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Scanner is a small free storage management utility/tool that can quickly scan your local storage and present results to the user as a visual flowchart of the directories sorted by their size. By focusing on a flashy presentation of a multi-level pie chart, this app can allow PC novices to quickly analyze the state of their hard drive and locate suspiciously large directories that hide files that can be safely deleted.

The entire user interface of the Scanner app consists of a single window with simplistic but very easy to understand graphic and tools. The center is taken by the large multi-colored pie chart of the scanned hard drive, which is also fully interactive and can identify the location and size of each selected directory.

On the left side is the column of icons representing all of the detected storage drives (which include not only local hard drives, but also optical drives, USB storage, and network storage locations). The remainder of the corners of the app holds few more interesting tools for deleting the selected directory, viewing a summary of scanned files, and a refresh button. The app has no other customization tools.

Even though Scanner is lightweight and quite limited in its functionality compared to some other modern storage utility apps, it can still provide a lot of value to users who just want a quick and easy scan of their storage locations and to visually spot directories that have grown too large. Additionally, one of the features of this software that make it distinct from the competition is that it is fully compatible even with legacy versions of Windows OS.

  • Visual flowchart aids quick analysis.
  • Simple interface for easy understanding.
  • Compatible with legacy Windows OS.
  • Limited functionality compared to alternatives.
  • Lack of customization options.
  • May not suit advanced users' needs.
If you are looking for Scanner alternatives, we recommend you to download Hard Disk Sentinel or HD Tune Pro.

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What's new in this version:

- bugfix: hangup when breaking multiple drive scan