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Download All My Movies 9.1

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What's new in this version:

All My Movies 9.1
- added support for WEBP image file format. Some websites switched to webp for the cover images
- added the ability to group movies by personal marks. Menu item "View - Group movies by - Personal marks"
- added 14 new virtual shelf templates
- changed the main font to the standard Segoe UI
- added the ability to copy linked movie files - menu item "Tools - Copy movie files..."
- CTRL+click on the movie in the Filmography in the person's details area will open the movie's web page in the default browser

All My Movies 9.0
- Please note, it is a major version upgrade and the registration details for v8.x will not work with this version
- Removed all IMDb and Amazon connections due to Amazon lawyer request
- replaced IMDb - for movies, TV series, and person's details. It is a faster, stable, multilingual database with the actual data and official connection via API. The language of the data you get from depends on the selected UI language.
- Added the ability to edit the recently opened database list. Use menu item "Database - Reopen - Edit list".
- added "Show similar movies" link in the movie details area if the movie added from TheMovieDb or Kinopoisk
- person search results now include the photo
- person's filmography is displayed as a bulleted list now
- optimized images loading in the "Select movie" dialog (lazyload)
- added "KinopoiskOld" and "LikelMDB" templates for the movie details area. Use menu "View-HTML template" to select
- audio stream details now displayed as a table in the movie card dialog
- fixed getting some media info from the video files
- fixed getting TV series details and updating existing episode details from
- fixed image files deletion when deleting multiple movies and images are stored in a folder
- a lot of minor improvements and fixes

All My Movies 8.9
- added the ability to scale fonts in HTML template. You can do this either in Preferences or with CTRL+Plus and CTRL-Minus keys
- added alternative Excel export function. The old export is available as a separate menu item
- added the ability to export to RTF, ODT, ODS formats. Check "Tools - Export to" menu item
- added folder history in "Scan drive for movies" menu
- added the ability to import collection from dying Personal Video Database program
- added the ability to copy cover image and screenshots to the clipboard with the popup menu
- fixed getting movie details from,,
- fixed getting a video bitrate for DVDs
- fixed: delete movie in a "group by..." mode deletes the movie from the tree too
- sharper images in "cover thumbnails" view mode
- fixed a dozen of minor issues as well

All My Movies 8.8
- added a field for the personal movie rating
- added the ability to sort movies by date added and date modified in the "Append from..." dialog. Click with the right mouse button on the list and use popup menu to change the sort mode
- added statistics chart by File type. Press F5 to open
- added the ability to export Seen and Wishlist field values to CSV, Excel, simple HTML table
- improved quick search by title. When you type anything in the main program window, the program will try to jump to the movie title that starts with what you typing
- fixed grouping collection by custom fields using a button on toolbar
- fixed Last 10 opened video files list for Unicode file names
- several minor fixes and improvements

All My Movies 8.7
- bigger buttons on the toolbar, new panels added for quick sort/group the collection and more
- added the ability to import movie details from Kodi .nfo files
- added the ability to group movies by Scenario
- group by director and scenario now possible with the popup menu when you click on person's name in the movie details area
- plugin for import from Ant Movie Catalog updated to support 4.x databases
- fixed several issues with treeview view mode
- fixed getting movie details from
- improved function of parsing title and year from the video file name
- batch add by barcode now can accept comma-delimited barcodes
- minor fixes in getting person details from IMDb
- minor fixes in getting movie details from

All My Movies 8.6
- added the ability to batch update media info from the linked video files in menu item "Tools - Batch update movie details..."
- batch movie files rename feature now can create folders and can use "Quality" field value
- added generic parser for unknown URLs
- person popups now includes the movie amount (in brackets) with them in the current collection
- fixed clearing personal marks from the popup menu
- fixed a bug with program start after turning off the skin support
- improved DVD Cover print template
- fixed getting movie details by Australian barcodes
- fixed getting movie details from (cover image, rating)
- fixed several minor issues

All My Movies 8.5
- `improved module for getting images from scanners. More devices are supported now
- added the ability to tune hue and brightness for the current skin (Preferences, "Display area" tab)
- added a button to paste image from Clipboard as Screenshot ("Screenshots" tab in the movie card)
- added an ability to set filter by name in Friends directory
- added an ability to continue batch update of the movie details process that was cancelled or aborted due to an error (menu item Tools - Batch update movie details)
- added the option to get first search result in batch person details lookup
- now you can setup a folder list (instead of just one folder) to scan for new video files on program start (menu item "Movie - Scan drive for movies...")
- now it is possible to add movies to the collection from person filmography (for the persons, updated with this new build from IMDb or Kinopoisk)
- now the program can rename the existing movie titles when you turn on/off the option of transferring the articles on "Expert options" tab in the Preferences
- a dozen of minor issues were fixed

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