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What's new in this version:

- gs-server: Fixed Incremental Analyze did not work for gs-server + On File Change
- gs-server: Fixed wrong paths passed in GetFileCheckSum
- GSTP + OTP: Fixed of Device Authorization was lost, then client can cycle on re-Auth
- GS Connect Web UI: Added Delete Old Devices, that is, devices not seen for N days
- GS Connect Web UI: multiple bug fixes, improve usability
- GSTP sharing: Fixed Sharing did not work, if default forwarder was used
- GSTP sharing: Implemented CanShare flag: Grantor user allows Share to be further shared
- GSTP sharing: Relax format of From Folder, do not require file:// prefix
- Amazon Cloud Drive: Fixed Conflict 409 in Analyze after stopped Sync

- Disk Free Space: show it in Explorer and Browse dialog for all file systems that have it
- Sharing: Added chaining of Folder Grants: (A grants to B) + (B grants to C) -> (A grants to C)
- Sharing: Granted Computer now assumes UserId of Grantee user, not that of Grantor user, as before
- gs-server and forwarders: Fixed passing of Delegated Auth flag
- gs-server: Added flag DirectOnly to settings.tix. If Yes, it declares that it needs no Forwarders
- gs-server: Added flag GrantsOnly to settings.tix. If Yes, server rejects all non-grant folders
- gs-server: Fixed /set-admin, /set-user and /del-user commands: load settings before them
- MS Graph OneDrive/Office: Fixed OAuth2 token endpoints for regional clouds
- Fixed vulnerability where GoodSync can load malicous DLL from its program folder
- Moved European Forwarder to bigger server in Amsterdam
- Added GDPR clause to Privacy Policy, added GDPR page to web site
- Linux .run installer: Fixed profile owner when configuring gs-server daemon to run under limited user
- Gs-Server for Synology NAS: Better integration with DSM UI, according to DSM standards

- Gs-Server: get rid of internal file:// in URL pointing to gs-server, so that
- gstp://comp.user.goodsync/file:///disk/folder becomes gstp://comp.user.goodsync/disk/folder
- Browse Dlg: Fixed checking for GSTP computer being local, when GS offers to change to Local FS
- Browse Dlg + Side Options: Fixed Side Options do not change when sync folder changes in Browse dlg
- Side Options: Allow turning Off Use Temp Files option for Local FS, as in rare cases it may not have MoveFile
- Do not Delete Dest file on Direct Upload only when both RecycleBin and History are turned off
- Sync Scripts: Do not Call Script / Send Email after Analyze that ended with Wait for User
- Windows FS + SMB: Fixed resolution of SMB paths that are used in Local FS
- Amazon CD: Retry on Error 502 Bad Gateway, returned by ACD server
- Encrypted FS: Implemeted GetFileOwner(), GetFileOwnerACL(), SetFileOwnerACL()
- TLS/SSL: updated list of valid root certificates and Certificate Authorities
- Gs-Server Web UI: Fixed logout did not cause forgetting credentials in the browser
- DE and AR localization updated

- Encryption Side Option: Merge Encrypt Names/Bodies into one option
- Encryption Side Option: Added Test Encryption button, to test Encryption Password on folder
- Encryption Side Option: Added Empty Sync Folder button, to wipeout folder when Encryption changes
- Encrypted File System: Added conveyerization to it, so that it can upload much faster
- Side Option FAT-like: Show it for GSTP file systems too, as FAT may be hiding behind GSTP
- GSTP server + Home FS: Make Folders grow directly from GSTP server, without qhome:// FS and Server S0
- Sharing + Forwarder: Make Sharing work via Forwarders
- Sharing: Fixed folder list when Grantor's server is presented as two different servers to Grantee
- Azure FS: Not Found in ConnectFS is now ignored, not a real error
- Installer: Add Marker to all dialogs and message boxes, so that they can be closed by Installer
- File Upload: If destination file system is atomic, do not delete destination file before upload
- Side Options: Use Temp Files: Make this option always On for Local File System
- MS Graph: Added ability to address sites and sub-sites by name
- Browse Dialog: Reorder file systems, hide old and unused file systems

- SFTP: Major Speedup of Uploads, up to 20 times faster on fast networks
- SFTP: Added support for ECDSA host key algorithms, such as SSH-ED25519
- Sharing: Fixed drilling into shares where server name seen by Grantee differs from Grantpr's name
- File Open: Fixed files were not open in GS Explorer from Sync tree
- Sockets: speed up socket upload and download on high speed networks
- MS Graph: Added option "Request Group.All.Read scope", off by default
- MS Graph: Added Region option for National Clouds: US govt, DE, CN
- MS Graph: miscellaneous bug fixes and speed improvements
- S3 DreamHost: Allow parts upload on DreamHost, they finally implemented it
- Get/Set ACL GSTP: Send ACL in the HTTP body which can handle newlines in ACL
- Gsync, gscp, gs-server: get rid of extra newline in console output
- Gs-server: Allow only TLS 1.2, enable ECDH and show three strong cipher suites by default

- SFTP: Major Speedup of Uploads, up to 20 times faster on fast networks
- Sockets: speed up socket upload and download on high speed networks
- MS Graph: Added option "Request Group.All.Read scope", off by default
- MS Graph: Added Region option for National Clouds: US govt, DE, CN
- MS Graph: miscellaneous bug fixes and speed improvements
- S3 DreamHost: Allow parts upload on DreamHost, they finally implemented it
- Get/Set ACL GSTP: Send ACL in the HTTP body which can handle newlines in ACL
- Gsync, gscp, gs-server: get rid of extra newline in console output
- Gs-server: Allow only TLS 1.2, enable ECDH and show three strong cipher suites by default

- MS Graph: many changes in browsing, show all Sites and Drives
- MS Graph: Acquire Group.Read.All and Sites.ReadWrite.All permissions, to see Sites
- MS Graph: Add icon and description, fixed several bugs
- S3: V4 auth: Escape : and * too, or we get signature errors
- GoodSync2Go: Fixed GoodSync2Go.bat file did not start EXE on 32-bit system
- File Monitoring: Do Monitoring only for Local/Net file systems, not for remote systems
- Device ID: fixed corrupted device id sent for non-latin computer names
- Thousands Separator: Fixed adding , or . separator in case of non-standard Number Format
- Crash Catcher: Do not report exception that we caught, if we could not walk the stack
- Gsync and other console apps: Make them show foreign characters
- Filters: fixed bugs in handling Absolute Include filters
- CC Runner: Do not log sensitive info, such as passwords
- Gsync: Fixed /oauth option not working
- Gscp: Add handling of /profile= and logging command line options

- MS Graph: many changes in browsing, show all Sites and Drives
- MS Graph: Acquire Group.Read.All and Sites.ReadWrite.All permissions, to see Sites
- MS Graph: Add icon and description, fixed several bugs
- S3: V4 auth: Escape : and - too, or we get signature errors
- GoodSync2Go: Fixed GoodSync2Go.bat file did not start EXE on 32-bit system
- File Monitoring: Do Monitoring only for Local/LocalNet file systems, not for remote non-monitor systems
- Device ID: fixed corrupted device id sent for non-latin computer names
- Thousands Separator: Fixed adding , or . separator in case of non-standard Number Format
- Crash Catcher: Do not report exception that we caught, if we could not walk the stack
- gsync and other console apps: Make them show foreign characters
- Filters: fixed bugs in handling Absolute Include filters
- CC Runner: Do not log sensitive info, such as passwords
- gscp: Add handling of /profile= and logging command line options

- MS Graph: Added new file system for Microsoft Drive, based on new MS Graph API
- MS Graph: This is Experimental Beta release, less subject to Error 429 though
- Fixed: Cannot connect to local GoodSync server: server: Cannot get user: User -(undefined)-
- Do not allow Limited User to use Elevation to get to folders that are forbidden to him
- Account Manager: Do Not remove Accounts that have no File System for their URL
- S3: Fixed getting location of bucket for URL-based scheme, could cause infinite recursion

- Backblaze B2: fixed progress indication in upload of large files
- Amazon S3: Now always use V4 auth (AWS4-HMAC-SHA256) headers
- S3: Us Govt Cloud: Always use region us-gov-west-1 for it
- Deduplication + GSTP: Fixed download of dedup file from GSTP was showing it of zero size
- GoodSync2Go: Added 64-bit EXEs to files installed by GS2GO installer
- GoodSync2Go: Store DeviceID in Profile/deviceid.tix on GS2Go disk
- GoodSync2Go: improve folder structure, have only file GoodSync2Go.bat at the top that runs 32-bit or 64-bit
- gs-server: Fixed Unique Server Id was not set sometimes, when gs-server started
- gs-server: Improve startup and restart sequence
- gsync: Get /profile= option before other options, so that commands are applied to the specified profile
- LogViewer: improve init sequence, write logs of LogViewer to log folder
- Visual Sync Tree: Add File To Sync tree view that shows unsynced files, update it during Sync
- Visual Sync Tree: Changes View shows Proposed Changes, that do not change as Sync progresses
- Visual Sync Tree + AutoSync: Do not drop the tree after AutoSync finishes

- Auto-Install on Auto-Update: new scheme with Waiter process, provides instant restart
- Auto-Install on Auto-Update: install it any time Jobs are not running, not just 3AM to 5AM
- Auto-Install on Auto-Update: non-installer URLs now will all go to browser
- De-Elevation after Installer: do not use Windows Tasks for it, use our own restart
- Special Operations: fixed rare crashes caused by Spec Ops + Direction Change
- Crash Catcher: do not catch exceptions not related to GoodSync
- Sockets: fixed shutdown sequence for Listen sockets, fixes rare crashes
- Accounts and Jobs Load: Fixed Import of Job that point to incorrect Account
- Control Center Runner Installer: more fixes
- Control Center Job Upload: Fixed Job Command line generator for several job options
- SFTP: Added support for ECDH key exchange algorithms: ecdh-sha2-nistp256, ecdh-sha2-nistp384, ecdh-sha2-nistp521, diffie-hellman-group14-sha256, diffie-hellman-group16-sha512, diffie-hellman-group18-sha512

- SyncLib: optimize performance bottlenecks, so that it runs faster
- ZipStream read/write: optimize performance bottlenecks, so that it runs faster
- Crash Catcher: do not react to crashes that happen not on GoodSync stack
- GSTP client: fixed crashes, if many clients Connect all at once
- Sib-Socket Shutdown: fixed force shutdown did not cause effect on Linux
- License: Added lock to reading and writing License file and registry
- CC Runner Service Install: Remove NT Domain from SysUserID before using it
- Account Manager: save copy of accounts-bookmarks.tic file after each migration
- SyncLib: Delete all *._gstmp files if they are more than 24 hours old
- Mediator: Disabled TLSv1, SSLv3, enabled ECDHE for better encryption
- Google Drive: Fixed Make Folder in Browse Quick mode may cause cache problems

- Multiple Workers in SyncLib: Fixed crashes, caused by insufficient locking of Job Progress
- On File Change: Fixed rare crashes when *.tmp file was encountered and deleted
- Rewrote Crash Catcher, to catch more real crashes and fewer unrelated crashes
- Optimization: Turned Off /O2 optimization in SyncLib And GsFileSys, as it prevents crash analysis
- Generate SyncOp instead of New File Conflict, if non-intersecting L and R gen lists are far apart time-wise
- On File Change: make Job wait 30 sec between Analyze and Sync, if Errors or Conflicts were detected
- On File Change: make Job wait 30 sec after Sync, if User Stop was detected
- Sync Tree Toolbar: Fixed Item counts were not updated when new tree is built by Analyze
- Upload Jobs: Fixed Command Line errors in uploading jobs

- Multiple Workers in SyncLib: Fixed crashes, caused by insufficient locking of Job Progress
- Generate SyncOp instead of New File Conflict, if non-intersecting L and R gen lists are far apart time-wise
- On File Change: make Job wait 30 sec between Analyze and Sync, if Errors or Conflicts were detected
- On File Change: make Job wait 30 sec after Sync, if User Stop was detected
- Sync Tree Toolbar: Fixed Item counts were not updated when new tree is built by Analyze

- Google Drive: Introduce Quick Mode, used in Browse, so that Cache is initialized only in Analyze
- Google Drive: Keep backup of disk cache file, use backup file in case primary file is damaged
- Google Drive: do not send redirect_uri when refreshing Access Token, or else we get Error 400
- Rewrite listings to use marker pagination instead of offset pagination
- Skip over web_link items, they are not files or folders anyway
- OAuth2 File Systems: retry connections on OAuth2 token refresh, to fix connection errors
- On File Change: stop file upload when it has been change on source side
- Progress: Reset Job Bytes and other progress items when Incremental Sync starts
- SyncLib: Fixed file deletion was possible in GSTP jobs, when connection was lost during Analyze
- gs-server: Make Mediator reg attempts more aggressive when Discovery starts
- Proxy in Sockets: Fixed If Proxy Auto/Manual is Off, sometimes it was used if Proxy Host/Port were set
- Gs-Server and Gs-Runner services were not reacting to Sleep, now they suspend when going to Sleep
- Added command: Tools -> Upload Jobs to Control Center
- Program Options -> Security: Added option: Accounts Encryption Password
- CC Runner Installer: Added CL option for Accounts Encryption Password
- CC Runner Installer: Added CL options for Mini Progress and Allow User To Exit
- CC Runner: Added reaction to: Sleep, Wakeup, Logoff (End Session), WMI messages

- MS drive: Use new MS Graph for Discovery Service, as old OneDrive system stopped working with Error 401
- MS drive: improve error messages when discovery fails, instead of showing dropped connection
- gsync CL options: Move /override-locks from Run Options into Job Options (non-persistent)
- CC Runner: When installing CC Runner, set it to Start When Windows Starts, not GS GUI
- Google Drive/Docs V3: Implement "delete" for files/folders that were shared with current user

- Google Docs: Added Google Docs file system with gdocs3:// prefix. It shows only Google Docs, not Files
- Google Team Drive: Fixed changes.list parsing in case when Team Drive object itself is modified
- Azure Files: Set root folder flags properly, so that top level folder cannot be used for sync
- Browse Dialog: Allow Deleting Folder Bookmarks inside Accounts, not just whole Accounts
- Browse Dialog: When Account has been deleted, set Current URL to previously seen account
- CC Runner: When installing GoodSync by User then always reset EnterpriseRunnerConfig flag
- Uninstaller: Fixes icon was not shown, could crash on Windows XP
- SyncLib: Glue several Notes (Comments) together, separated by '; '
- Sync Tree Direction User Change: Speed up processing, when many items are selected
- Menus: Move New Job command from All menu to Job menu
- Gs-Server on Windows XP: Fixed error: User Impersonation failed: acquire privileges
- On File Change + Exclude Empty Folders: Fixed adding new file to empty folder does not get synced
- Import: Re-Added Import of Old Format .TIX files
- Licenses: Rename Pro License to Personal, clarified license language in the program and web site
- Licenses: Updated License Agreement to reflect changed terminology
- Gs-Server license: Do not check User and Session count when client from comes in
- gsync command line: more fixes to command line parser
- Explorer Progress: fixed upload/download progress for many small files

- Change log not available for this version

- GoodSync Licenses: renamed 'Enteprise Server' to 'For Server OS'
- GoodSync Licenses: renamed 'Pro (Fixed)' to 'Personal'
- Browse Dialog, Multi-Select: Fixed opening unchecked folder could cause checking it and parents
- WinFileSys + SMB: process deduplicated links, for which DeviceIoControl returns error 4390
- Dropbox: Implemented download in blocks, this improves download of large files
- Runners: Make their instance mutex names unique per profile, not per authed Windows User
- gs-server: Fixed logs stopped writing after server-initiated restart
- Fixed AuthCode Activation did not work
- gsync command line: Fixed job-delete was not working
- GoodSync.exe command line: Allow window size options to be combined with job commands
- Command Line: Fixed Connectoid Options were not always making it into Jobs
- Command Line: ReAdded optins /exit and /exit-ifok, to be used in GoodSync GUI only
- Fixed GoodSync MSI Installer shows warning on Windows Server

- Runner Service Setup: When setting up Runner Service, use full DomainUserName, not just UserName
- Goodsync2Go: Fixed installer of GS2Go, it was not working in 10.7.3-4 due to command line parsing issues
- CC Runner Installer: Add new mode /cc-runner=update which updates CC Runner to the mode from last time
- Fixed GoodSync GUI does not show state of GS Runner Service jobs
- Ver 9: fixed installer, it also uses new gs-runner now
- gs-server Unique Clients limitation: Increase it to Allowed 4 clients, show Client IP addresses

- Fixed GoodSync installer did not create proper Registry value to Run GoodSync When Windows Starts
- CC Runner: fixed bug in upgrading, which could result in Runner being declared a new Runner
- CC Runner: fixed upgrading using regular GoodSync-v10-Setup.exe installer was resetting CC Runner flag
- GoodSync Connect Setup: Now always delete Old Users, so that only new New user is left
- Gs-Server Web UI: Added warning about too many gs-server users, per license
- Browse Dialog: Multi-Select: Fixed if only one Folder is Excluded, it becomes the new Sync Folder
- Command Line: Fixed /analyze and /sync options of 'job' command were ignored if they come first

- Job Options -> General: Added option to Shutdown Computer after Job is finished
- Job Options -> General: Added option to limit Max Time To Run (minutes)
- Program Options: When Retain Days changes, start complete cleanup with the new value
- Job and Program Options: trim string values such as UserId or Smtp Host
- SyncLib: Added File Size to Copy New/Over log message, when syncing
- Installer: Fixed GoodSync GUI can be randomly started by Scheduler, esp if Avast is installed
- Installer: speed up installation of GoodSync, fixed some issues
- Browse Dlg: Multi-Select: If Include List is empty, still show Implied Checked checkbox
- Gs-server: Added Limitation on Number of Users and Number of Unique Clients, based on License
- File Server License for GSTP gs-server: added new License for gs-server-based File Server
- Scripts and Email: Added variables: %TSTART% %TFINISH% %TELAPSED%
- Command Line: improved command line parse, to catch more errors in CL options
- Sib-socket + SSL: Turned off TLS session cache on client side, only FTPS uses it now
- Command Line: Discontinue parsing Jobs and Program Options in GS GUI, we have gsync for that
- Added/Fixed policies: DisableAzureFile, DisableGDrive2, DisableGTeamDrive, DisableSharepoint
- Gsync: Added 'auth' command that creates new accounts (OAuth, browser auth) from command line
- CC Runner: Added new Control Center GUI Runner, with Taskbar icon, that shows status of jobs run by CC
- CC Runner Installer may install CC Runner as a Taskbar GUI or as a Windows Service
- CC Runner can automatically update itself to latest version, if CC specifies AutoInstall option

- Added new Google Team Drive file system to GoodSync and GoodSync Explorer
- Automatically start GoodSync GUI, if silent install is On and GS GUI was running before silent install
- Installer: Make de-elevation to happen by starting GoodSync via Windows Task Scheduler
- Installer: When installer start GoodSync GUI, make sure it goes on top of Z-order
- Filters in Program Options: Show Global Filters: Exclude System / Hidden / Empty
- Fix adding of Filter flags for Empty folders, when uniting Global and Job Filter
- Fixed Delete Recycled and History Files was not deleting History DB
- Jobs in Registry: Fixed crash in ver 9 when loading Jobs from Registry
- Remove GoodSync-v9.exe from GoodSync v10 distribution, use ver 9 distro instead
- Parallel Thread limits: increase to 64 for SFTP, FTP, GSTP
- FTP: Added option 'Require TLS session reuse on data connection', On by default
- FTP: Turn off this option to resolve connectivity problem with broken servers
- More localizations for Group Names, etc.

- Amazon CD: Fixed GetMetadataEndPoint Unauthorized Error 401
- OneDrive: Add retry on 503 Service Unavailable
- Progress: fixed progress reporting in simple uploads such as to GSTP
- Parallel Threads: S3 and Azure: Increase max parallel threads from 20 to 64
- Control Center Runner: Fixed few finishing lines of Job Run were not submitted
- Control Center Runner: Summarize/Compress update-job-run requests, to reduce server load
- Gsync /runner and /enter-runner: Allow only one instance of each per User
- Program Options + Command Line: Add processing of Global Filters and some newer options
- Browse Dialog + Filters + Multi-Select: multiple fixes, improve usability
- Update DE localization

- GSTP Sharing: Enable Sharing of Folder on Mediator: now Folders can be shared with other GoodSync users
- GSTP Sharing: For now Sharing of Folder is done only in GoodSync Connect account Web GUI
- GSTP Mediator: Remove Talkback processing, as it is 2 years old, so only really GS versions use it
- Passwords: Add option Save Connect Passwords Locally Encrypted, it makes them non-portable, more secure
- Program Options: Added Security tab, for the option above and CC admin credentials
- Account Manager + OAuth2: new scheme of storing tokens and getting auth via Browser
- OAuth2: maintain Refresh and Access Token in a separate cache, not to change Accounts
- Office365/SharePoint: increase initial backoff timeout to 15 sec, on error 429
- TeamSites/SiteRoot/SharePoint: Forbid # % characters in paths as it causes error 400 on uploads
- Browse Dlg + Multi-Select + Links: fix handling of Links in Drilled and CopyAsIs job modes
- Import: Fixed Import of a single job could destroy unnamed bookmarks, thus damaging other jobs
- Reading Accounts and Jobs: Fixed recovery of broken Jobs file (with no Accounts file) causing problems
- Explorer: do not allow any file/folder actions while folder is being listed
- CheckSums: store CheckSum type, as relying on CheckSum size for typing does not always work
- Updated Polish localization

- History Cleanup: Use History DB to speed up cleanup of _history_ files
- Recycled and History and Log Cleanup: now do it after every sync, as it runs faster
- Recycled and History Options: change their names and description, to better explain what they do
- Recycled and History + Direct Destination (No Temp): Use MoveFile, not CopyFile, to run faster
- Filters: Do not apply Size and Time filters to Folders
- Filters: speed up and simplify Filters processing
- CheckSums: Fixed sometimes CheckSums of different types were compared
- CheckSums: Do not use CheckSums of wrong type from the state file
- CheckSums: Fixed uploading of Office file changed by server could result in conflict
- Analyze: Fixed ListDir could be called on Files as if they were Folders, resulting in slowdown
- Links + Exclude: Fixed Ignore Links was not always excluding Links nodes
- Links + Browse: Drill Down to Folder Links in Browse Dlg + MultiSelect, if SymLinks option is Drill Down
- gsync command line: Fixed command line options description and manual, to latest changes
- OneDrive/Office365: Backoff on 429 Too Many Requests and Conflict 409 error with EditConflict
- SharePoint 2013: Fixed ListDir return error when path points to a file or not found
- SharePoint 2013: Backoff on 429 Too Many Requests and Conflict 409 error with 'Save Conflict'
- MTP: Fixed change file name case did not work properly

- Licensing Fixes: Auto Options are not available in Free version
- Licensing Changes: Increase max files to 1000 in Free version
- GSTP Client: When doing Disconnect, set SendRecvTimeout to 5 sec
- GSTP Client: When talking to local elevated client, do not wait on reconnect
- GSTP Client: check that server-id received from Server is not empty
- GSTP Receiver: Do Not close socket on Receiver side after we send Disconnect verb
- GSTP Receiver: Send info headers such as server-id
- Azure (Blob) file system: Fixed large file uploads, more than 4 Gb
- Filters: Fixed filter '/folder/' with tail '/' was not excluding folder
- Separate Installer for GoodSync for Windows Server
- Fixed Jobs File reading and import, so that Import does not repeat
- Accounts File: improve locking of read/write of Accounts file
- Ver 9: Move ver 9 version number to 9.16.7, to make it be in sync with ver 10

- Browse Dlg + One Driver: Fixed freezes and error when drilling down to top folder after OAuth
- GSTP Forwarder Receiver: Do not report to Mediator errors caused by Forwarder Pipe disconnecting
- GSTP Client: when client lost connection to Server do not do long reconnects, report to Mediator
- Filters: allow [a-z] or [0-9] and other such character ranges in Filters, [ and ] mean [ and ]
- Filters: when adding Filters from GUI, turn [ into [ and ] into ]
- Filters: fixed several more exotic issues in exclusion and inclusion
- On File Change: Add 1-min wait between Analyze and Sync, when Analyze produces Errors or Conflicts
- Runner: Do not save changes by produced by Job Options checker
- On File Change, Incremental Analyze: fixed error when file inside folder is reported before this folder
- Fixed Free Space was not updated on Sync Tree file/folder Direction Change
- Backblaze B2: Fix rare concurrency crash on folder delete
- Licensing: Do not allow Auto jobs (Attended) to run in Free mode
- Gs-Client/Gs-Server on Linux: Added support for Unix extended attributes.

- Change log not available for this version

- Control Center Runner: Fixed job start and stop sequence, to improve reporting
- Control Center: Fixed log lines sometimes glue together
- Google Drive: make it work when changing existing empty UserId to new UserId from OAuth
- Google Drive V2 and V3: change captions and help
- FTP etc: When reading line, allow CR to be followed by non-CR/LF character
- Windows FS: Use Backup Semantics for all CreateFile system calls, fixes Access Denied
- Windows FS: Fixed MoveFile was giving up on Access Denied, now tries Copy + Delete
- Browse Dlg: Fix Deleting Account used by Job is allowed, if bookmark inside Account is selected
- gs-server: GetFileAcl: Fix error in returning GetFileAcl results
- MTP: make progress processing work correctly
- MTP: Fixed name-case renames of file and folders were not working in Explorer
- ListServers: fixed copying credentials, fixes No Account error in Analyze after Browse
- gs-server: /set-admin and /set-user options also set options in settings.tix
- gsync command line: Left and Right folder of a Job: allow combining AM and Connectoid options

- Change log not available for this version

- MTP: re-add missing thread wrapper, it was causing CoInitialize not called (error 0x800401F0)
- MTP: make progress processing work correctly
- Move/Rename: make it work for case-insensitive file systems, where only case of name is changed
- On File Change: fix bugs and slowness, when change of one file/folder is received many times
- On File Change + Incremental Analyze: fix bugs in folder processing
- On File Change + Incremental Analyze + Filters: apply all filters, so that filtered items are ignored
- On File Change + Progress: show progress of Incremental Analyze too
- Runner + Gs-server Options: gs-server now applies Program Option on a command from Runner
- Runner: If user with old jobs.tic never runs GS GUI, still convert jobs.tic to new format
- S3 + Wasabi: Wasabi can do Upload in Parts, so allow multi-part upload
- User Stopping Jobs: Fixed urgent job stop (two or more Stop clicks) was not always processed
- On Schedule: fixed normalization of Schedules, it could fix DayOfWeek to 0 when not needed
- Browse Dialog: fixed non-translated GSTP email can make it into Account Manager
- Locks: Consider lock files that are older than 2 days abandoned and delete them as such
- Move creation of _gsdata_ folders from Start of Sync to Start of Analyze
- Explorer: When renaming file or folder, check that destination name does not already exist
- gs-server: fix command line processing and diagnostics
- NAS: Added support for Synology DS418j (Realtek 1296 platform

- OpenSSL: Add no-asm option to x64 builds, that fixes crashes on some processors
- Crash Catcher: add more catchers for crashes, to improve diagnostics of crashes
- Better random number generator, with proper initialization of OpenSSL
- Mediator: Fixed OTP was not sent by email, on initial OTP generation
- Mediator Web Site: Add Password Change form, fix OTP usability issues and bugs
- Web UI: Allow entering One Time Passwords (OTP) from Web UI, for multiple users
- Web UI: Do not create New GoodSync Connect user in Web UI, use Mediator Web Site
- Web UI: better display of Mediator registration status for the User
- GoodSync Connect Setup: always show No-Mediator option, fix bugs and crashes
- GSTP: Fix progress not reported in GsUploadFileBlock, in the tail part
- CC Runner: Fixed Big Log chunks not accepted by CC, so submit large logs in smaller 16 Mb chunks

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Runner: Fix worker thread closing sequence, it could cause rare crashes
- On Schedule: When Hour=NN is specified and Minute=0 is not specified, add Minute=0 automatically
- On File Change + Stop: When User stops an OFC job, do not stop File Monitoring
- Auto Jobs + Stop: Stop of one AutoRun job now does not reset Waiting To Run Status for all jobs
- gs-server settings: save changed file upon generation of Device ID, even if original file was not present
- OneDrive of MS: Fix SiteRoot uploads of files with ' in filename was not working
- Gs-Server: Add One Time Passowrd support in Web UI Setup for NAS

- Azure Files: Add Windows Azure Files API file system, was Azure Blobs only
- Fix handling of must-drill-down OneDrive files/folders (appear in Windows 10 Fall 2017 Update)
- Auto Jobs: Fix on a rare oaccasion Job in Auto Mode not start when required by external event
- GSTP forwarders: Add SSL certs to all Official and Default forwarders
- FTP + On Folder Connect: Fix OFC was not detecting Connect/Disconnect
- Exploer: fix navigation when clicking bookmark in bookmark list for file system
- Explorer: Disable all Commands when tree node is being expanded

- GSTP: Implemented One Time Passwords (OTP) and Client DeviceId
- GSTP: You can turn on OTP in
- GSTP: Prefer Emails as UserIds, they are also used in One Time Password auth
- When OTP is On, you will receive Email with OTP every time you use a new Device
- GoodSync client will request One Time Password sent in Email
- GSTP: OTP is requested when doing GoodSync Connect Setup and Browse dialog
- GSTP: Each client/server now sends DeviceId, ComputerId, and Device Description
- GSTP: Both email and old-style GS Connect UserId may be used to authenticate
- GSTP: New Account Form: Add ReCaptcha to filter out robots
- Official Forwarders: use Forwarder IP name, not IP address, to please security
- Official Forwarders: use port 443, not 80 for SSL comms, to please security
- Receiver: Fix incorrect reporting of connections to Official forwarders
- OTP + gs-server: allow OTP in /set-admin=user_id:password[/otp-value]:sys_user:[sys_pass]
- OTP + gsync: allow OTP in new command line options /can-otpN=yes, /otpN=string
- Cleanup Logs: Avoid recursive cycling via symlinks, by limiting number of folder levels to 50
- GSTP progress: show progress when is being added to at the tail
- Enterprise Policies: fix non-enforcement of NoAutoUpdate policy
- Runner Setup: If Runner Service user and this Windows user differ, issue warning
- Runner: Change gs-server settings on a cue from CC only if Runner is elevated
- Azure: fix space and # encoding issues that could cause Not Found for files and folders
- Google Drive: Fix Not Found error, that usually occurs on lock.gsl

- ACD: do reconnects, to fix 'Cannot Switch to SSL' error cause by ACD serves malfunction
- Fix file operations progress reporting jumpiness, make it more smooth
- CC Runner: Fix GsRunnerSubmitter thread was not shutting down properly
- Explorer: Fix Rename does not update display name
- SyncLib: Get destination file attribute after sync, needed if Compare Attr is used
- Jobs from Registry: fix load and save of such jobs

- ACD: do reconnects, to fix 'Cannot Swtich to SSL' error cause by ACD serves malfunction
- Fix file operations progress reporting jumpiness
- Explorer: Fix Rename does not update display name
- SynLib: Get destination file attribute after sync, needed if Compare Attr is used

- OneDrive: Fixed 'Unsupported security token' error
- Explorer: Fixed when clicking folder with ftps:// URL, it becomes ftp:// URL
- Azure: Fixed sometimes assigning check-sums to a wrong file, due to parsing error
- Browse Dlg: If two or more folders do not exist in Job side path, do not allow clicking them all
- Control Center Upload: Fixed quote-screening issue that cause errors in names with quotes
- Control Cneter Runner: Fix lockup of Runner after job was renamed in Control Center
- Filters Pane: Sort filters lexicographically
- Job Options/Program Options: Place Include filters above Exclude filters, to match order of execution
- Job Tree Toolbar counters: rewrite to keep live counters correctly updated

- FTPS, Sockets: Fix Sockets SSL session reuse
- Fixed observed crashes in CC Runner and Explorer
- Browse Dialog: Fix Account names gstp://userid@ appearing, should be without @
- Browse Dialog: Better Account Tree normalization, when GoodSync starts
- Browse Dialog: Make Delete work properly on Folder Bookmarks
- Browse Dialog: Do not allow Rename on Folder Bookmarks
- Add 'Show Backup / Sync Jobs groups' Program Option, Off by default
- Sync Tree file/folder properties: show it in a dialog
- GUI: fix some drawing problem on High DPI displays

- Fixed observed crashed in CC Runner and Explorer

- MTP: Fix 'Click Analyze again because another job has Synced and it invalidated analysis results of this job'
- When Drill Down ignores folder links inside C:/Users to avoid cycling, ignore only Junctions but not Sym Links
- FTP: use full socket close on data connection, to avoid error on control connection
- FTPS with ProFTPD: enforce TLS session reuse (not just ask for it)
- FTP: fix RNFR-RNTO combo in situations when disconnect happens after RNFR
- SSL sockets: Implement SSL session caching on Client side
- gsync: Fix not all Folder options are parsed, upload command line help
- CC Runner: fix Runner ignores change of left/right folder
- CC Runner: restart GS-server when Program Options are updated
- Control Center: Remove User Log Files older than 30 days, automatically
- Groups: Increase number of allowed groups from 10 to 40
- GUI: Fix strange GUI behavior on Right Mouse Button double click in Job Tree and List View
- GUI: Fix toolbar button sizing bugs
- Browse dialog: Do not allow to change Account options in Folders, allow it only in Accounts tab
- Browse, SMB: fix Account Key, so that use can have many accounts in SMB
- Browse dialog, OneFile: show file path before password
- Browse button, OneFile: show target file path in URL too
- Browse dialog: when going from Folders tab to Accounts tab, highlight selected folder
- Browse dialog: show smaller folder icons for Folder bookmarks in Accounts
- Browse dialog: Do not show low level (debug) progress messages, only important ones
- Browse dialog: auto-close it when reinstalling GoodSync
- Explorer/Browse dlg: do not show File Owner, to speed up browsing
- Explorer: New Folder, Rename: Change from edit label to requesting new name in modal dialog
- Explorer: Bump up size of small files for progress purposes to 4K
- Explorer: avoid negative time remaining
- Explorer: fix list of many files sometimes cannot be uploaded/downloaded
- Update DE localization

- Exclusions + On File Change: fix bugs that prevented excluded files/folder from being reincluded
- Copy Owner, ACL: Fix bugs that prevented Copy Owner from working correctly if Copy ACL is not specified
- Scripts: Trim all script fields, when committing and when executring them
- Crash Submitter and Reader: fix multi-part form format being submitted
- GoodSync Ver 9 to Ver 10 update page consolidated
- Browse dialog: fix leaks and rare crashes
- Account Manager: Fix crash when loading and deleting bad accounts
- Reading SMTP password: If we cannot decrypt it, do not make it a terminal error
- Google Drive, sib-http: allow incoming headers to be longer than 8 Kb
- Explorer: Fixed Owner of file/folder did not show

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Pipe Forwarder: fix socket leaks and connectivity issues, in more complex cases
- Pipe Receiver: fix not deleting sesssion on Disconnect, other connectivity issues
- SSL + SNI: Make SNI a default option in all SSL communication, as more and more sites use it
- SyncLib: Fix 'GsMergeLRgenerations: both sides still have new gens' error in Sync time
- Ignore Drill Down option for all folders inside Windows Users folder, to avoid cycling and duplication
- Account Manager Cleanup: remove incorrect entries from Account Manager, when reading it
- Explorer: Fix deleting of User Bookmark did not work
- Explorer: Do not ask confirmation when removing unused Job bookmark
- gsync command line: Fix not saving Account Manager when changing connections in job-update etc
- gsync command line: Print command line options, unless global option /noprint is specified

- Licenses: Fix on OK_REACT license info was not written, which could result in need to re-activate
- SharePoint 2013: Added support for root TeamSite, under RootSite alias
- TIX Export-Import: fix rare bugs related to n in URL, do not try to import old TIX files
- CC Runner: Add Special Operations, such as Delete Recycled Files, Cleanup Recycled
- Corrupt State Files: When it happens, display checkbox: Delete Corrupt State Files when I click Analyze again
- Forwarders: Allow Default and other official forwarders to run in Pipe Mode
- GSTP Client + Pipe Forwarder: add retries, when it does not connect right away
- Pipe Receiver of Forwarder: report failed connects to Mediator, better retries
- Pickup Forwarder: fix not sending response via default forwarder
- Update AR and PL and Catalan localizations

- Discovery + UPNP: fix checking cached entries, so that when Local IP changes, rediscovery is done
- Receiver of Forwarder: Idempotency: several fixes that make it work on network reconnect
- Sockets: improve error reporting on reconnects
- Filters: Fix parsing of +-N[d|m|h], it was always assuming d
- WebDAV: Fix GetInfo() of folder gets rejected on redirect, if folder is submitted without tail '/'
- Sym Links + Copy Attr: Do not Copy Attributes when copying Sym Links
- Sym Links + SFTP: Allow setting file mod time of sym links in SFTP
- Sym Links + SFTP: make Sym Link Drill option work correctly
- GUI: Sync Tree: Center (horizontally) central column where O is residing
- GUI: Sync Tree: Column widths: Use single setting for all jobs, fix its loading and saving
- GUI: Directions and Filters buttons: show explanation when use click with no node selected
- GUI: Add Clear Tree button, next to Filters and Directions buttons
- GUI: Accessibility: Allow Browse toolbar buttons to be focused on, add descriptions
- GUI: Job List Columns: If user downsizes them to zero, do not set them to default width
- GUI: Filters: Add support for multi-selection, implement Copy and Paste operations
- CC Runner: Check for shutdown variable once every 3 sec, not every 60 sec
- Installer: Wait for gsync.exe and gscp.exe to close, in addition to GUI programs

- Forwarder: fix idempotency was not enforced by Server Pipe Receiver, could cause file corruption
- gs-server: Increase number of stored responses to 20, to make idempotency always work
- Sockets: send really long buffer in smaller 512 Kb chunks, to report sending progress
- GSTP: Add x-sib-content-md5 header to all transactions we submit, and check it on server
- Filters: Consider 'path /folder' to be absolute, for purposes of Include filter
- Filters: Use the same fnmatch code in Windows, MacOS and Linux -- for consistent results
- Filters: Time: Add relative hours and minutes: +Nh / -Nh, +Nm / -Nm
- SyncLib: Syncing: fix UpdateStateMergeGens operation losing New Generation on the Right side
- SyncLib: Syncing: Get ACL/Owner/ExtAttr after Sync on the destination side
- SyncLib: Syncing: Do not remove analyze time error when we start to sync conflict
- SyncLib: Analyzing: When reading state file, do not allow more than 100 levels in sync tree
- Account Manager: If /jobs-file=/folder/file.tix is used then read Account only from this TIX file
- Copy Ext Attr: Turn it On by default only for MacOS, keep it Off for Windows
- Folder Monitoring: React to change of Folder Owner, if Compare Owner option is on for this side
- Google Drive V3: reduce memory usage when building cache
- Add checking of System Disk Free Space and reporting of low free space
- Azure: remove its claim to always providing Content-MD5, as it does not always do it
- Backblaze B2: more fixes, to improve speed and error processing

- BackBlaze B2: Implement parallel upload of large files in chunks, other bug fixes
- BackBlaze B2: Increase chunk size from 5 Mb to 40 Mb
- SFTP: Allow longer packets, as some server send very packets of 360Kb and more
- SFTP: add error catcher on Close Download, some connections errors were missed
- and WebDAV SSL: Add SNI to and WebDAV, as their servers may use it
- Fix SetFileOwner that was broken, due to GS trying to parse SID as PSD
- On File Change: Check deleted files against filters, so that they do not trigger Analyze
- Unattended Runner: fix rare crashes on job finish
- Browse Tasks and OAuth2: make them start and stop more correctly
- CC Runner: Submit log lines in a separate thread, so that log line submission does not delay sync
- Update DE and AR localizations

- Google Drive V3: speedup moves/renames, misc bug fixes
- Browse Dialog: Display messages logged by file systems in Browse dialog
- Browse Dialog: fix changed UserID from Browse dialog may not make it into Connect FS
- Job Options: Replace Up and Down Speed Limits in job with one File Copy Speed Limit
- Explorer + Job Bookmarks: Allow deletion of Job Bookmarks that are not used in any job
- Allow CopyACL comparison only when both file systems have the same type of ACL
- Control Center: Change from logging log lines into database to writing them into log files
- Generation Cleanup in Analyze: fix it, make it cleanup old generations again
- If Copy Links option is Drill Down then do not turn it Off in Analyze Checks
- Add Vietnamese localization, update Ukrainian localization

- SharePoint 2013: new file system, added to sync with legacy SharePoint 2013 servers
- Google Drive: Cache bootstrap and changes pull: start over on backend errors
- Limit Changes option: Make it work for 1-way jobs too, but set default value to 100 pct
- GSTP speed: increase it a lot, by turning off compression and optimizing code
- Upload to Control Center: upload folder list too, other major fixes
- Account Manager: fix URL of the root folder of the server may be wrong, affects CC Runner
- Folder Options in Server Account: make lookup case-insensitive by folder URL
- Control Center Runner: do not detect fake changes, produced by synclib turning options off
- Control Center Runner: Make received Program Options effective, for Proxy and SMTP
- Fix Cleanup of History could delete non-empty folder, because its creation time was Null
- Cleanup of Local Temp Files: make it faster and more accurate
- Add latest changes in options to global command line switches
- Update PL localization and JP license

- Google Drive: Switch to new Google Drive Ver 3 API, works faster, better quota management
- Google Drive: On File Change (File Monitoring) now works for Google Drive side too
- Change buffer size for most Remote file systems to 5 Mb, thus enabling Dropbo to OneDrive sync
- Add more checksum types used by servers: MD5, SHA, SHA-1, SHA-256, QuickorHash, Version GUID
- BackBlaze B2: Implement large file uploads, do not use checksums, they are not available for large files
- GSTP Forwarder: speed up reconnects in case of connection errors
- Options Advanced: Compare Attrs/Owner/ACL: move these to Left/Right side options, from Advanced
- Options Advanced: Copy Owner, Copy ACL: separate them, as they indeed may be done separately
- Compare CheckSums side option: compare checksums only when size is the same, but file mod time differs
- Options Advanced: add option Compare CheckSums of All Files, this compare is done for all files
- Options Advanced: remove Retry Sync If File Changes options, as retries are already done in On File Change
- Options Auto: Have only Sync option for all Auto options, no Analyze option
- GetFileOwner: If we cannot translate SID to DomainUserName then return SID tet form as Owner
- Time Shifts: do not auto-resolve Left-Right time shifts, do it only for Old-New time shifts
- SyncLib: Remove operations CopyState_LtoR and CopyState_RtoL, use only symmetric CopyState operation
- Eplorer: Speed up Download and Upload of Files in GSTP, use conveyerization
- Eplorer: now listed as Ver 10, was Ver 9 previously
- On File Change, File Monitoring: Fi reported crash
- Unattended Runner: Clear Sync Tree to save memory, when we finish non-On File Change job
- Analyze Checks: Change Sym Links option to Ignore, if one of file systems does not support links
- Analyze Checks: turn off Copy Attributes, Copy ACL, Copy Owner, if one of file systems does not support it
- Upload to Control Center: add Company Admin credentials to Program Options -> Auto
- Upload to Control Center: add encryption of uploaded accounts option

- Do not Compute MD5 CheckSum to resolve conflicts, as it slows down Analyze too much
- Copy Owner: Remove Copy Owner option on Windows, as Copy ACL and Owner covers it
- File Owner on Windows: Get/Set it as 'DomainUser Name', not just 'User Name'
- Copy Owner, Compare Owner: Add these options on Mac only
- File/Folder Properties: Show all properties, including ACL, Owner, ExtAttrHash
- When setting CopyTime operation, add comment to sync tree node on what caused it
- Fix bugs that prevented correct Attributes Copy on Windows
- WebDAV: Add Exponential Backoff on HTTP error 429, which is now returned by some sites
- Google Drive: Increase Cache Timeout from 128 to 600 sec, as some cache reads may be slow
- Google Drive: Fix rare MIME-type mismatch on small file overwrite uploads
- Office365/SharePoint: Fix listing of files/folder with ' in their name
- FTP: Increase max parallel thread from 20 to 50, some users want that
- Help Hints on mouse-over: show them until mouse-out, not just for 5 sec
- Translations: update Polish and Arabic
- Control Center: add ServerAccounts table, so that user can his Accounts
- Account Manager: Make server map case-insensitive for Account Key

- Add Compare Attributes option to Advanced Job options, Off by default
- Restore Compare ACL and Compare ExtAttr options that were removed in 10.3.9
- Fix Sync Folders are the same error, by correcting Distinct URL computation
- File Monitoring + Compare Attrs/ACL: Separate these flags in monitoring, as Windows can do them separately
- Folder Options: move all Local FS options (Compress, FAT-like) from Connection options to Folder options
- Browse Dialog + Multi-Select: fix problems in Go/Refresh
- Browse Dialog: Fix auto-switch to Folders from Account for smb:// and gstp:// does not show Folder tree
- Message Boxes: Make them wider, to 550 pixels
- Account Manager: Fix Connectoid options do not stick, when changed

- On File Change: exclude Hidden and System files from changes, if requested by option
- Windows Azure: use server-side MD5 checksums supplied by server
- Copy ACL: Copy SACL (including Inherited/Protected), in addition to copying DACL
- Remove Job Advanced options Compare ACL and Compare ExtAttr, they are implied by Copy options
- Copy Attributes: change of Attributes is now detected in Analyze
- Attributes and State file: fix reading attributes form state file, results in fewer CopyState
- Same Job Sides: do not produce this error for same URLs that belong to different accounts
- Mirror Folders: use Distinct URL in computing them, it includes Server Account
- Recycle DB: Add more locking, to fix rare crashes
- Move Mode + Compare MD5 Checksums: make it work, remove unneeded check
- Log Viewer: load Server Accounts, so that it can work for OAuth2 file systems
- Control Center Runner: improve logging of job changes sent it from the server
- Browse Dialog: remove Servers tab, all Servers are now shown in Folders as 1st level
- Browse / Explorer + GSTP: Show Server names without .username.goodsync suffix

- Fix slow Analyze in some cases, due to computing MD5 when not needed.
- Now compute MD5 of local file only to prevent conflicts.
- Update Privacy Policy and License Agreement.

- Case Rename Folder + Copy ACL: fix folder state not properly copied
- Interrupted Sync: fix Conflict after interrupted (no state file saved) sync with ACD
- On File Change + Copy ACL: Make On File Change detect ACL changes on Windows
- Copy ACL + Delayed Sync: make Copy ACL work correctly, when change was detected on prev sync
- Azure: Upload files shorter than 8 Mb in one take, using Put Blob transaction
- Azure: Fix Content-Type was not set in upload
- Explorer: Fix crash when user goes to Job Bookmark in OneFile file system
- Explorer: Fix not sorting Connectoids into User Bookmarks and Job Bookmarks
- Gs-Server: fix rare crashes in UPNP discovery and Web UI

- Proxy + Gs-Server: Fix setting Proxy in GS GUI does not propagate to gs-server
- Azure, GSTP: Fix Content-MD5 errors, use header x-sib-content-md5 for GSTP purposes
- SFTP: Fix crash when download stops abruptly, as in due to errors on destination
- Backblaze B2: Use better upload method with SHA-1 checksum at the end
- Backblaze B2: Fix authorization bug that prevented user from changing Application Key
- Export Selected Jobs: Add full Accounts from Account Manager to exported TIX file
- Auto-Install: Do not Install GoodSync if GS GUI is running and this is not a 3AM-5AM local time
- Auto-Install: Fix sometimes GS desktop shortcuts appear even when this option is turned off
- UPNP: Force the same External Port on all devices, so that multiple devices do not confuse us
- UPNP: Handle multiple UPNP devices on the same Local Network
- UPNP: Change cache file format and name, do full discovery once a day
- Control Center: Add Run and Stop commands for Job, on a list of Computers
- Control Center: Add ability to use Account Manager, specify Account by Name or Key
- Account Manager, Command Line: Introduce Lookup by Account Name in gsync command line

- Dropbox: Switch Dropbox code to new API V2, as API v1 is now deprecated
- Fix crash when user changes Program Options in pre-elevated GoodSync
- GSTP Client: do not rearrange connection during session, not to drop good Forwarders
- GSTP Mediator: fix some bottlenecks that lead to slowdowns in processing
- GSTP transport: Compress large transaction bodies using GZIP
- GSTP transport: Add and check Content-MD5 header to all transactions, to ensure integrity
- GSTP Forwarder: Faster Pipe Forwarder, fix slow connects via Forwarder
- GSTP Forwarder: Fix possible file corruption when downloading via Pipe Forwarder
- gsync: add /uN and /kN command line options, to use Account Manager
- Control Center: initial integration with Account Manager, single Run and Stop commands

- Browse Dialog: Fixed Secure flag was not properly changing URL from http:// to https://
- Browse Dialog: Fixed wrong root in multi-folder when home folder is not root
- Browse Dialog: When user goes back from Foilders to Account List, select Account and Folder used
- Browse Dialog: Fixed race condition in New Folder that could lead to errors
- Browse Dialog: Show Account Name or Key in Help field when it is set
- Browse Dialog: GSTP: Show only Server Name in Servers, without UserId. or .goodsync
- Account Manager: always save accounts-bookmarks.tic, nto to miss any automated token changes
- GoodSync Server Web UI: Do not reveal existing system user password via HTML
- GUI: Fix crash when AutoLogoff message box is shown before Main GUI is shown
- Enteprise Runner: speed up submission of reports to GS Control Center

- Fix Jobs Lost if GoodSync starts GsServer or GsRunner and GoodSync.exe is already elevated
- Runner Service: Fix Runner was not reading Program Options such as SMTP server
- Browse Dialog: fixed several UI bugs
- On Folder Connect: Do not report Terminal Error when GS starts and OFC job has one of folders missing
- Added context menu for Left/Right Browse buttons: Open Folder, Side Options
- Open Left/Right File: implement actual open of remote files in GS Explorer
- Open Left/Right File/Folder: fix open does not work in some cases
- Add import from TIX file produced by GoodSync ver <= 10.2.6
- Export: Fix groups not exported, only its jobs, when group is selected
- Backblaze B2: Cache uploaded file metadata to accelerate GetInfo() after upload
- Google Drive: Google has error, whereby it sends us listing with missing items
- Enterprise: Make policies work only with Enterprise license
- Enterprise: refresh list of policies for new file systems, make sure all policies work
- Enterprise: Re-add file goodsync.adm to installation, it was missing
- Enterprise: Re-add reading jobs from registry
- Improve reporting of Left/Right file system UserID and file system properties
- UI: New Tables-based Message Boxes that scale well on High DPI
- Allow Rename of Jobs and Groups where new name differs only by case

- Fix updating to ver 10.3.0 when Runner is running may result in loss of jobs

GoodSync 10.3.0
- BackBlaze: Add new BackBlaze file system for www.backblaze.c

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