual frames immediately on the left of the canvas, and the very useful live preview screen (with user-selectable playback speed controls) in the top right corner. Interestingly, the app moves away from the traditional drop-down menus that are listed on top of the app, and instead brings its file management options with a selection of just a few icons located on the very right border of the app.

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With those tools, you can open app Options, save the current project, open a new one, activate the full-screen mode, and access one of the most unique services found inside the Piskel – an online gallery of your project. In that gallery, you can keep your sprites and animated creations for easy access and sharing. The gallery can host both private and public sprites.

After your work is done, the finalized sprites can be exported using several supported modes. In addition to the traditional static and animated file formats, Piskel for Windows PC also has the ability to export your content inside compresses ZIP archives which are well suited for use on larger projects.

Piskel is a 100% FREE desktop app and can be used on all versions of Windows OS. Developed by a single developer, this popular pixel art design software is supported with in-app advertisements, but thankfully the ads are not present on the main editor window, enabling the users to design their art in peace. The app does not support any form of donations, subscriptions, or license upgrades.

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  • No requirement for an internet connection.
  • Ability to save directly to a file without the need for downloading a separate copy.
  • This product is not developed actively anymore.
  • Lack of connection to your piskelapp.com account.
  • Typically, better performance is experienced with the online version.
  • Testing and quality assurance are limited.
Also Available: Download Piskel for Mac

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