Allows you to create, rig, and animate your own voxel-based NFTs!

VoxEdit NFT Creator

VoxEdit NFT Creator

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VoxEdit NFT Creator is the leading Windows PC software that allows you to create, rig, and animate your own voxel-based NFTs. Sell them on The Sandbox's marketplace and discover a new world. VoxEdit is the only tool capable of exporting assets to Marketplace. Install VoxEdit for Windows PC and start creating. Enjoy!

Use the 3 main modules to create assets for the SandBox game: Modeler, Animator, and Block Editor.

The voxel modeling module allows you to shape your ideas into assets and then paint them. Created Models are stored in VXM files (VoxModeler). This type of file stores information of the model, such as the asset’s color and pivot point.

It allows you to import one or more VXM or VOX models (generic Voxel Format) You can also create animation controls that can then be used to animate any kind of asset. Rig hierarchy is stored in a VXR file (VoxRigger) and animations, in a VXA file (VoxAnimation).

Block Editor
It’s a tool for creating the primary blocks for SandBox, which are used to design the terrain, to build static structures, and to create certain kinds of fluids, such as water and lava. Created blocks are saved in a VXB file (VoxBlock).

These three modules and file formats will allow you to create all the assets (entities) necessary for generating interactive experiences in SandBox.

Sell, trade, and buy VoxEdit assets on The Sandbox's marketplace and monetize your creations. 95% of all transactions go to you, the creator!

What is NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. They are unique, indivisible, and non-interchangeable - allowing true digital ownership of in-game assets.

Any asset created inside VoxEdit can be minted and transformed into an NFT, which can be sold on the marketplace for $SAND. You have full freedom in.

What is SAND?

$SAND is the main utility token that allows you to buy and sell NFTs, and LAND in The Sandbox metaverse game.

Here's how it works
  • First, you'll sign up to encourage the best voxel ASSETS
  • Get paid for each asset you make AND get 100% of profits from each of your sales!
  • The overall goal for the fund is to generate 10,000 voxel ASSETS for the game
  • In addition to the grant, you'll be able to sell your creations to players when The Sandbox launches
Play by the Rules!

The default size is 32x32x32, which translates to 1 meter (3.2 ft) in The Sandbox Universe.

32x32x32 is the maximum detail available to make inside a cubic meter. An avatar will be about 2 blocks in height (64 Voxels).

VoxEdit NFT Creator comes with a lot of templates to help you get started with your creations, however, please take a look at technical guidelines to make sure your assets will work in the best way in the Game Maker.

The program is limited to the first 1,000 artists accepted, so sign up today for a chance to enjoy the benefits!

What`s New

Minor Fixes and Improvements:
  • Save Workspace Equipment: Fixed the "Save As" glitch causing empty folders.
  • Workspace "Open in VoxEdit": Resolved Equipment Templates missing VXM human models.
  • Node Limit Alert: Corrected viewport Node limit warning.
  • Pivot / Volume Edit Confirmation: Added a success popup for Pivot or Volume edits.
Known Issues:
  • Autoslerp in Equipment Templates: Missing Autoslerp button in Equipment Templates.
  • Fill inBetween Crash: Crashes when using Fill inBetween on IK rigs with Autoslerp.
  • It enables creation, rigging, and animation of voxel-based NFTs.
  • Export assets to The Sandbox marketplace for monetization.
  • Three modules cater to modeling, animation, and block creation.
  • Assets can be minted as NFTs for sale on the marketplace.
  • Limited to first 1,000 artists accepted.
  • Some known issues with certain functionalities.
Also Available: Download VoxEdit NFT Creator for Mac

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