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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Stable Diffusion Online / Stable Diffusion

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Stable Diffusion is a highly advanced photo and digital art generation SaaS platform that empowers users of all ages to visualize digital art using a powerful deep-learning text-to-image model that can parse natural language and generate highly realistic final photos. In addition to the generation of brand-new images, this service can also perform other tasks such as image-to-image translations, outpainting, and inpainting.

While many other competing AI image generation tools are powered by large cloud infrastructures (such as DALL-E and Midjourney), Stable Infusion allows users to download to perform all the necessary deep learning calculations and training procedures on local GPU hardware.

Main features

It was introduced to the market in the summer of 2022 when it immediately attracted a large amount of attention from both internet users and worldwide media who both praised its capabilities and criticized possible mistreatment scenarios.

The first version of this service was only able to develop images with a modest 512x512 pixel resolution size. The upgraded second version has raised that limit to 768x768 pixels and has also incorporated an invisible watermark feature that can help users reliably identify the images as being machine-generated.

Stable Diffusion for Windows PC can most easily be accessed via its official website where users can immediately start experimenting with AI-powered image generation by simply entering their image description into a text field. The web application allows the fast generation of 4 images for each text entry, with an Advanced Options section that can tweak various aspects of the image generation procedure (number of images, Steps, Guidance Scale, and Seed).


What is Stable Diffusion?
Stable Diffusion is a cutting-edge machine-learning technology that transforms text into stunning, high-resolution images. It allows users to quickly generate artwork, fueling the creative process and inspiring new ideas. Additionally, it can be used for image inpainting and outpainting.

Is Stable Diffusion free?
Yes, Stable Diffusion 2.0 is now available on Playground AI and it's free to use.

How does Stable Diffusion work?
Stable Diffusion is a latent diffusion model, which compresses images into a smaller latent space before processing. This approach speeds up the model by reducing the number of computations required.

Where can I get Stable Diffusion for Desktop?
To use Stable Diffusion on your Windows PC, you can download it from GitHub.

Is Stable Diffusion legal?
It claims no rights to the generated images and grants users the right to use them as long as they are not illegal or harmful.

What was Stable Diffusion trained on?
It was trained on the 2b English language label subset of LAION 5b, which is a general internet crawl by the German charity LAION.

What are Diffusion Models?
Diffusion Models are a type of generative machine-learning models that can produce new data based on training data.

What is the copyright for Stable Diffusion generated images?
The legality of AI-generated images and their copyrights vary by jurisdiction and can be complex.

What types of GPUs can run Stable Diffusion and at what settings?
It can run on most NVidia and AMD GPUs with 6GB or more of memory.


  • Quick turnaround and iteration of many ideas
  • High-quality final results and resolutions
  • Easy exploration of different art styles with just a few clicks (painting, cell shading, cartoony, 3d, photographs, etc)
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities and eventual tie-ins with animation and video AI systems


  • Lack of worldwide copyright protections for AI-generated art
  • Creatives may be divided on whether to embrace or reject the technology, leading to inner team conflicts
  • Possibility of duplicate results, resulting in un-original outcomes for artists and creators using similar keywords or inputs


Due to its ability to create highly realistic images with elements that are sourced from millions of publicly available photos, many creators of digital art and owners of large photo libraries that were not properly licensed for use in deep learning training sets, have expressed their criticism in modern deep learning services such as Stable Diffusion. As of early 2023, this SaaS platform was officially sued by several artists and the large photo stock company Getty Images.

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