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VLC Media Player (32-bit)

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Download VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (32-bit)

VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (32-bit)

 -  100% Safe  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Fix SetupFormat for continuous framesize in v4l2
- Fix off-by-one buffer overflow in RealRtsp module
- Fix screen recording aspect-ratio, framerate and potential crash
- Fix Windows directshow input freeze
- Fix MMS segmentation fault/abort when server forces a large allocation

- Fix support for ms-dvr files
- Fix time detection in AVI files over HTTP
- HLS: fix hang on stop, crashes and small improvements
- Fix mp4 NULL dereference reported by by Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs
- Fix regression for VC-1 in WMV
- Fix MXF crashes on stop
- Fix EAC3 detection in some TS files

- Fix importing surface from main memory in VDPAU
- Fix possible double-free in ADPCM decoder
- Support 9-bit and 10-bit GBR planar formats
- Support GoToMeeting 2 and GoToMeeting 3 codecs
- Fix crash in teletext (zvbi) decoder
- Fix Bluray subtitles (PGS) timestamps

Audio output:
- Fix audio drop after a flush with pulseaudio
- Fix audio initialization on iOS
- Fix audio stuttering with AirPlay devices on OS X (2 sec delay needs to be set manually by the user)
- Fix pulseaudio latency computation
- Fix alsa default device selection

- Fix video control that fails to show up
- Fix UTF-8 conversion issues
- Fix Unicode folders location failing to open the skins
- Fix crash over malformed skins bitmaps
- Fix fullscreen for Gnome3/Unity Window Managers

- Support for OS X El Capitan
- Fix code signature for releases on El Capitan
- Improve resume dialog, starting time, preferences, lua extensions
- Fix threads ordering, preferences crashes, URL drag'n drops

- Fix crash when opening multiple items on Windows
- Fix recent items appending when using a playlist
- Improve addons manager dialog, playlist
- Fix changing the audio-device in the menu
- Fix key and mouse event support for Qt >= 5.5 under X11
- Fix memory leaks

Video Output:
- Fix build if one disables XCB but activate VDPAU on Unix
- Fix Direct3D plane allocation size to avoid colour bleeding
- Fix some crashes in swscale resizing

- Fix build with recent FreeRDP versions
- Fix interface crashes when input-title-format option is empty
- Fix MP4 mux divide-by-zero crash
- Improve PNG encoding time
- Fix some UPnP initialization lag
- Rewrite of the Jamendo Service Discovery
- Fix snapshot aspect ratio for anamorphic contents
- Fix custom snapshot sizes
- Dynamic generation of GnuTLS Diffie-Hellman parameters
- Fix "vb" transcoding parameter
- Fix superfluous audio channel extraction in the core
- Fix miscellaneous crashes, double-frees, integer overflows, infinite loops, read overflow, invalid frees and division by zero issues
- Fix support for lua 5.2 and fix XSS in the http interface
- Update and improve Soundcloud, Vimeo and Youtube scripts
- Update of codecs and libraries to fix 3rd party security issues (like
- TALOS-CAN-0036, TALOS-CAN-0037, CVE-2015-7981, CVE-2015-8126

- Add Kashmiri and Maithili languages
- Update of most translations

- Expose audio mute, cork and volume change events: libvlc_MediaPlayerCorked, libvlc_MediaPlayerUncorked, libvlc_MediaPlayerMuted, libvlc_MediaPlayerUnmuted and libvlc_MediaPlayerAudioVolume
- Fix propagation of libvlc_MediaPlayerTitleChanged event

- Update of most translations

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