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Syncovery (64-bit)

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Syncovery (64-bit)

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What's new in this version:

Syncovery 7.98c (64-bit)
- when attaching log files to notification emails, Syncovery will now zip them if over 2MB large, and totally avoid the attachment if even the zipped log is over 6MB
- fixes last modification timestamps with uploaded files to Backblaze B2, which despite our best intentions were not compatible with other apps

Syncovery 7.98b (64-bit)
- contains another Remote Service update that fixes delays when the global log file syncoveryremserv.log was deleted

Syncovery 7.98 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.97g (64-bit)
- fixes a bug where Syncovery may leave temporary files behind on DropBox. These files were older versions of replaced files, and had a GUID plus _syncovery filename extension. They were not in the same folder as the actual uploaded file

Syncovery 7.97c (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.97a (64-bit)
- automatically skips OneNote files which cannot be downloaded from OneDrive / Sharepoint
- fixes a SmartTracking case where a newer file would not be copied if an older version of the same file was previously deleted from the destination

Syncovery 7.96 (64-bit)
- Introduces multithreaded folder scanning for cloud services such as Box and OneDrive, which do not support scanning the full hierarchy recursively
- Various cloud processing efficiency improvements and fixes
- Stability fixes for OneDrive for Business and possible other OneDrive or Sharepoint drives

Syncovery 7.95g (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.94 (64-bit)
- suppresses a Windows prompt that sometimes appeared when Syncovery was looking for a volume label and tried to access drives with no media (such as an SD card slot)
- fixes an error message in a few previous versions that occurred when real-time jobs used volume labels to identify the drive (SERVICE ERROR: A base path in the profile is invalid)

Syncovery 7.93h (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.93g (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.93e (64-bit)
- fixes an incompatibility between Amazon S3 with Folder Name Encryption and Cache Destination File List
- Zip Packages now take the option “Limit Zip File Size” into account again even if Filename Encryption is used

Syncovery 7.93b (64-bit)
- fixes a problem where zipping, encryption, or Filename Encryption could cause two versions of a file being kept in the backup even if Versioning settings are off
- small fix with case sensitivity mode when Filename Encryption is used to allow case duplicates on storages that are case insensitive

Syncovery 7.93a (64-bit)
- fixes an authentication problem with Amazon Drive (and possibly others) introduced in 7.93

Syncovery 7.93 (64-bit)
- the Graph protocol can now access Office 365 Groups
- completes compliance with Backblaze B2 integration checklist
- adds Strict Case Sensitive Mode on Mac and Windows (under Comparison->More)
- on Windows, you can use case sensitive mode when copying between case sensitive Internet protocols, or when using Filename Encryption on a local volume
- on Mac, you can also use case-sensitive local volumes
- improves uploading to MediaFire
- sets content type for files being uploaded to Azure BLOB storage
- speeds up finding moved or renamed folders

Syncovery 7.90 (64-bit)
- uploads to Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business now preserve modification timestamps
- Syncovery can now access any document library and sub-site of a Sharepoint site. Use the Browse button to choose the library to sync with

Syncovery 7.89a (64-bit)
- implements the chunked upload API for Box, making large file uploads more reliable
- fixes possible Time Window bugs where manual profile runs could be affected too and scheduled ones sometimes not

Syncovery 7.89 (64-bit)
- Corrected authentication token handling for cloud services (especially Box)
- Uploading split files now skips previously uploaded parts even if the setting “Filename Encoding” is used

Syncovery 7.88i (64-bit)
- Reinstates access to OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint. Unfortunately a secret API key expired today, making this update necessary

Syncovery 7.88f (64-bit)
- Fixes various bugs with cloud storages

Syncovery 7.88d (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87f (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87e (64-bit)
- fixes an error about missing parts when restoring from a Synthetic backup

Syncovery 7.87d (64-bit)
- the changes-based cloud logic (for Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive) will now avoid re-scanning all folders if there are only minor inconsistencies in the cache database
- smaller fixes

Syncovery 7.87c (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87b (64-bit)
- uploads to Amazon drive are now always verified with MD5 checksums, and the verification is logged. The option “Verify copied files” should no longer be used, as it causes an additional redundant check
- cloud uploads use a bit less CPU

Syncovery 7.87a (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87 (64-bit)
Improvements for copying NTFS Security Settings (aka permissions):
- the option “Strip Unknown SIDs” is not applied to files and folders too (not only file shares, as previously)
- when processing the base folder, it is now optional to allow Syncovery to disable inheritance if necessary to make an exact mirror of the permissions (previously, Syncovery disabled inheritance whenever necessary)

Syncovery 7.86d (64-bit)
- fixes an AV when installing an update via “Check for update”

Syncovery 7.86c (64-bit)
- fixes a Unicode related bug that could surface with cloud storage

Syncovery 7.86 (64-bit)
- changes the default FTP library to #3
- fixes a rare acess violation error with cloud storage

Syncovery 7.85 (64-bit)
- uses the new Google Drive API V3 with support for Team Drives
- uses much less memory when processing cloud folder listings (such as Google Drive, Amazon drive, DropBox and Box)
- produces much smaller databases (factor 4-10 reduction)
- in many cases, existing databases can be deleted in order to get the new smaller databases. Except if you depend on Synthetic Backup / Block Level Copying or Cache Destination File List

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