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Movavi Screen Capture Studio

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Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio 9.0.0

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

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What's new in this version:

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 9.0.0
- Brand new launcher window: we hope you enjoy the colors
- Audio capture is back: no need to record your screen when you want to grab sound from your microphone or speakers
- Video capture is another cool thing available from the launcher: it lets you record just your webcam without the computer screen
- Usability improvements
- Minor bug fixes

Screen capture:
- Improved capture time setting: timer button and countdown added to the main panel
- More precise sound adjustment: changing the volume in the program will be audible in the video but won’t affect the master system volume
- New tutorial pop-up when the capture area is selected
- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Video editing:
- Montage Wizard: save time by making videos automatically – the program automatically cuts your footage and adjusts visuals to the music track you choose
- new audio tracks
- cool stickers to use in your videos
- Improved export lets you save your videos without fiddling with complicated settings

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8.6.0
Screen capture:
- Now you can share your recordings on YouTube directly from the program
- Added the ability to reset the quality settings in the export window
- New Brush tool in the screenshot editor
- Countdown time reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
- Interface improvements: new options arrangement on the General tab; checkboxes have been replaced with radio buttons
- Improved Capture Time tab: the date box has been replaced by a handy calendar
- Fixed issue with uploading large files to YouTube over a slow Internet connection
- Enhanced Copy / Paste tab in the screenshot editor: Copy, Paste, and Cut buttons have been added to the sidebar
- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Video editing:
- Improved title editing
- Double-click a title in the player to start editing
- Create and save your own title presets
- Rotate and resize multiple elements in a title at the same time
- Tutorial pop-ups available in all language versions
- New handy masks and frames for Titles, Pan & Zoom, Highlight & Conceal, Crop & Rotate

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8.3.0
Screen capture:
- New capture preset added: 1920 x 1080
- Now you can minimize program window to system tray
- Hotkeys for capture presets added – you can set your preferences
- Print Screen now can be used as a hotkey
- Improved tray menu for easy access to quick presets
- Improved screenshot editor: draw elements manually, easily resize lines and arrows by pulling on both sides, copy elements that are already drawn
- Other usability improvements and bug fixes

Video editing:
- New sharing option: share your videos on YouTube via the export window
- Enhanced Timeline workflow: improved horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Any text you add is now saved automatically, even if you don’t click Apply
- Other usability improvements and bug fixes

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 7.3.0
- Now fully localized for China and Korea
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 7.2.0
Screen recording:
- Support for Chinese and Korean languages in recording app interface
- Сhoose whether to record all keystrokes or just hotkeys
- Minor improvements and bug fixes

Video editing:
- Smoothly fade video and audio tracks in and out
- Fix shaky footage with the new video stabilization option
- New collection of sample video footage from VideoBlocks
- New collection of sample audio files
- New backgrounds for use with titles and for other purposes
- Stylish new title selection
- Chroma key effect moved to Tools tab for easier access and use with Picture in Picture effect
- Minor improvements and bug fixes

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 7.1.0
Screen recording:
- Ready-made presets for the latest mobile devices: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Grand Prime, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Google Nexus 6, Motorola Moto G and Moto X, Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, HTC One (M9), LG G4 and G Flex 2, Nook Tablet
- Improved stability
- Minor bug fixes

Video editing:
- Improved usability for overlay track – easier access to 'Picture in picture', 'Side by side', and 'Chroma key' effects
- Clip properties button added to the toolbar
- Added possibility to choose quality for the output video file
- Fixed issue with no sound in exported AVI file
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 7.0.0
Screen recording:
- Smart compression while recording: video files are smaller without impacting picture quality
- View video file size and length in real time while you’re recording
- Added a small control panel to the recording frame for easier access to the most-used recording options: pause, resume, stop, and take screenshot
- Set the approximate required output file size when converting recordings to the desired format
- View and set the volume for each of your sound input devices individually before you start capturing
- Added option to start Screen Capture via Windows Startup, so you don’t have to wait for the program to load every time you want to grab video from your screen
- Set the default format in which to save your screenshots: JPEG, PNG, or any other.
- Improved recording timer scheduler lets you input the exact times you want your recording to start and finish

Video editing:
- Completely redesigned interface gives you the most intuitive editing experience
- Link audio files and titles to the main video track so they stay in sync with the visuals as you move video clips around the timeline
- Picture-in-Picture video track for convenient use of Chroma-Key, Split Screen, and other effects that require two or more simultaneous video tracks
- Added four royalty-free stock music pieces to use in your video projects
- 1.5 times faster export of your videos
- A brand new collection of cool title styles to complement your visuals
- Redesigned video and audio capture application
- Improved stabilization for video export

- Minor usability improvements
- Other improvements and bug fixes
- DVD import and burning support has been discontinued
- Multi-Split and scene detection tools are no longer included
- Online sharing from Video Editor is no longer supported
- External effects packs are no longer supported
- Storyboard Mode is no longer included
- Export presets can no longer be customized

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