Clean and calm, Arc shapes itself to how you use the internet!

Arc Browser

Arc Browser

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The Arc Browser is a brand-new internet browser application designed for Windows PCs and mobile platforms that infuses many new AI-powred capabilities into the daily workflow of visiting web destinations. It is built from the ground up to surpass the functionality and usefulness of other popular web-based platforms such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge by actively anticipating users' needs and offering a clean and calm interface that adapts to individual usage patterns.

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One of the core features available in this browser app is a streamlined organization of online content, extensive user interface customization, a built-in AI assistant tool called “Max”, and highly effective Spaces and Profiles services that can prepare browsers for casual, school, or work browsing experiences.

In addition to the wide variety of advanced tools that set it apart from competitor apps, this product is also surprisingly visually striking, offering users the ability to dramatically change the visual signature of the app via built-in themes that are automatically changed with every move from one Space or Profile into another.

As of early 2024, Arc Browser for PC is still under active development and is not fully released as a public app. Users wishing to test the app early can join the official Windows Wishlist, or test its capabilities via an already-released iOS mobile app.

Main Features
  • Personalized Internet Experience – Help better shape user internet habits with a personalized browsing experience.
  • Effortless Organization – Organize online activities using Spaces and Profiles for seamless sessions for work, study, and hobbies.
  • Split View – Quickly split browser window into two sections, allowing to easily view two websites side by side.
  • Themes – Customize the look of the browser app with a wide array of stylish themes.
  • Privacy and Security – Built with privacy and security in mind, not tracking user activity or search queries.
  • AI-powered Browsing – At any moment, ask a virtual assistant about currently loaded web content or any general query.
Installation and Setup

As of the time of this review, this application is not publicly released and is expected to arrive to the public in the spring of 2024. This final version of the app will be offered as a regular automated installer that can be easily deployed on any modern computer.

How to Use

This unreleased browser app features a similar command interface to its competition, with the addition of several unique features such as automatic AI analysis of loaded content, the ability to perform unique internet content searches that are showcased in custom result pages, and streamlined Spaces and Profiles tools that make switching between home, school and work browsing experiences with a single click.

Arc Browser Screenshot 2

The browser also supports customizable keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to interact with a powerful AI assistant called Max (offered as an opt-in feature).

AI Features
  • Ask on a Page – Max can quickly answer any question the user has about the currently loaded web page.
  • AI Preview – Hover over any link to generate the quick pop-up preview.
  • ChatGPT integration – Directly access ChatGPT via the address bar.
  • AI Tab Management – AI can automatically rename and organize tabs and pins to make them tidier.
  • AI Download Management – Automatically organize downloaded files with a smart AI file rename feature.
User Interface

The Arc Browser offers a clean and calm interface, with a collapsible sidebar on the left side of the app window for managing Profles, Spaces, Bookmarks, downloads, and other features.

Arc Browser Screenshot 3

Users can create Spaces, which are like advanced tab groups for different browsing experiences, and manage tabs via a streamlined folder structure.


What is Arc Browser?
It is an advanced internet browsing app with built-in features for streamlined profile and bookmark management, advanced visual themes, and built-in support for AI assistant services.

Is it safe?
Yes. This browser is built with privacy and security in mind, not tracking or selling user activity or search queries.


Google Chrome – The world’s most popular internet browser app that integrates numerous Google services and provides seamless access to thousands of feature-rich custom extensions.

Opera – The latest version of Opera Browser includes browser AI, Tab Islands, smooth animations, and a clean modular design.

Brave – A privacy-focused browser that blocks trackers and intrusive ads, enabling users to experience the web without intrusive monitoring by external web services.

Microsoft Edge – A fast, secure browser that offers a streamlined browsing experience with top-of-the-line loading speed of multimedia-rich online content.


It will be accessible via a free download, but exact pricing and a detailed listing of premium features or subscriptions will be announced in the future.

System Requirements

The Arc requires Windows 11 or Windows 10.

  • Easy organization.
  • Personalized experience.
  • Useful Split View feature.
  • Extensive visual customization.
  • Built-in AI assistant support.
  • Still in the non-public development stage.
  • Unknown pricing for premium features.

The Arc Browser is a new entrant in a crowded field of online browsing experiences that offers all users access to a highly personalized internet browsing experience with easy organization and customization options. However, due to the in-development status of this product, we cannot review all its advanced features that will soon be deployed to all users.

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