Artist-friendly parametric modelling and layout for 3ds Max


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    RailClone 6 LATEST

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    Sophia Jones

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    iToo Software / External Link

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RailClone is the artist-friendly parametric modeling and spline-cloning Windows PC plugin for 3ds Max that's fast, efficient, and easy to learn.

Tired of using fixed, hard to modify, assets that require time-consuming manual labour to edit? Wish it was easier to create smart parametric objects that are easy to update, can be used and reused again and again, but requires minimal time investment?

RailClone is unlike any other tool on the market. Objects are created simply by assembling and repeating existing geometry using an easy-to-define set of rules. If you can model in Max, you can create procedural objects with the program.

Choose from hundreds of built-in presets, adapt existing objects by adding your own geometry, or even create your own from scratch using RailClone's easy-to-understand visual editor.


It doesn't construct an object from scratch, it works by assembling and repeating existing pieces of geometry along paths. To do this it needs two things - a spline for the path and of course, some modular geometry.

Imagine you're explaining to a manufacturer how to build this bus shelter, you might say: "Put a glass panel at the start and the end, add mullions at 2m intervals, then fill in between with the roof and glazing." If you understand this, you understand the app.

Just like Max, It has its own modifiers, called operators, that are used to manipulate geometry. You can group items, create patterns, randomize transforms, UVs, and materials IDs, create conditional relationships, and much more.


Proxy Cache
Bake objects to a proxy cache without destroying instancing or losing access to advanced features. Caches can be stored in the scene or exported to a separate file to minimize file bloat and make them easy to reuse.

Distribute Lights and VDBs
Distribute non-geometric objects including lights and VDB volumes. Combine them with geometry for hybrid styles and even use RailClone Colour with a light tint to create random variations.

Support for Groups
Precompose objects into standard Max groups and use them as segments that can be any combination of geometric objects, non-geometric objects like lights and VDBs, or both.

Intuitive banking control
Control the banking angle of geometry at any point along a spline by adding easy-to-manipulate gizmos via the RC Spline modifier. By simply rotating a marker, the geometry twists, turns, and smoothly deforms to match.

New Evenly Modes
Distribute geometry at regularly spaced intervals along a spline with more control than ever before. Force an odd number of intervals, an even number, or simply use the original mode where the number is determined by best fit.

Drop Down Lists
Make it easier for users to select geometry, change materials, turn on and off elements, or control pretty much any attribute of a graph that takes a numeric input using easy-to-understand text-based drop-down lists.

Compatible with Arnold 7
Use the latest version of Autodesk's built-in rendering engine, as well as the latest releases of V-Ray, Corona, and Redshift.

Control generators using Marker data
Use markers to control many Generator parameters when using Extend X/Y Size to area mode. Where multiple markers are found on a spline, the value is taken from the first marker found.

Improvements to clipping
Translate or rotate nested generators or composing objects outside the boundary of a clipping area and still retain all the segments. Great for creating 100s of randomized hinged or sliding doors and windows.


Can RailClone be used for architectural visualization?
Yes, the program is widely used in architectural visualization for creating complex building facades, fences, and other architectural elements.

Can I create my own custom presets in RailClone?
Absolutely. It allows you to save your own configurations as presets, making it easy to reuse them in future projects.

Does RailClone require programming skills to use effectively?
No, RailClone's node-based editor is designed to be accessible to artists and designers without extensive programming experience. While some knowledge of procedural modeling concepts can be helpful, it's not a strict requirement.


Forest Pack: While not a direct alternative, Forest Pack, also from iToo Software, complements RailClone by specializing in scattering objects like vegetation, rocks, and debris.

Houdini: Houdini's procedural modeling capabilities are renowned in the industry, and it offers a high degree of flexibility for creating complex 3D structures.

Marvelous Designer: For those focused on clothing and fabric simulations, Marvelous Designer excels in creating realistic cloth and garment models.


  • Can be used commercially.
  • Free to use and never expires.
  • Does not include a Maintenance Plan, with no access to prioritized technical support, forum file downloads, new content, and betas.
  • Three segments per object.
  • One generator per object.
  • NEW! Use advanced algorithms to deform geometry and follow paths on the X/Y and Z axes.
  • NEW! Can be collapsed to editable mesh.
  • A limited subset of presets.
  • Libraries cannot be customized.
  • Does not include RailClone Tools, cannot be converted to instances.
PAID PLAN - 230 €
  • Can be used commercially.
  • Perpetual licensing.
  • Includes a one-year extendable Maintenance Plan with prioritized technical support, early access to beta versions, and regular updates.
  • Unlimited segments per object.
  • Unlimited generators per object.
  • Use advanced algorithms to deform geometry and follow paths on the X/Y and Z axes.
  • Can be collapsed to editable mesh.
  • Over 420 presets.
  • Add your own preset libraries.
  • Includes RailClone Tools to convert to native instances.
  • Powerful parametric modeling capabilities.
  • User-friendly node-based interface.
  • Extensive library of presets.
  • Real-time interactive editing.
  • Integration with Forest Pack for outdoor scenes.
  • Learning curve for beginners.
  • May not be suitable for all 3D modeling tasks.

RailClone is a remarkable piece of software that brings the power of procedural modeling to 3DS Max users. Its node-based approach, extensive library of presets, and real-time interactive editing make it an invaluable tool for artists, architects, and designers looking to create complex 3D structures efficiently.

While there is a learning curve, the results you can achieve with the app justify the investment of time and effort. Before purchasing, be sure to check for compatibility with your 3DS Max version and explore the available pricing options. If you're serious about parametric modeling and 3D scene creation, RailClone is a tool worth adding to your arsenal.

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