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Download Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6591.2326

Twitch Desktop App

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What's new in this version:

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6591.2326
- Improved: App startup may be a bit better for some users

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6585.2139
- Change log not available for this version

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6563.2244
- VODs will no longer NOPE out and display an error message when opened from the Browse page
- Steam friend sync is back online

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6557.923
- The app should now remember when you've seen chat rules, so don't forget them. We won't
- The auto-update addons option has returned to work for all users
- All users should now be able to multi-select installed addons
- Improved the performance of Twitch Games downloads

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6543.2605
- Summoned addon support for Darkest Dungeon
- Installing games on the “My Games” tab is now more streamlined
- Always see what’s poppin’ with added support for popout chat
- Added a handy support link to the login page in case of login or account issues

- friend sync is fully operational again
- When searching for a Modpack or Mods in Minecraft and scrolling through the results, the list will no longer sometimes appear empty instead of showing the results
- Cleaned up a few issues when hosting or viewing a channel that is hosting in the app and in the popout player
- Channel display names should now correctly appear in the Hosting notification banner
- The Settings button for hosting now seriously opens Settings
- Unhosting should now update the player as expected
- Mended the menu that appears when clicking a username in Live Chat
- Manage Raid Settings in the "See Recent Raids" menu option should no longer send you to an error page
- The Watch Ad button in the Get Bits menu is ready to serve you
- Clicking an unknown channel link in chat will port you to a page with an error message

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6529.932
- CHARGE FORWARD and lead your squad into other channels with the new “/raid” command

- friend sync is fully operational
- The League overlay is back in action
- The correct Minecraft version will now display for certain modpacks

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6522.42411
- Fixed: Non-WoW games on the Mods tab should no longer show as disabled in some cases when detected by the client with "Show my addons at launch" enabled

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6515.471
- Fixed: Got rid of the hiccup that again caused Stream going live notifications to display for those with all notifications disabled
- Fixed: Refreshed and rebuffed the Channel Header, Live Chat, Global Search, and the Following directory
- Fixed: Pressing enter in a contact list search on the selected top result should now jump you over to the chat textbox, if you are viewing chat with that contact
- Fixed: Evicted a mage that could cast Slow on the Minecraft and Addons startup experience and laugh about it
- Fixed: Dispelled a debuff that could cause various problems loading Minecraft profile

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6495.41883
- The Followed Channels area can now be hidden by users who aren’t about that following business

- Followed channels should now consistently appear in the Contact List
- Sorry, we can no longer predict when people will be active. "Active in a few" should no longer show as a user status
- Nicknames will no longer be displayed on Streamer mode when the "Hide Nickname" option is enabled
- Streamer toast notifications should no longer break the rules and appear when the global setting has them turned off
- The channel header will no longer hide the update bar
- The Settings menu should no longer hide behind the chat viewer list
- Polished the Minecraft Profile Options and Export Profile windows
- The "Add Friends" popup should now be dismissed after clicking "Done" when adding friends to a group
- Fixed an error when creating a group with a custom avatar
- The no friends message will no longer sometimes appear when you have pending friend requests or whispers
- Opening the popout player while in theater mode should exit theater mode
- Fixed an issue that could prevent the app from launching for some users with an unsupported system locale

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6464.42998
- We shoot for the Mün with Kerbal Space Program mods support.:rocket: Twitch Chat is now equipped with autocomplete mentions and :Magic Dots: to spam your
- Hosting is so hot right now, and right inside the app
- Following directory has arrived to make life easier when following OVER 9000 channels
- Streamer panels are pumped about being here for you
- Twitch Chat viewer list is locked and loaded
- You can now navigate through top search results with the keyboard

- Minecraft modpack installation is now really good at not failing

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6432.4222 Beta
- Fixes: We asked the Contact List to put its fidget spinner away since it kept showing the spinner to some users

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6431.8414 Beta
- Kick back, relax, and watch any stream directly in the desktop app -- and the viewing experience is much better than before. Check out our popout player
- Browse will let you explore Channels, Clips and VODs
- Your Followed Channel list can now be found in the left column
- Sweet action has been added to the Home tab
- We bundled Minecraft and all games that use mods into a single Mods section at the top of the app
- Please note that a few Channel page features are temporarily MIA. Rest assured, they are on the way

- The Discover feature has left the game. You'll need to use invite links to add members to your private servers
- Korean and Thai languages have been added! We also tidied up translations in some other languages
- Reduced the amount of memory used by the app

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6415.6985 Beta
- Twitch accounts are now required to log in. Curse accounts that haven't already merged with a Twitch account will now be guided through the merge process

- Battle.NET friend sync has been restored
- Steam and League friend syncs have been repaired

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6402.43108 Beta
- Fixed: Steam and League friend syncs have been repaired

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6402.3769 Beta
- Korean and Thai languages have been added! We also tidied up translations in some other languages

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6381.40777 Beta
- We spiffied up the Game Library game launch experience and also prompt you to update out-of-date games when you launch them

- Modpacks install disabled mods properly again

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6375.42264 Beta
- Resolved an issue preventing the overlay from appearing in some games

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6375.566 Beta
- We ranked up our app startup speed buffs

- Hidden channels no longer show in the ‘#‘ auto-complete hints
- You can no longer set a nickname for yourself in the profile window
- The volume slider for in-game overlays should never slip around to random volume levels while in motion
- The "Join Team" option should reliably disappear after an automatch session ends
- The WoW addons "Replay Orientation" menu option should now be shown in certain situations where it was previously missing

Twitch Desktop App 7.5.6367.480 Beta
- Cast an invisibility spell and make a private room hidden from other users
- You can now search for new friends right inside the contact list

- Emoji have respawned in whisper conversations with non-friends
- Users who experienced issues installing games should be able to install games from the Game Library once again

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