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What's new in this version:

- Add MediaInfo to Episode Files returned from the API
- Opt-in to delete empty series/season folders
- Remove empty series folders after disk scan/deleting last episode file and create emoty series folders is disabled
- New Delay import of episodes without titles temporarily
- Option to add paused for Deluge
- Option to add paused for Transmission
- Device names for Join notifications
- Setting for absolute maximum size for a release
- Consider all scene SxxE00 releases Specials as well.
- Run missing root folder health check when an import is successful

- Updated NLog to 4.5 RC6 to handle mono 5.10
- Parsing of WEB-DLMux files
- Send category to qBittorrent when adding torrent/magnet
- Removexpost suffix from release groups
- Disable delete button on used quality profiles
- Show error if System->Logs fails to load due to ad blocker.
- Show error message when manual import fails to load
- Remove Pre and postbot suffixes from release groups
- Parsing releases with standard and daily formats
- Parsing of pre range multi-episode filenames
- Set air date to 1970-01-01 if episode aired before (mono)
- Improve logging for invalid NZB messages
- Invalid scene numbering leading to manual import failing to load
- Mono internals does not properly copy/move symlinks, but instead copies the contents
- Handling of unknown status types in DownloadStation

- Include APFS disks in disk space
- Channel setting for Slack notifications to override default channel
- Validate NZBs before sending to download client
- Add authentication options to Webhook

- Security vulnerabilities allowing authentication to be bypassed (discovered by Kyle Neideck)
- Sorting by episodes on series overview and poster views
- Import failures when audio channels are in an unexpected format
- Sorting Manual Import by relative path
- Parsing of resolution in TVRips
- Parsing when using episode number as folder name in naming config
- Incorrect parsing of filenames with [SDTV] suffix trigging Anime pattern
- Regression preventing new downloads from bypassing the Download Client Back-off logic

- Change log not available for this version

- Fixed Regression in http redirect logic causing failed grabs and >25% cpu usage
- Fixed Logging error when accessing mount point
- Fixed Hide some more irrelevant paths from System->Disk Space such as /boot
- Fixed Use pending download if no download client is configured instead of logging a warning

- Legacy TLS is not supported on OSX

- TvMaze and IMDB IDs added to custom script environment variables
- New Paths for deleted files when upgrading an existing file
- New Additional variables for custom script on grab events
- New Episode files sent to Recycling Bin are put into subfolders
- New Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.93
- New White icon with transparent background for Join notifications notification bar icon
- New Added UHD to list of queried RARBG categories
- New Rename subtitles and extra files when renaming files
- New Option to import subtitles and extra files when importing media files (Settings->Media Management)
- Fixed Import from torrent Download Station should move since DS maintains an internal copy for seeding
- Fixed Sabnzbd error when tv sorting enabled for all categories
- Fixed Newznab default capabilities erroneously cached if indexer is unavailable
- Fixed Zero length file causes MediaInfo hanging in 100% cpu load
- Fixed DownloadStation api client for DSM 5.x
- Fixed Parsing releases with year added to the end of the series title
- Fixed Sabnzbd 2.0 api compatibility
- Fixed Join grab messages
- Fixed Refactored rtorrent interface to fix reliability issues with adding magnets & torrents
- Fixed Parsing cookies with trailing semi-colon
- Fixed Broken migration due to extensionless extra files
- Fixed Delay profiles are no longer hidden under advanced settings
- Fixed Clear EpisodeFile records from database if Series folder is missing, but root folder appears to be mounted
- Fixed Health check failing and preventing others from running
- Fixed Improve health check message when all enabled indexers are disabled due to failures
- Fixed Reduce parameters required to add a new series via API
- Fixed Clean RSS feed before detecting type

- New Allow Uppercase in Transmission category
- New support for REAL releases
- New Added `Quality Real` naming Token
- New Quality Full will add real to file name when applicable
- New Newznab Preset for NZBCat
- Fixed Force grabbing some delayed releases
- Fixed Improved parsing of some multi-episode filenames
- Fixed Prevent series from being added with an invalid Profile ID

- Fixed Saving settings changes

- New Manual search shows error when download fails
- Fixed Hidden calendar tooltips
- Fixed Add wrapping to fix long paths in labels
- Fixed Logging invalid version when failing to connect to Kodi
- Fixed Failing missing episode search when one search fails
- Fixed Manual import when quality was not available after failed parsing
- Fixed Magnet links with torrent blackhole
- Fixed Prevent incorrectly grabbing a similar or identical release for 12 hours
- Fixed Stricter parsing of some release filenames
- Fixed Log download client name when communication fails
- Fixed Test messaging when indexer API returns an error with a message
- Fixed Parsing anime series with number in title
- Fixed Specials season search UI messaging
- Fixed Added verified file transfer mode that doesn't revert to copy
- Fixed External links again open in new windows
- Fixed Removal of common suffixes such as [ettv] while parsing

- Fixed History will always be used to determine upgrade eligibility when CDH is disabled

- New Blackhole won't grab another release if release in last hour meets the cutoff
- New Implemented Newznab changes to support search by tvdbid/tvmazeid instead of only tvrageid
- New Added TvMaze link to series details
- New Option to remove illegal characters instead of replacing them
- New Show time instead of date if event occurs/occurred today
- New Add Webhook support
- New Warning message that Torrent Blackhole will move files, not copy or hard link
- New Ability to push releases to Sonarr via API for processing
- New Sonarr can now update series to use another tvdbid in case when tvdb removes a duplicate and Skyhook detects it.
- New Hungarian language support
- New Support 5-digit multi-episode releases
- New Sonarr logo is optional for Pushalot notifications
- New Twitter Notifications
- New Boxcar 2 notifications
- New Titans of TV tracker
- New Will now fetch multiple pages in the rss feed in order to catch up (for indexers supporting paging), or produce a warning otherwise. (benefits lower rss-intervals)
- New Will now temporarily stop using an indexer if the indexer reported an error
- New Run custom scripts (Connection)
- New Reenabled verified file transfer
- Fixed Torrent Blackhole client will not track torrents by hash
- Fixed SeasonPass didn't update Series monitored flag if only those were changed
- Fixed Don't produce scene mapping warnings if TheXEM only maps the second half of a season
- Fixed Invalid season packs preventing future releases from being grabbed when using SAB as download client
- Fixed Adding label to torrents in rTorrent
- Fixed Don't import single files that start with ._
- Fixed Tooltips for series and season searches
- Fixed TV Directory is not required for local rTorrent
- Fixed Removed deferrer from external links, instead relying solely on the rel=noreferrer attribute (supported by Chrome and Firefox, but not all browser)
- Fixed Consistent display of sizes (1000 vs 1024)
- Fixed Missing Episode Search command wasn't stored properly in the db causing it to search for all series, instead of one
- Fixed Only show completed downloads in queue when Completed Download Handling is enabled
- Fixed Removing torcache url query params to avoid redirect
- Fixed Parse TVRip releases as SDTV
- Fixed Parsing 4-digit season packs
- Fixed Log error message when moving file to recycling bin fails
- Fixed Extremely long series titles causing display issues on main page
- Fixed Preserve startup arguments during restart
- Fixed Only run a complete section update in Plex if all partial updates fail
- Fixed Import episodes in ascending numerical order
- Fixed Don't log all daily episodes parsing as unknown episodes
- Fixed Better parsing of full season x265 releases
- Fixed Indexers returning relative urls for grabs
- Fixed Emby metadata added date will use series added date
- Fixed Don't check for missing TheXEM numbering when importing existing series
- Fixed rTorrent category is optional
- Fixed Should ignore indexer provided tvrageid when scene naming exception exists
- Fixed Series failing to load when there were no seasons
- Fixed Refreshing individual series incorrectly delayed the scheduled Update Library task
- Fixed Readded series monitoring flag to Season Pass view
- Fixed Updated libcurl version mappings to use libcurl.4 instead of libcurl.3
- Fixed Indexer returning an empty page during the rss sync
- Fixed Extrapolate TheXem scene numbering when newer episodes exist on TheTvdb but don't auto import

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