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AI Face Swap is an advanced web tool from the Vidnoz team that enables users of all ages and technical knowledge levels to take full control over their photos and videos and realistically transform them without the need for expensive and hard-to-use editor apps. The core offering of this service is face swapping, with realistic morphing and AI-generated content that does not require any user configuration.

Upload your photos or videos to swap the face. Be whoever you want to be!

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This Vidnoz AI Face Swap online tool offers three distinct tiers of service (Photo Face Swap, Video Face Swap, and Multiple Face Swap), requiring users only to provide source photos that they wish to edit and a photo of a face that they wish to add.

The best thing yet, the basic face swap offering can be tested for FREE.

Key Features
  • Seamless face swapping in photos and videos.
  • Easily upload media in a large variety of supported formats.
  • Advanced AI technology for realistic face rendering.
  • Multiple tiers of service – photo, video, and multiple face swap!
  • No local processing is necessary!
  • Accessible from any modern browser.
Installation and Setup

To use this AI-powered face swap tool, users do not need to install any local software. Simply visit the Vidnoz website and follow the instructions provided to upload your photos or videos and start swapping faces.

How to Use

Vidnoz's website hosts three distinct versions of this service, enabling users to quickly access face-swapping technology.

The Photo Face Swap online allows fast uploading of two photos (one of the user and one of the person to swap faces with). The processing of these photos is fast, enabling almost instant access to a finished image.

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The Multiple Face Swap service is for swapping faces in a group, which can be a great way to create funny memes or see how someone else would swap places with a celebrity.

Finally, the Video Face Swap allows users to easily upload a base video as a GIF or video M4V, MP4, MOV, or WEBM and a photo with a face as a JPG, PNG, or WEBP. The powerful AI technology can then apply the new facial structure to the provided video, often with excellent results.

User Interface

The entire user interface of this online service consists of a single page where users can pick which face-swapping tool they wish to access. Simply upload photos or videos, click the “Swap Face Now” button, and wait for a finished result.

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The final image can be easily shared online or downloaded for offline use.


What is the AI Face Swap for Windows PC?
It is an AI-powered web tool for replacing faces in photos and videos. It offers both free and premium versions.

Is it safe?
Yes. All photos uploaded to this service are for personal use and will not be shared without permission.


All new users can test the capabilities of this service without paying (registration is not required). However, users who want to generate more photos and videos and unlock all the features will need to purchase premium credits via the following monthly subscription tiers:

Monthly Plan: $4.99 per month for 80 photo face swaps or 3-minute face video swaps, no watermarks, and more.

Half-Yearly: $12.99 per six months, for 350 photo face swaps or 12-minute face video swaps.

Yearly: $19.99 per year for 1000 photo face swaps or 33 videos (maximum 120 minutes per video).

System Requirements

Since this is a web service, users can access it on any modern PC, laptop, or mobile device via a web browser.

  • Easily transform face on photos and videos.
  • Automatic face changes on photos with multiple people.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Realistic results that can be easily shared online or saved for personal use.
  • An optional free tier of use.
  • No local app.
  • Premium tools require credits to access.

AI Face Swap tool from Vidnoz is a fun and engaging tool for photo and video face swapping. With three distinct tiers of service and a user-friendly interface, it offers a unique and creative way to express yourself or create funny memes.

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