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Incogniton is a security-focused web browser app designed to provide a secure and anonymous browsing experience by providing easy access to an anti-detection service that fully monitors and alters users' online fingerprint, enabling users of all knowledge levels with access to pre-made browser profiles, team collaboration tools, and a wide variety of other services.

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The Incogniton for PC desktop app allows users to browse the internet without their browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data that online services can use to identify and track. It offers a wide array of features such as automated clearing browsing data upon exiting the app, Selenium integration, emulation of human typing for realistic filling of online forms, fully featured cookie management, Fingerprint generator, and much more.

As an added bonus, this browser adopts a minimalist design that maximizes viewing space, enabling users to take full advantage of their online destinations.

Main Features
  • Access the Web via custom Profiles – Mask your identity and access unrestricted browsing of many popular online e-commerce platforms, social networks, and others.
  • Automatic Data Clearing – Set up rules for clearing browsing history, cookies, local storage, and cache upon exiting the app.
  • Multi-Account Management – Create custom virtual browser profiles for managing multiple user accounts with one web browser.
  • Proxy Support – Take full advantage of VPN proxies, allowing users to change their digital fingerprints and access region-restricted content.
  • Minimalist Design – Enjoy the web via the clean user interface with no extra bars, maximizing the viewing space for users.
  • Team Accounts – Set up a larger collaborative network with separate team member profiles, user-specific roles, and more.
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Installation and Setup

To install this app, users simply must download the automated installer either from its official web page or from secure FileHorse servers. The procedure for installing the app is fast, requiring form users to simply follow a few simple on-screen instructions. Once installed, users can configure both regular web browsing features present in other competing apps, and numerous unique services offered by their security-focused browser platform.

How to Use

Once installed, users can launch the app and begin browsing the internet in a private and secure manner. They can take advantage of features such as fingerprint profile loading, automatic data clearing, multi-account management, proxy support, and web automation to enhance their online privacy and anonymity.

All in all, Incogniton browser is an ideal Windows app for users who prioritize privacy and security in their online activities such as affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and versatile E-commerce access.

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User Interface

This app features a clean and highly minimalist user interface, providing users with a clutter-free browsing experience in a much greater manner than in competing browser apps. The UI layout maximizes the active webpage viewing space, enabling all users to focus more on online content and less on the supporting services promoted by other browsers.


What is Incogniton?
It is a privacy-focused web browser app designed to provide users with a secure and anonymous browsing experience, with built-in tools for the manipulation of online user fingerprints, team collaboration, and other marketing-focused features.

Is it safe?
100% yes! The app is designed from the ground up to enhance user privacy and security by preventing the storage of browsing data on the device and preventing online platforms from identifying and tracking users.

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A FREE version of this app is offered to all users, enabling access to limited security features (use of up to 10 browser profiles). Premium offering covers three subscription tiers that unlock many additional tools and unrestricted anonymous browsing.

Professional Plan - Popular ($79.99/Month)
  • Save up to 150 browser profiles
  • Selenium/Puppeteer integration
  • 3 team member seats
  • Premium support
  • API Access
  • Cookie Collector
  • Option to transfer profiles
  • Restoring deleted profiles
System Requirements

This lightweight app runs great on all modern versions of Windows OS. A separate Mac version is also available.

  • Enhanced online anonymity.
  • Easy use of fingerprint profiles for unrestricted access to social media and eCommerce platforms.
  • Automatic data clearing after browsing sessions.
  • Multi-account management.
  • Proxy support for web scraping and region-restricted content access.
  • Web automation for advanced interaction with websites.
  • Free tier of use.
  • Expensive premium tiers.

Incogniton is a highly effective browser app that provides complete online anonymity and security via built-in support for proxy browsing, modular online fingerprint profiles, and team management tools for coordinated browsing tasks.

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