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Download Reason 12.2.7

  -  5.01 GB  -  Demo

What's new in this version:

Reason 12.2.7
- Improved loading times for ReFills
- Stability improvements to the Reason Browser search function
- Updated version of Mimic that fixes a crash that could happen when editing long samples, very long samples will now be cropped

- a bug that could give the wrong result when performing Bounce in Place on multiple Pattern Mutators inside Combinators
- a bug in the Sample Editor that could cause a sample to play without easily being able to stop it
- a bug where the Reason Rack Plugin GUI could get cropped when zooming in
- a bug that could cause Reason to crash when changing to display mirroring
- a bug that could cause cables going into a Master Section Combinator to be shown incorrectly
- a bug that hid folders from search result when they contained items that show up in the search result

Reason 12.2.6
- a bug that caused error messages to appear when quickly opening multiple context menus in Rack Extensions
- a bug that could cause Reason to crash when resetting devices
- an issue where dragging many items from Reason’s browser to the Rack caused lagging
- so that Reason does not hang when dragging and dropping many items from the browser to a favourites folder
- a bug that incorrectly included the device group of an effect copied between two insert slots
- a bug that caused browser to not update contents of directories until restarting Reason
- a case where Reason documents could get a bad format error after saving
- a loop recording bug that could cause MIDI notes to be recorded at the wrong position in the sequencer when quantizing
- a bug that caused the Reason Rack Plugin window to randomly resize on Mac M1
- a couple of cable routing bugs that appeared when opening Reason 11 documents (or older) in Reason 12

- Improved error handling when opening Companion
- Improved error handling for incorrectly encoded text
- Reduced maximum memory usage usage for browser search
- Updated remote files for some Novation controllers

Reason 12.2.5
Improved browser search:
- Added choice in preferences to exclude specific folders from indexing for fast search
- Cloud storage folders are excluded from indexing by default
- The search engine now uses less disk space
- Faster searching and browsing
- Changed so that a minimum of two letters in the search field is required to trigger a search
- Searching on a network disk now work on MacOS
- Folding away device manufacturer categories in the browser is now saved
- Fixed a bug that could hang Reason when searching Desktop
- Fixed unwanted delay when switching between searching Selected folder and All locations
- Fixed a bug that caused sound fonts (.sf2) to not show up in search results

Significantly improved graphics performance:
- Optimizations for smarter redrawing of GUI
- Improved device display performance
- Improved performance of drawing collapsed note lanes in sequencer
- Fixed a bug that could cause automation curves to not be displayed correctly in certain situations

Several graphical fixes:
- Icons in Browser are now in high resolution
- MIDI Out Device mod and pitch wheels are now in high resolution
- Fixed a graphical glitch that could appear in sequencer at playback
- Fixed various minor graphic bugs in RV7000, Thor and the VST proxy device
- The Reason logo is no longer low resolution in the Companion when updating license
- Fixed an issue with a white line appearing in the splash screen on Windows
- Delay Compensation digits in Transport bar now are correctly positioned
- Fixed potential memory leaks
- Improved rendering of text in languages with non-Latin characters
- WAV is now used as default file format for audio export on Windows again. That sure was embarrassing!
- Effect devices that automatically create a note lane now also get a note lane when added as an Insert FX
- Effect devices in a Combinator now get note and performance controller input correctly
- Fixed a bug that could cause highlighted items in browser to stay highlighted even after the mouse moved away
- Fixed a bug with BPM and time signature automation pop-up menu at wrong location
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error when loading Combinator backdrops
- Fixed an issue where a midi track was sometimes created above the transport lane
- Fixed a bug that caused Players added to a MIDI Out Device to be placed and routed incorrectly
- Fixed a bug that could cause an added Player to not automatically create an ID8 under certain circumstances
- Fixed a bug where stepped remote controls were scaled incorrectly between control surfaces and Reason
- Just checking if you’re still reading… you are? Sweet! Almost done.
- Added new remote codecs for several M-Audio controllers
- Improved auto detection of M-Audio Oxygen Pro series
- New, renamed and removed Preferences tabs - and reallocation of tab items

Reason 12.2.4
- Fixed a bug where the browser didn't refresh with updated content, e.g. an exported song and saved patch
- Slight improvements to display performance in Rack Extensions
- Minor improvements to ReFill handling
- Reason no longer rescans already scanned Rack Extensions at startup
- Minor improvements to processor thread handling

Windows specific fixes:
- Auto-scale implementation for VSTs in Reason standalone
- Improved scrolling in the Rack
- Fixed an issue when starting Reason on early versions of Windows 10
- Fixed a bug that would prevent opening files on external drives

Reason 12.2.3
- Added new Combinator Widgets (controls and switches)
- Improved handling of OpenGL to prevent many graphic artefacts and corruption, especially when using other VSTs that also use OpenGL (e.g. VPS Avenger and IK Multimedia SampleTank 4)
- Use sRGB colors on Mac
- Improved drawing performance for Rack Extensions with custom displays
- Fixed slow drawing performance for combinators without custom backdrops
- Updated Save and Load file dialogs on Windows for better HiDPI support
- Slightly smoother scrolling in Rack
- Better handling of unknown font glyphs
- Faster indexing and searching
- Indexing of Rack Extensions occurs only once each Reason session
- Full scan of user locations is done each startup of Reason
- A rescan only of modified folders is performed every hour
- Improved handling of shortcuts in browser
- Better handling of corrupt browser index database entries
- Improved search in network locations on Windows

Reason 12.2.2
Improvements and bug fixes:
- Added additional high resolution graphic objects
- Fixed a bug where parts of the transport bar had the wrong colors in dark mode
- Some improvements to stability when searching in the browser
- Fixed an issue that could happen when you had duplicate ReFills
- Fixed a bug where Reason crashed when loading corrupt rx2 files

New version of Mimic including the following fixes:
- Improved Timing in Advanced Stretch mode
- Fixed a bug where modulation of Start Position in Slice mode could trig slices outside the range, resulting in silence
- Legato mode did not re-trigger correctly
- Legato clicked when not playing legato
- Fixed a bug where using certain wav samples in Melody Stretch mode could crash Mimic

Reason 12.2.1
- Fixed a bug that could cause several VSTs to crash or not work as intended
- Various performance improvements and optimizations
- Fixed a bug that could cause users with old/unsupported graphics drivers to run out of memory
- Fixed a bug that could make Reason crash when dragging a MIDI file into the sequencer
- Fixed a bug where the Reason process was still running in background after quitting Reason, sometimes making it impossible to start Reason
- Fixed a bug where Reason Rack Plugin could cause Cubase to hang when quitting the program
- Fixed a bug where the Combinator Rotary CV input affected ALL rotaries
- Fixed an issue where Combinator control names were not shown properly in all places, tooltips, undo history, sequencer automation, etc
- Remote maps utilizing the old insert effects section in the Mixer now forwards this to the first four controls and buttons on a Combinator in the Insert FX section if applicable
- Fixed an issue where remotables "Rotary 1" to "Rotary 32" does not correctly map to the first 1-32 Controls according to the order in the panel element list. The same goes for remotables "Button 1-32"
- The Reason Help web links now take you to the right place
- Reason now correctly notifies you when trying to install Reason on unsupported Windows 10 versions lower than 10.0.14393
- Updated credits

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